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"I have to say I quite like the sound of my name on your lips," he bent over until they were face to face. He smiled at her as if to let that piece of crucial information sink in. Anelia's breath caught at his close proximity. "Come now, breathe Anelia. I have hardly started," butterflies and even more butterflies erupted in her stomach. Anelia Telford only cared about three things in her life; taking care of her sister, doing her job and staying off the radar. Being a loving and hardworking person she had no trouble keeping the former two in check. The latter? Well, that didn't exactly work out considering she ended up encountering a man whose comings and goings alone were a mystery at La Vida; the hotel she worked at. As if being manipulated by a whirlwind, her life gets entangled with Dexter Black's, a man she would have only used the words arrogant, annoying and sly to describe. But what happens when two people from two different tracks of life suddenly develop feelings beneath the dislike they have for each other? Will Anelia be able to handle the complications, manipulations and pain that come with loving a wealthy man such as Dexter. Find out in this heartwarming story where true love wins! *Unedited*

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Humming a tune known to nobody but herself, yes she was that kind of girl, she focused on the job at hand. Mopping and scrubbing floors had never been her cup of tea growing up. However, she was helpless in the face of destiny, just like we all are.There she was at one of the world's most renowned Hotels; La Vida, down on her knees, scrubbing the tiled floors of the bathroom suite belonging to the Hotel's lavish penthouse.This right here was what other workers in the Hotel considered a dream come true. For what reason, you might wonder. First and foremost, this was the penthouse. The only place in the whole 85 floors of the entire Hotel that never required much cleaning. Just a little dusting, mopping and scrubbing was enough. Now secondly and apparently most importantly to the entire female population of workers, was the fact that Mr Black resided here. By cleaning his penthouse one might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the mystery man. Their words not Anelia Telford's. In all
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Something about the baritone voice shook her in a way that she could not pinpoint. For the first time in her life her heart thumped so hard against her chest just as chills trickled down her spine down to her toes. The feeling was very foreign and completely unexpected.  And in that moment she found herself thinking that being caught red-handed was not such a great feeling after all. And
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"Natie!" Anelia called out to her sister, who was in her bedroom. She moved about the kitchen, as she finished up preparing their supper.   The kitchen was a rather small space that consisted of, well just the basics. If you could call it that. A four-plate stove stood by one corner, just behind the door which led to the dining room. 
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Anelia stood at the far end of the conference room and paid attention to what their manager was saying. Mr Furler was currently stood on the small stage on the other end of the room, a mic in his right hand. His voice boomed in the room, as he addressed the entire hoard of staff about an important matter.  "Now, I know it's completely short notice but there's so much one can do when grac
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With the soft rhythmic music playing on the radio, Anelia rubbed the lavender flavored soap onto her head. She massaged her hair while humming along to the soft tune of a Bruno Mars song playing on the stereo.Mrs Hally had swatted away her concerns, convincing her to take a bath in the guest room. She had once again overruled her decision to get back to work. The woman could not really take no for an answer.And now that Anelia thought about it, she had had an extra gleam in her eyes when she had instructed her to take as much time as she wanted. She had been particularly persuasive. Maybe she was just reading too much into it. Mrs Hally was just being her good-old-natured self.Anelia stepped out of the tub and rummaged through the cabinets in search of a towel. To her utter surprise, there was not a single body towel. Well, that's weird. She filled them up last week and since Mrs Hally didn't really get guests, she had assumed that they would be some towels in the bathroom.How sill
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"Go on to the guest bedroom, Dexter. You'll find yourself a change of clothes in there. I won't have you looking like you're in a meeting in my house," his grandmother ground out as soon as she saw his dress-code.  He scanned his pristine white shirt and the tailored black pants he had on and frowned. What did having breakfast with her have anything to do with his attire?
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Mrs Hally lifted the small cup in her hand and sipped her tea. She smiled at the prospect of her plan actually working out. Her plan was not fair per se but she was done playing fair where those stubborn grandsons of hers were concerned.  If it meant having Dexter come to her suite under the pretence of having tea, in order to meet Anelia, then so be it.
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Anelia had managed to talk another girl into swapping their tasks for the day. She was aware that she could possibly lose her job for neglecting her actual task, which was cleaning the penthouse, but the memory of what had taken place between that man and her was still fresh in her mind.  She couldn't risk meeting him again. At least not today because she knew that she couldn't keep on s
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"Hey, hey," Emma placed her hands on her friend's upper arms and shook her gently. She was quite frankly concerned about her. Anelia was worried about her job and even more, actually keeping it and that could only prove to her that something had happened at La Vida. She just didn't know what and that said a lot. Usually, she was always up to speed with occurrences that unfolded at the Hotel, minor or not. Call her a gossip monger and all but it was a fine truth. She had a talent of staying informed with many ordeals at the Hotel but that wa
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Fridays were Anelia's sworn power day. She would wake up a tad bit earlier than needed, prepare breakfast as well Natalie's lunch, packing it for her and taking a shower long before her time to head on to work was overdue. It was a day unlike any other.  She would almost always religiously wake up livelier than a person subjected to a cold shower on a cold winter and normally, her spirits would be uplifted at the mere prospect of staying at home on the coming weekend. At the prospect of indulging herself in cheap junk and a steamy nove
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