Yes, Master

Yes, Master

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"You. Your breath. Your body. Your soul. Your everything belongs to me. I can do the hell I want to do with it. Try to use this hand of yours to push me again I swear I will do worst than just breaking it... " Valerie Have no idea of her last name. She was born in an orphanage. Grown up there but with only one thought... Being a slave of her master... She was born for him. She was grown up with keeping his name in her mind as her master. The person who owns her. Her days went by hearing his name continuously. Her nights went sleepless as her dreams also caught by his presence... There wasn't even a single day when she didn't hear herself called as his slave. . . She knew she was his but again why her heart doesn't want to accept him. Why she still want to be rebel when she knew she's helpess... Him. Her master. Her owner. Her saviour. Her destroyer. The one who not only owns her body but also her soul... She's his to play. His to Destroy. His to do as he wished... Him. Xavier Valetino... WARNING... Let me tell you guys this story is completely different from my other stories. This story is not only dark. But contains extreme violence. and abuse.. There is nothing like romance in this. It's all about submissive and dominant with an interesting plot... Trust me if your below 18 then this story is not for you. Don't blame me if you got traumatized... I warned you... Risk is on you...

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Author PovHe eyed her trembling figure infront of him. She knew she made a mistake. No she made a grave mistake.Tears blurred her sight but she didn't let them fall. She knew once a single tear escaped he will made sure to turn them into a rain of tears."I-I am sorry Master. "Her lone whisper started to do many things to him. Not emotionally but physically.Lust.That's what he felt. He was never a guy to believe in a bullshit like love. For him love is fuck and fuck is life and that's fucking enough to live a motherfucking life.That's what the great Xavier Valentino always says."Kneel."He dominated her which she being a weak submissive did without any words even though her heart was crying for kneeling infront of a monster when the mistake of hers was just she dozed off when he told her to stare at him. Only him.Removing his belt he moved around her trembling frame makin
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Author PovPlaying with the kids she smiled brightly while running behind them. The whole garden was filled with their giggles and laughs. Every orphan kid loves her as aside of the old woman she's the only one who made them feel this little abandoned place as their house."OK, now kids let's eat lunch. Aunty wouldn't come she said some guests are coming so you have to eat without her and I am also going to help her. Ok so promise me you wouldn't fight.""OK Val. " They all yelled and ran inside to eat their lunch while Valerie's eyes instantly turned sad. Gulping down she made her way towards the kitchen where the preparation was going on."Oh, Val you came. " She nodded at her aunty and went to help her. Valerie didn't say anything but her auntie instantly understood her expressions."Don't worry darling. I heard that he's not coming this year as well. So be assured only Mr Valetino is coming." Valerie sighed in relief but again
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Author Pov Xavier entered the room where his father was sitting on the ground and was smiling happily looking at the feast that was arranged on the table in front of him.Mr. Valentino always loved the food from the orphanage. The taste of the food never failed to make him feel this place like home. His eyes finally fell on his son and his smile widened seeing him there. He motioned Xavier to sit in front of him. Xavier hesitated as he never ate anything sitting on the floor but again there were heavy carpet and comfortable pillow on which he finally sat down."Hello, Young master. I am Jane. The caretaker of this orphanage." Xavier did nothing only nodded with a straight face not interested in all of this.He was busy in the thoughts of that beautiful yet intriguing girl he just met a few minutes ago. Turning his eyes towards his father. He felt an urge to ask hi
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Author Pov.Valerie was sitting on the bed while Maria was sitting beside her softly caressing her back trying to calm her.While Jane sighed before zipping
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Author Pov.One sinister chuckle left from Xavier's lips while watching the sleeping girl. He was sitting in front of Valerie's bed on which she was sleeping peacefully.Unaware of the reality that a monster was sitting in front of her. Staring at her peaceful face he couldn't help but feel an extreme need to ruin that peace.He wanted to see her tears. He wanted to hear her painful screams. Call him psycho or a manic he doesn't give one bit of shit about it.Because that's what he is.He loves ruining beautiful things either they are humans or mare objects. He loves painting his art on those things doesn't matter if they are humans or not.What triggered his psycho mind was her beautiful green eyes which are full of innocence. The innocence and simplicity that he never witnessed before.His nerves wanted to ruin her in every way possible but he didn't want to rush it. He will have her and also in the same way he want
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Author PovXavier's eyes slowly went from her lips to her eyes and instantly he cursed himself for losing his control when his grey eyes met her green ones full of fear.He gently pulled her up and made her sit on the bed while he was also sitting in front of her. He tugs the strand of her hair behind her ear before caressing her cheek."Why your hair are wet." He asked touching her hair softly.She couldn't help but become more confused at how a minute ago he was looking like a beast and now he's behaving like a gentleman."I gave you so many machines why didn't you use them. You will catch a cold like this." He said caressing her slightly wet hair.They weren't that much wet as she waited for almost an hour for him to wake up but the roots and few strands were still wet and he felt it when he grabbed her hair during the kiss."I don't know how to use them." She mumbled quietly making him nod silently."I am s
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Valerie PovStaring at the magnificent garden with beautiful greenery and colourful flowers I was busy in my own miseries. It’s been two weeks when I came here. In my new hell.I didn’t for once went out or even got a chance to meet the children again. I so wanted to meet them but I just couldn’t muster any strength to ask Master.I don’t understand the man. In one second he’s all soft and sweet making me question if he is the same man who wouldn’t let the chance to make me feel so petty go.Every time taking a chance he stole kisses from me and somehow touch me without my will.After doing whatever he wanted and quenching his thirst for my body he simply apologizes just to manipulate me.In the first days of my stay I used to think he may be meant those apologies but as the days went by I understood one thing.Everything about him is a lie. The way he turned soft swee
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Author PovXavier grabbed her arms in a tight grip before pulling her closer to his chest. His eyes were shooting fire. His devilish brain was kept on thinking of the time when she starred in the eyes of the man he hates the most.He couldn’t help but feel a rush of jealousy in his veins remembering how her eyes were stuck only on that fucker.His evil soul was screaming to make her realize who she belongs to. He knew what he’s going to do will make her fear increased for him and that’s exactly he wants.He wants her to fear him. He wants her to beg for his mercy. He wants to see her broken and only on his mercy. He hated the way she avoids eye contact with him but when it comes to that bastard she starred at him like he’s the most precious thing in this world.Her tears damped her rosy cheeks while her green spheres were gleaming with fear. He tangled his fingers in her hair before grabbing them roughly.
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Valerie PovAfter that day I stopped hoping that one day I might be able to change him. Or at least make him give me my freedom back.I did everything in my power to never disobey him or break his any rule. But he every time finds something to punish me. So I stopped trying my best and did only those things which I could.I knew he will eventually find a reason to hurt me then what the use of doing my best when in the end I will eventually be punished for something I never intended to do.Staring at the beautiful garden I sighed heavily before once again glancing at the main gate. I didn't want him to get angry on me for not receiving him at the door.It's one of his rules. To receive him on the door whenever he comes back from work and kiss him. I always kiss his cheek or only a small peck on his lips if he seemed angry or not in the mood.I know I shouldn't be this carefree by thinking about that guy. But I can't help it.
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Author PovXavier stared at the girl sleeping beside him. Her face was pale as ice. Eyebrows were knitted. And a sense of peace was nowhere to be found. She looked in complete distress.Weirdly he felt uncomfortable feeling crawling in his chest when his eyes fell on her lips which were burst out. They looked severely bruised and he knew he’s the reason.Peering his eyes away from her lips he again settled his psychotic gaze on her stressed-out face. Her beautiful chubby cheeks had a light blush on it. He remembered how she always becomes red like cherry whenever he kissed her.Her beautiful brown hair was scattered all over the pillow. Their faces were only inches away. His arm was still wrapped around her bare waist.Sighing heavily he remembered what happened between them a few hours ago. He almost had her but again. Her indirect rejection in the shape of those tears stopped him.Did he felt ba
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