Claimed by the Devil Alpha

Claimed by the Devil Alpha

By:  Chris Writes  Completed
Language: English
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“I want her. As my tribute this year” Alpha Dominik declared loudly, stunning me and the whole crowd. My life had taken a shitty turn at 18, when I had failed to transform. My father, the man who was supposed to protect and love me, had cast me away to live the miserable life of an omega. Hope came however, when the new Alpha of the clan had decided to give us omegas a second chance to rewrite our destinies by getting a second chance at getting their wolf awakening. Like I wanted, the ritual worked and my wolf was awakened. But why does my wolf start to pine for Alpha Dominik, the Devil Alpha that had everyone shaking in their fur just at the mention of his name? Even worse was his despise for me, a weak omega whom he didn’t deem fit to be his mate. Now I’m stuck in between the Alpha who wanted me and the Devil Alpha who could not accept the mate bond by the moon goddess. Would the Devil Alpha accept this mate bond by the moon goddess? Or leave me be.

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Claimed by the Devil Alpha by Chris Writes is an erotic romance fantasy novel. Claire is an omega that has yet to have a wolf awakening. Thanks to Alpha Enzo, she gets a second chance and succeeds. However, this new stage of her life opens with a declaration from Alpha Dominik. He wants her to be his tribute for this year. But he hates weak omegas like Claire. Why did the moon goddess assign a peculiar pair? They may feel thirst and longing for their bodies, but what good is it if their hearts are not in place?

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This is a pretty decent story. I really enjoy most of it. I wish there would have been an epilogue to tie everything together. Some of the chapters can be long and drawn out, but I keep going. I feel the last twenty chapters or so could have have more quality content instead of skip over so much
2023-07-17 08:40:40
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Erica Dixon
This is a very great story!!
2023-01-10 10:54:21
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Alpha Dominik is ............ He loves her, wants her and yet, he is adamant on getting the Luna that can carry the pack.
2022-10-08 19:17:53
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I really like this story! Very interesting, and I’m loving the characters! I am really looking forward to updates!
2022-10-06 07:10:56
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Great story but why so long for the updates?
2023-06-15 10:27:29
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Lady Dragon Creations
I admit, I am enjoying this but at some point it's like "okay what new drama will it be today?" The pace moves a bit too quick with little to no character growth. I am very conflicted here
2022-12-03 08:17:37
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It started out okay, but then it became a long rambling mess. The FMC ends up coming across as an irritating, childish girl who can't think for herself. It's very aggravating!!!
2023-08-21 12:12:01
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Sarah Palmer
Moves way too fast.
2022-12-02 15:06:14
263 Chapters
Chapter One: Little Dirty Omega
CLAIREBright blue eyes stared back at me. I could barely recognize the girl standing before me. Her jet black hair stood firmly in a tight bun. The deep creases on her forehead and her terribly sunken collarbone made her look gaunt. We both could not believe she would still be alive to experience a new age. A new age of suffering. "Why are you standing there? Get back to work, you sleazy little wolf," a female voice barked out the order and slashed her whip across my back. Sighing deeply, I dragged my eyes away from my haunting reflection in the mirror and went back to scrubbing the toilet sinks. The angry she-wolf behind got even more annoyed that the biting stings of her whip had no effect on me and she whipped me some more, raining curses on me. I was already immune to these pains, three years was enough time to get accustomed to something….I felt a tear or two streak down my cheeks as my skin welcomed each blow until the matron felt she had dealt with me enough. She only twi
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Chapter Two: Enzo
ENZO"Tell me why exactly you think this is a great idea." My uncle said as had crashed my meeting this afternoon seething with anger."What do you speak of, Uncle?" I asked impassively, even though I knew very well what he was on about. "The transformation rite, Enzo.""Oh that," I shifted in my seat and stroke my chin. I had stamped the bill that morning and the news had spread like wildfire already. It was however accepted with mixed feelings. "What the hell are you thinking?" He bawled. My beta, Kane, shifted uncomfortably beside me. He did not appreciate the tone my uncle used on me. I told him through the mind link to stand down. "And why does it have you riled up?" I enquired, cocking a brow. "This smart idea of yours is going to tip the system. The omegas? They are as important as they are infinitesimal." "I do not see how," I replied. "If all the omegas undergo this rite and they pass, who then would take up their roles in the pack?" He retorted. In as much as I did
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Chapter Three: I love You
CLAIRE's POVWhen the news of the transformation rite got to the hall, the other omegas danced for joy. Everyone was excited and would not stop chirping about the ceremony that was now two days away. I did not understand what the fuss was about. This rite had been abandoned for years. Surely, there was a reason our ancestors wanted nothing to do with it anymore. What if this was also not successful? What happened to us omegas? I could imagine the double shame and ridicule we would face. We failed at doing the one thing every wolf was born with, twice. I refused to blossom the hope, I refused to try. I would rather sit this one out than face the disgrace all over again. I threw on an old loose gown as I watched the wolves chatter excitedly. Some even tried out new outfits they had never worn. It was indeed a beautiful morning. It had been a long time since the omegas had been this enthusiastic about anything. "File out," the matron barked out. Nobody had noticed when she arrived
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Chapter Four: The Devil Alpha
CLAIRE"...Because I love you... All these I did for you..."Those sweet words from Alpha Enzo reeled in my mind as I put on the red dress he had presented to me on my birthday. He had requested I wore it today, the day of the transformation rite ceremony. The long dress shimmered as I twirled, flowing down my scrawny body and hiding away all my years of sufferings. I had to admit I looked beautiful in it. It had been a very long time since I donned something nice. "...I want to make you mine..." The confession made me warm inside and I held my chest to tame my thundering heart. All my life, no one had made me feel this way. I could recall Blaire taunting me every time I smiled shyly when Alpha Enzo's name was mentioned. I thought she was being silly. But I guessed now, it all made sense. I did feel something for him, even though I was not sure it could be called love. I combed my hair, deciding to let the black bangs cascade down my shoulder to complement my exposed neckline.
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Chapter Five: My Wolf
CLAIRE's POVI could hear the loud gasps and the sudden but hushed whispers all around the ground filled with my pack members.I did not think these wolves would ever be anything to mine. They were all horrible. All except for two.How could anyone want an omega? Who in his right senses would leave gold and other valuable items for a useless omega? There was no way he wanted me as tribute. What the actual fuck?I could feel it, I could feel their disdain and shock at what just happened. Honestly, I was just as shocked.Did he hit his head or something? Why would he want someone like me?Well, I knew the reason. I knew the reason and he seemed to know it as well. Why else would he say such an absurd thing?Mates.I almost scoffed in disbelief.The moon goddess made us fucking mates.I repeated the word in my head countless times as if that would make the situation even more understandable.It did not help.I looked him over, suddenly everyone was forgotten as I studied the hulking, d
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Chapter Six: Defending His Mate
CLAIRE's POVI felt my body contort and distort. Okay that was disturbing.My limbs got stretched, hind legs lengthened, face changed and in less than a minute, I was seated in the cool grass in my birthday suit, looking a bit disoriented.“Finally, I thought you were having tea with your wolf or something.” I heard Blaire grumble beside me and I laughed.“She has a whole lot of attitude.” I said, my grin stretching even wilder.A soft growl in my head told me to shut the fuck up.“Feisty bitch.” I muttered back and Blaire chuckled before tossing me a cotton top and jeans. “As much as I like to see you naked, your mate will not appreciate others seeing you like this.”My smile dropped.Mate.My mate.Oh, shit.“Oh shit.” I repeated, suddenly all tensed and sweaty.I quickly wore the clothes she tossed at me, grimacing at how my body seemed to learn how to work anew.I looked towards the pack house, then I shivered. I really did not want to go there right now.I did not want to fac
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Chapter Seven: Your Alpha
DOMINIK's POVKill him. Kill him now.Break his fucking neck.How dare he speak about my mate like that??Those were the thoughts in my head while I squeezed harder against the neck of the man my mate called her father. Him wheezing in pain had my wolf growling in pleasure.Kill. He seemed to tell me. Snap his neck! He echoed in my head and I was so close to doing it.“Please..”I heard her voice again.My mate.My mate with the black shiny hair, with the bright blue eyes and some kissable lips that had me wanting to pin her against the wall until those lips turned from those light pink to red. My mate.My mate who was an omega.Weak and certainly submissive to a stupor.WEAK.I did not want a weak mate. A weak mate would not compliment someone like me. I really did not want her.I could not go against the mate bond though, to want her or not. I had to keep her close to me as much as I could allow.She was going to be a burden I did not want. I could feel it.Just as much as I di
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Chapter Eight: Kiss Me Claire
CLAIRE's POVI clenched and unclenched my fist as I talked.The slimy bastard.He took pleasure in knowing that I knew of his reputation? A reputation that befitted a psycho? Well, I would tell him what I thought of him.“Everyone knows of your psychotic tendencies.” I ended my rant and looked at him. He had a wide grin on his handsome as hell face, his eyes sparkly.I wanted to lick his lips.Oh shit.This mate business was so not for me.“Good, I like that you know of me.” He leaned in and I had to hold my breath so I would not try to taste his scent with the tip of my lips. I tried to appear as nonchalant as I could as he leaned in to whisper in my ear. “You know how I protect my people and what I do to my enemies. It would serve you well to know what I can do to you should you try anything funny with me.”“I don't even know you. I doubt I would like to try anything with you.” I muttered, ignoring the heat in my core.“I am your mate, your alpha and protector.” He scoffed. “We
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Chapter Nine: Welcome To My Home
DOMINIK's POVHoly fuck.She smelled so fucking good, it was all I could think of, it was all I could scent, it was all I could do to not wlose control and claim my mate right there and right then.And I would have claimed her even if she did not want it. She did not. I could feel it in the way she stiffened, in the little bursts of breath that came out of her lips.I tried not to be too annoyed, or hurt by that.My wolf, on the other hand, was in a killing mood.Claim.Claim.Claim what is yours. The horny dog seemed to scream at me every second Claire’s lovely scent perfumed the air.Reluctantly, very reluctantly, I licked down her neck, giving little nips and licks as I went. I pulled up the hem of her flimsy cotton top, showing the most perfect shape of breast on a human…wolf.I only knew I had stared reverently at it for too long when I heard the low growl that came from her throat and I chuckled.Such an impatient, definitely not submissive omega. I had never heard of a breed l
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Chapter Ten: Even if it killed me
CLAIRE's POVI knew I was probably not going to be accepted. I was probably even going to be treated worse than I was at Enzo’s pack. I knew all of that but it still hurt, I still felt that pang in my heart when I saw the hostile looks I got from the Black Claws pack members, Dominik’s family. It hurt and I hated that it hurt.My wolf was baring her fangs at anyone that dared to dye across their boundaries.I did not know where it came from but I was not afraid, maybe it was the final awakening of my wolf but I finally decided that I was not going to be taken lightly or treated like trash anymore, omega or notI did not know how possible it was that word had already spread that I was Domink’s mate and that I was also an omega.All of their whispers, I heard it all.“Crazy bitch.”“She has got some guts, daring to want to mate with our alpha.”“Omega slut.”I heard it all but I held up my chin.I did not expect Domink to take my side against his pack members.The bastard had made me
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