The Assassin's Destiny VII

The Assassin's Destiny VII

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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Argent is a seasoned assassin, trying to bring down an underground slave auction when he sees her. Penelope had moved to Brazil in hopes of starting over again after the death of her beloved uncle. With her best friend in tow, she is ready for a new adventure. Unfortunately, adventure comes in the form of a kidnapping, and a possible life as a slave. Hope is almost lost until she meets Argent's beautiful golden eyes across the auctioneer's platform. Neither expected to find love or to be caught in a web of lies that nearly keeps them apart. But there are no regrets when destiny is involved.

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Just wondering what happen to book one and six?
2021-12-02 10:00:39
25 Chapters
Chapter 1: Nothing is forever
Argent              I’ve never wanted to kill anyone more than I do, my traitorous right-hand man, Sebastian, at this moment. In fact, I’ve been feeling a mixture of emotions since I learned of his betrayal─ hurt being one of them. Sebastian was, up until I learned of his deceit, my best friend, and that’s what hurts the most. For years Sebastian and I worked together. I thought we were friends─brothers. However, recently, I found out that he was dealing with the enemy behind my back. Now, I’m on his trail, and as soon as I catch him, I’m going to…well, let’s just say it’s not going to be a friendly talk that we’ll be having. Sebastian thought he could escape the Confradia’s wrath by faking his death during a boat accident, but he wasn’t very good at covering his tracks, which confuses me. However, I’m too angry to analyze his idiotic plan
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Chapter 2: For the worst   
              Penelope              “Okay, smile, and don’t forget to say cheese!” My friend, Lyria, calls out to me. Since we arrived in Brazil two days ago, Lyria hasn’t stopped taking pictures. We’re here because we were both accepted into a program in Rio.              Over the past two years, I studied Botany at the University of Las Vegas until I graduated a couple of months ago. Lyria will be attending the University here for graduate classes. When the opportunity to work abroad in Brazil came up, we jumped on it. My mother’s family is from Brazil. And even though I have never lived here, I thought it would be cool to visit the place where my mom came from. Unfortunately, my mom passed two years ago, or she’d be excited to know that I was here. Her dea
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Chapter 3: Unexpected surprise
Argent              “Okay, so here’s your profile invitation code. As soon as they sent an invitation to this profile, I intercepted it, took the code, and removed the invitation from the actual user’s profile. As long as you give them the code, you should be good to go.” Mateo says as he shows me the information.              I look through the profile, recording all of the facts in my mind before I look up again. “What kind of party am I going to?”              “Fortunately, it’s a virgin auction, so we don’t have to worry about anyone getting killed.” He replies.              I look at the screen to see if there is any more informatio
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Chapter 4: The worst wounds are the ones that you don’t see
Penelope              Nausea gathers in my stomach as I make my way to the guest bedroom. I can’t believe that I just molested, Argent. He looked so gorgeous and broody that I couldn’t help myself. I wasn’t joking with him when I said that I saw him when he walked into the auction room or thought he was hot. To be honest, he’s the most attractive man that I’ve ever met. I was drawn to his masculine bearing, golden hair, muscular body, and sharp hazel eyes from the first moment he walked in.              Since the moment I sat on his lap, I have kept bouncing between anxiety and arousal. Something about him made me feel safe and needy. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t scared of him. Even when I thought that he was there to buy a woman. I know that it’s stupid and cheesy, but it feels as if my so
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Chapter 5: Farewell… for now
Argent              What am I doing? For so long, I’ve managed to keep my word. Yet, Penelope strolls into my life, and I’m acting like a teenage boy again. Of course, she’s stunning, but I’ve met plenty of attractive women whom I’ve managed to keep my hands off.              The first time we kissed can be forgiven, but the others cannot. I intentionally kissed and touched Penelope again. I’d like to tell myself that it’s because I wanted to take away her sadness, but that’s not true. I wanted to touch her, and I wanted to kiss her, so I did. It doesn’t help that she responds so sweetly.              I pace in my room that night, trying to find a way to rid my mind of my lustful thoughts, but my body betrays me. M
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Chapter 6: Ever in my thoughts
Penelope              It has been days since Argent dropped us off at our rental home. The first couple of nights were a little tense because we kept expecting someone to break down our doors. We even slept in the same bed together. However, as the days passed, we both began to loosen up. I still jump when I think I spot a woman who looks like the woman who took us in the distance. But I quickly talk myself down and recover. I don’t think I will ever forget that woman for as long as I live. Argent believes that she might have fled the country after the raid or even went underground because she couldn’t risk being caught. It also helps that Mateo has passed by to hang out with us. Lyria was grateful.              The girl loves to cook and bake, especially when she’s stressed out, which means Mateo would leave the house fu
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Chapter 7: Denial only hurts the one who denies
Argent              “We still haven’t been able to locate Sebastian. It’s like he disappeared off the face of the earth. We’ve alerted every airport, but none have reported seeing someone that matches his description. Right now, we’re working on retrieving the true flight manifest because the one they used was false.”              Mateo hands me a file. “They were good at hiding their evidence. They didn’t even log Sebastian’s flight. However, they didn’t account for other airports logging flights that have passed through. It’s all a matter of finding which one.”              I wipe my palm across my jaw and lean back in my chair with an exhausted sigh. “Alright. Is that all?”&
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Chapter  8: Bad endings
Penelope              I woke up alone in bed this morning. Argent was my first, and he left me as if last night didn’t mean anything to him. Okay, so maybe I seduced him, but he didn’t push me away. Lying back on the bed, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I didn’t know that sex could be so all-consuming. The way Argent’s body molded to mine and the feel of him bringing me to pleasure was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.              However, all I feel now is a hollowness inside my heart. Since we met, I’ve felt this connection to Argent, and an urgent need has overwhelmed me. He’s so aloof and broody that even now, I don’t know if he wants me or if I was just a convenient lay. Instead of feeling sexy, I feel unsure and used.        &nb
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Chapter 9: Live for the future or die for the past?
Argent              I reread Penelope’s texts, my heart aching as I sort through her replies. Her sadness resonates over every word. She didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated her. She should have been with someone who would hold her in the morning and tell her how amazing she was. I should have stayed. I wanted to stay. I guess I am the coward she labeled me.              She doesn’t know it, but I’m the one who bought her painting. I emailed the artist and paid him an extraordinary amount of money for it. I didn’t want him to know who I was, so I had a private company take care of the process. The painting is now hanging in my weapon’s room where no one but I can see it.              Right now, I’m
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Chapter 10: OMG moment
Penelope              OMG…I just had phone sex with Argent. Of all the things I expected after our sad text session hours ago, I didn’t expect him to call me and confess how he felt. A happy smile spreads across my lips at the thought of what just occurred. I can’t believe that I just masturbated while on the phone with Argent. I won’t pretend that it didn’t feel good because that would be a lie, and he loved it. I could tell by his tortured groans.              Rising from the bed, I slip on my pajamas and make my way to the living room. Apollo pads behind me, his nails clicking across the linoleum floor. Lyria is already up and making breakfast for both of us.              “Hey, you’re up early.” Her eyebrows
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