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Meghan is happily married to the man of her dreams. Shortly after he gets deployed and never returns. Meghan finds love again after waiting so long for her first love. But her world turns upside down when he gets back. She's plunged into a life of confusion and dilemma.

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DOWN MEMORY LANE by Otteewrights is an emotional tale about love and marriage. Meghan Trevor married Rolly Sheriff, hoping they would have a long and happy life together. Unfortunately, Rolly needs to leave and go to war. He promises to return. He comeback as a lifeless body and breaks Meghan's heart. As years pass by, love again comes knocking at her door. But can Meghan risk her heart once more? Would she rather keep her admirers at bay? Or will she be brave enough to gamble again and enjoy the life of a beloved wife?

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10 Chapters
My First Love
My name is Meghan Trevor and I've got a story to share. Don't tell me I messed up after reading this cause I know I did. Some will say I should have waited, but I did wait. Others would say I should have waited longer, but 8 years was long enough.  Here's my story.....         Saturday morning, 7th of April 1990. I  married the man of my dreams. I've known him for 4years and everyone could tell we were compatible. We loved each other so much we decided to tie the knot at the beach with our parents and few friends present. I was lucky to have this man. He was tall, calm, intelligent and the true description of handsome. You might be wondering how we met.  We met at a friend's function, it was an all-party and the theme of the event was TRU
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All by myself
The day came when he had to leave. I was moody, I made him a cheese sandwich for breakfast as he was in the room making his final preparation. He came downstairs to see me packing up His breakfast. "Baby you know you don't need to do that, you know how I feel when I eat in the morning," He said to me, I was quiet the whole time and he clearly understood I wasn't in the mood and I was still sad about him leaving. We made our way to the car as I took over the driver's seat, I checked my wristwatch, started the engine, and drove off. There was silence between us but to be honest I just had nothing to say to him. I felt numb the whole time. "Will you just talk to me at least before I go?" He broke the silence. "What do you want me to say?" I asked back. We got to the barracks, I got out to get his luggage from the back seat while he turned to my side, I felt weak as he hugged me so tight, there and there I cried so hard that I had to gasp for air. We kiss
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On the 12th of August 1995, I was seated on the couch watching my favorite show "Best Friends' ' with a bowl of popcorn I made that evening. When I got a call from Julie and asked what I was doing, I told her I was watching my favorite program. And then she told me to check the latest updates from the government and that I had to tune in to the news channel. I didn't wait a second. I changed to the news channel and the update was that "The Military Camp was burnt down leaving no persons alive". I tried to find my voice as Julie kept calling my name on the phone but I paid no attention to her. I broke into hot tears, not saying a word to her. She kept calling my name but I was in no mood for pity. I hung up and continued pouring out those tears. I was so out of control I threw my bowl of popcorn away. Cried even more and bitterly. I shouted my husband's name aloud. "Rolly, Rolly... I warned you but you wouldn't listen. I told you not to go, but now you
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A new life
Few days had passed, a date was set for my husband to be buried and that of his colleagues who died in the war. I was still sad and weak about the whole thing but I’d to be strong. Julie, my friend, was really helpful and she tried to support me the little she could. The day came and everyone was dressed in black. I couldn’t still believe I’d one day, any sooner be dressed up this way to mourn my husband. I’d managed to dress up in a black short gown with my hair tied up in a ponytail and my fascinator on my head. My mom came into my room, “Are you ready? She asked while she walked to me and embraced me from behind. I nodded and turned to her. And hugged her tightly. “You’ve always been a strong girl and I know you’ll be fine.” Mom continued. We made our way out to the living room. Dad and my sister, Hailey, were already waiting for me. I was a bit anxious because I didn’t know what to expect and I haven’
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The entire room was filled with darkness, I could feel a stronger presence of someone, of someone I love or someone I’d loved so much. A ray of light shone in through the door, I got closer, I could see a shadow, fear ran through me but I kept getting closer, closer and closer. I realized who it was, that’s my husband, oh my ex, oh no he’s dead. I called on him Rolly, Rolly, is that you? I could see him smile at me. Why did you leave me this way I asked? I got no reply. I stood there speechless. I still love you. He said to me,    I jumped off from my bed, fear grabbed me, I looked around to know where I was and if I was alone. I had already packed to my new place and I was still trying to get comfortable with the whole place. Oh, what I dream. I said and relaxed. A little tear ran down my eyes, will I keep living this way, Rolly what are you doing to me? I checked my stand to know what
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The New Job
Monday morning, I woke up feeling happy and yet anxious. The feeling of having to meet new people at work. What does my boss look like, kind and understanding? I was an introvert and I think that’s the more reason I'd go with the flower business. I made myself a coffee, took a shower. My phone was ringing. When I was done, I went to check who had been calling my phone, it was my mom, I’m sure she’s calling to know my preparations for work today. I called her back. Hey mom, sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower, getting prepared for work. I spoke first. I was calling to check up on you and wish you a fruitful day at work. Thank you, mom, I replied hesitantly. I have to go now. Talk to you soon. I hung up. I had already selected clothes I wanted to wear for my first day. Black pants and a white body fitted shirt and a red shoe with my Gucci bag. I made sure my hair was rightly conditioned and curled. I was anxious to see myself in the mirror. It
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CHAPTER 7 A week has passed since I started working with Axlance Corporate Firm as an accountant. I already made new friends and there were some who were bent on being difficult with me. Not to mention the director who kept making flirty looks at me.    I’m telling you he’s such a dick I said to Julie on a weekend when she came around.    Julie kept laughing and making annoying comments.    This is not funny Julie, such a rude man with some guts. It is not his fault. It is me who came looking for a job.   How about your handsome boss, how are you coping with him? Especially for the fact he is the one you met at the shopping mall. Julie chuckled as she said. 
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After I had attended my sister’s grad, I was happy at least I was able to clear my head off the incident at the office. But I was still scared to resume work, who else will embarrass me like the way phoebe did. Hmmm, I need to stay away from Mr. Lucas. I agree with her. I think it’s too early to be in a situation like this one. The next day came when I had to resume work. I felt so reluctant and I was wondering what my day would be like. The people I had to face. Gosh, I’m not excited for this day. One week ago, I was happy but now it’s the opposite. I’m wondering how many more people hate me now or some who would pretend to love me. God this is so bad for me; I mean why do I have to feel this way. I sluggishly left my bed, I had my pajamas on, and went str
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A Twist
Meghan, I know something is wrong, I can tell when I see one. he said, leaning towards me.    I awkwardly adjusted myself to the chair. I didn’t want to tell him why I had to stop seeing him. Besides, it’s the right thing to do. Telling him anything could cause more problems; I didn’t want anyone to get fired. Anyone like Phoebe.    No sir, I’m telling the truth. I replied.    Hmmm, it's fine then. He stood up, button up his suit, and left the office.   I kept swallowing my froth, I felt so uneased watching him leave.    Why don’t you tell him?  She laid on my bed with her legs up to the ceiling playing with them.  
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Go away
CHAPTER 10   And here I am, stalked between letting Teejay into my life and also telling Lucas the reason I have been avoiding him. For whatever reason I was scared, my feelings seemed unsure. I didn’t know if I had truly loved Teejay or rather if I felt the same way for my boss, still trying to figure out why I find it hard to talk things out with him.   I was seated right beside Teejay, lost in thoughts while waiting for our meals. The event earlier at the office premises kept replaying, what do I have to say to Lucas when I get back, how do I face him.   Are you okay? He broke the silence. Yeah, sure. I stuttered Thank God the meal c
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