Clueless Love

Clueless Love

By:  Amal .A. Usman  Completed
Language: English
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This is a book about two people who dislike each other more than anything in the world. They rather be in the North Pole than be in the same room together. The dislike they had for each other was strong. But what happens when they find themselves sharing a roof. Do they tear each other part or learn to live together. Read to find out how these two people handle the situation of living together and face the obstacles they have in life

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Constance Holdbrook-Smith
Religiously interesting.
2023-07-14 07:41:53
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Carol Ijames
Didn’t like this book
2023-01-24 20:59:46
62 Chapters
I can't believe how much my life has changed in three months. It still feels like it was last week I graduated from University. I have been living with my sister and her family for the past three months. I am 21 years old, and I work at an IT company, where I was lucky enough to get a contract and my own office. I have been working there for the past two months. I have a substantial allowance but have always been taught to work for the things I value in life. My life is pretty simple, but I can feel something new is going to happen soon. I don’t know if I like the feeling or not but let’s see what life holds in store for me. I am brought back from my musings when I feel someone pull on my trousers. "Aunt, Aunt," my cute niece calls, pulling on my trousers to get my attention. Eman is the female version of her father, except for her skin tone. She has curly black hair, large grey eyes, a heart-shaped face, and beautiful light skin. She is six years old. She is
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I finish helping Ismail. I pray Asr (mid-afternoon) prayer before I go downstairs to make something to eat. I feel like preparing one of my Nigerian dishes today, but I wonder which I should make. 'Aha, I know just what to prepare'. I go to the kitchen. The kitchen walls are painted all white. There is a chandelier in the middle, the cupboards are painted white with brushed steel handles, the gas cooker and the microwave are brushed steel, and the worktop is ceramic with a black and white pattern. I start preparing dinner which is pounded yam and egusi soup with chicken. But if I eat it and go to bed early, my stomach will hurt the next morning, but Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah) it's 3:00 p.m. I am lucky I got off work early today. There is enough time for the food to digest before I go to bed. Two hours later I finish making my egusi soup and pounded yam. I am about to dish up my food when I hear someone’s voice coming from the living
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The next morning, I wake up at 4:38 a.m. I pray Fajr, go back to sleep and wake up a little later to do a few workouts and take a shower. I walk downstairs to make breakfast, but today there is a significant addition. I have to cook for that man, Ismail. I can’t still believe he is living with us. Today I am making pancakes for the kids while I prepare coffee, eggs, and French toast for Waheeda, Aazim, and Ismail. Everyone comes down after getting ready. “Good morning, aunt,” Aayan and Eman say, coming down the stairs looking cute in their school uniform. My sister has her kids in a private school, so they wear a uniform. Aayan is four years old, has Afro black hair, a light skin tone, hazel brown eyes, and a round face. “Good morning,” Waheeda and Aazim say while coming down the stairs. “How was your night?” I say placing their breakfast in front of them. “It was fine. Won’t you get ready for work?” Waheeda says. “I wi
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It is lunchtime and I am meeting up with my best friend Fatima in a restaurant not too far from where we both work. I observe Dhuhr (afternoon) prayer before going to meet her. Emma and I arrive at the place before Fatima. We order our food while waiting for her. I order buffalo chicken wrap with homemade ranch salad and a glass of water. Emma orders chicken cob salad with a watermelon smoothie. “So, how is work?” I say and take a bite of my food. Emma and I don’t work in the same department. She works in the administrative department while I work in the programming department. “Work is fine other than the fact that my supervisor can be overbearing at times.” “Sorry, I know how that feels.” “He is so annoying that sometimes, I wish I could knock some sense into him.” “I can imagine you doing that to him,” I chuckle. “Thank God, I only have to work under him for a year.” “That’s right, your internship ends after a year.”
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The next morning I wake up and I do my morning routine of prayers and exercise. I am wearing a white crop sweater, grey and white plaid pants, white converse sneakers, a black hajib, and carry a black satchel bag. I am eating cinnamon French toast sticks with coffee for breakfast in the kitchen when Ismail walks in, looking handsome and as arrogant as ever. ‘I wonder what he is doing here?’ “Umit, here is the contract. I just need you to sign it and then we are fine,” Ismail places a piece of paper in front of me. “Why did you not give me these last night?” I ask, grabbing a pen from my bag so that I can sign it. “I forgot to give it to you last night.” “Here, I have signed it. But I wanted to ask, what will happen if I breach the contract,” I ask because I didn’t bother to read the whole contract again. “You will pay me $10,000!” Ismail grins. “I will pay WHAT!” I yell in disbelieve. “$10,000 and also pay for dry cle
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I finished work a few hours ago, but I am still at the office because my car won’t start and I don’t know why. I tried everything I can think of to make it work, but it won’t start. I decide to leave it at work and have someone pick it up tomorrow. I walk out of the parking lot to get a taxi and go home.   I am at home, cooking in the kitchen when Ismail walks in. “My beautiful lady, I am here to bless you with my amazing hands to help cook this food,” Ismail says walking into the kitchen, back to his arrogant self. “First of all, your hands are not that amazing and second, I don’t need your help.” “I want to help because I believe it might help with co-existing.” “Really,” I say not believing him. “Yes, because we have to learn to co-exist if we don’t want Aazim to throw both of us out of his house.” “Oh, alright, then. You can help me with the potatoes. You can help me peel them,” I say, handing him a bowl of pot
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The week has gone by so fast. I can’t believe how much has changed. Living in the same house as Ismail is easier than I thought. We hardly fight, but when we do Aazim is always there to break it up. He kept to his word and had my laptop fixed. I was surprised he did, but it made me understand Ismail is a man of his word. Something I find good about him, even though I dislike him. Today is the day of the presentation of the project I have been working on for the past week. I have been pacing up and down the kitchen this morning making sure everything I need is ready, but I can’t seem to cool down because the way Ismail is looking at me is not helping. He has this boyish smirk on his face as if he can’t wait for me to mess this up so he can rub it in my face. I am so going to prove him wrong today. “Will you stop looking at me like that!” “How am I looking at you, Miss,” Ismail says, smirking more knowing he is getting to me. “I don’t know! Just stop!”
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I arrive at the restaurant before anyone else. I am waiting for them at the front while waiting for a table. To my utmost surprise, Ismail walks in. ‘I wonder why he is here. I hope he did not follow me.’ “Why are you here?” I ask. “I thought you said you are not talking to me.” “Are you following me?” I say totally ignoring what he said. “Of course not, I am here to eat.” “Oh, good for you,” I say. He doesn’t say anything but shakes his head. “Are you guys ready to take your seat? We have an empty table,” the lady from the front desk says. “No, I am waiting for someone,” we both reply. “Alright, no problem.” A few minutes later Fatima and Udar walk in and they are talking but stop when they see Ismail and me waiting. Do they know each other? I can’t remember ever telling Fatima about Udar, maybe she does. “What’s going on? Did you guys come together?” Fatima asks while coming to stand beside me
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Today Fatima and I are meeting up after work to talk about her and Udar’s almost marriage. I am still shocked she almost got married and I am just finding out about it now. Today I am wearing white high waist wide leg trousers, a black top, white swing coat, black stiletto heels, a black hajib, and a black handbag. I perform my Asr (late afternoon) prayers before going to see Fatima. I just finished at the office, and I am on my way over to her place.  I park my car and walk out to meet Fatima. The home has a black cast iron gate with lovely flowers all around the front porch. It’s a two-story building. I ring the bell three times before the maid opens it for me. I make my way straight to Fatima’s room. The entryway is as lovely as the front porch; there are grand staircases with black bannisters leading to two separate parts in the house, and a big crystal chandelier. “As-salamu Alaykum,” I say walking into her room after knocking. Fatim
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I am about to leave Fatima’s to go home when I am pulled from behind into a big hug from Abeela. Abeela is brown skinned and 5 feet 5 inches tall. “As-salamu Alaykum, kiddo.” “Wa- Alaykumu Salam, how are you, aunt Umit?” she says stepping in front of me. “I’m good, how are you?” “I am fine too, how is work?” “It’s a bit stressful but okay. How is school?” “It’s amazing. There is so much I want to tell you about school, but I am on my way out,” she says. “You are going out looking like that?” I say taking a good look at how she is dressed, and I am disappointed to say this is no way a Muslim girl should dress to go out. She is wearing a very short skirt that stops mid-thigh and even though she is wearing pantyhose, it’s still too short. “Yes, what’s wrong with it?” she says like she doesn’t know. “What is wrong with it?” I say in a stern voice. “Aunt, what’s wrong with it? This is how everyone dresses now
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