Dark BL System

Dark BL System

By:  Take_the_Moon  Ongoing
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Yu Liang has only one goal which is to get out of the systems world, but so far, he hasn't found an opportunity to get out even though he is the hardest working of the system users. Until the God Lord who manages the system worlds gave him a unique task that would be Yu Liang's great opportunity to get out of this prison called the system of souls and reincarnations. Of course, Lord God's mission couldn't be simple, but the purification of the Dark BL System, which meant that Yu Liang had to fight dirty characters, protagonists or too innocent or too questionable character, getting to be criminals at times, insane villains and disgusting plots that could be considered crimes in many healthy countries. Thanks to Xiao Yao, the custom system given to Yu Liang, they have to take down malicious and toxic plots, deal with murderous villains, and make the protagonist shine in the world to purify the dark plot. Of course, the biggest problem is that every time the protagonist falls in love with Yu Liang, it is impossible for Yu Liang to keep his heart from the protagonist's continuous and persistently sweet assault. In the end, will Yu Liang make it out of the system world?

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Tiffany Cummins
Love it so far. Took a moment to get into the story but now waiting for more.
2022-06-14 11:47:19
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Diky sinaga
hai semoga semangat buat novelnya
2021-08-13 09:15:08
29 Chapters
The sky was cloudy and, people could hear the sounds of thunders far. The cold wind seemed furious, swept the earth that seemed silent. Dust swirled all over the place, which had dead bodies all over the field. There the bodies painted the grass of the battleground with fresh blood.The evil spirits were swirling on the scene of the death, the crows with their black fluff and beak dripping with fresh blood quacked, filling up at the feast of blood and corpses.Not far from there, a corpse pile of mighty warriors of the race of giants, there was a tall and imposing man with a beautiful and cruel face, that until the gods of this world were afraid. He was using a heavy and long sword. His beautiful blond hair was stained by blood, and his blue eyes looked scarier than the scene in front of him.Near to him has a beautiful woman that has black skin with peaked and long ears. She had an attractive face with her exuberant curly hair and her whiskey color eyes; The lo
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Finally, the battle ended with Elish activating the strongest skill and mortally hurting Ariet. Elish gasping and weak looked at Ariet, who was on his knees. Elish expected to look at a gaze full of range and unwilling to die.Surprisingly didn't have anything like it, just a sad smile and a peaceful gaze in the face of death."Ariet! Ariet!" the dragon seemed to roar Ariet name for a long time only to receive a calm and full of gratitude look from the strongest Archmage of the world Ariet L'Caster."Elish doesn't be too foolish to believe in the Raziel ... Take care of our Aysha; she is very naive... Ciel is a good person... you should value him more... Ah, at least were you who ended this torment... I can die in peace now..." Ariet voice was too soft and let a warm sensation, but every few phrases, he vomited blood, that is a painful image.Elish felt his body shake, let the sacred sword transformed Senna fall on the ground with a crash. He grabbed Arie
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01. Starting at the Beginning of the Tragedy
World 01: Modern Martial World. Pitiful shou versus two scum gongs.NOTE: Shou = Uke/bottom and Gongo = Seme/top (In case anyone asks the terms)(...)The light from the flourishing lamps illuminated the private room of the exclusive restaurant that the new rich frequented like little ants that find the sweet. The private room was beautifully decorated and looked very comfortable, with long, soft sofas, which gave a rather tempting suggestion for doing other things besides resting comfortably.The wine on the coffee table looked expensive, but the red liquid was thrown as if it weren't much staining the pretty Indian tapestry that had vibrant colors, the dishes were with delicious and exquisite snacks that looked quite attractive in fine china, but they were untouched.Everything in the private room exuded richness and luxury, but there was a pedantic and decadent air, as if all t
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02. Meng Qian
While Yu Liang waited for the shou to enter through his doors; in the hallway a young man of only 20 years walked in a hurry, if possible, he would like to run, but he was drugged and was already sweating slightly just by walking quickly in the long corridors of the Restaurant Rising Sun.            The right thing would be for the 20-year-old to call the police or ambulance to be taken from this place, but he knew this would be pointless, taking into account who the owner of the restaurant was and the distance from the big city restaurant.            The young man was right in a way, if he stayed in the hallway he would be caught by the greasy-handed pervert who was old enough to be his grandfather, so he needed to hide so he could call the police, even if the police did nothing but smile at the manager and leave. However, this would distract people from this damn place so he could run away and take a taxi
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03. Is he falling into the Plot Trap? (part 1)
R 16 (scenes with the most intimate contact)NOTE: Fujoshi and Fudanshi: Women and men who like to read or consume products that are related to a romance between men, even if the orientation is still straight. The Japanese term, but is used in most languages.(...)Meng Qian finally breathes a sigh of relief when he enters the private room, he looks around with a little caution only to find a young man who appeared to be the same age as him (20 years old) or even older by his strong body. The young man seemed to have fallen asleep on the sofa.Seeing this scene, Meng Qian cannot help but be pleased with the luck that has fallen from the sky. He approached the young man passed out and very slowly rummaged through the young man's clothes to find a cell phone."What a strange perfume ... It seems familiar ... Elish ... It can't be ..." Yu Liang thought as he pretended to be passed ou
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04. Is he falling into the Plot Trap? (Part 2)
R-16 (there are intimate scenes)NOTE: The word Host is the system client, usually, the system refers to Yu Liang as such, or by his name.Soon Yu Liang was also without clothes, of course, this was the work of the Xiao Yao system, which seemed even more anxious than Meng Qian.Xiao Yao System: To escape this, you must perform the scene and not perform the scene at the same time (...)Yu Liang: What?Xiao Yao System: You must do something intimate with the protagonist, but nothing too strong, so the scene will be taken for granted. There are key scenes in each plot, these scenes cannot be skipped or circumvented, if not, the plot will be completely modified, which can make the world try to eliminate you.Yu Liang: So I'm just going to be a puppet?Xiao Yao System: You must perform the key scenes of y
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05. I play according to the rules of a Dark BL
Yu Liang bought three cards at this point to help himself, "Refresh", "Potion for all poisons" and "Cloak of Temporary Invisibility".The Refresh card was like a Reset in a game, any state the body is in is reverted to the normal state. In a few seconds, the big soldier between Yu Liang's legs fell asleep again and he could finally think rationally once again.Yu Liang took some wet wipes from the coffee table and quickly cleaned himself up and helped clean Meng Qian, the other was still sleeping on the couch as if he were perfectly safe. This made it easier for him to put on the clothes that a certain perverted System had pulled out of the shou."It is not surprising that he cannot escape the gongs, he is so helpless ..." Yu Liang grumbles with regret. Seeing this man who slept helplessly, he thought of the hard work he would have to do to keep the shou away from the scum gongs until the shou could defend himself.Yu Liang trie
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06. Compromising Video
Yu Liang was texting his bodyguards, by the time Jiang Bao turned to look behind the wooden screen where he had a table with a porcelain tea set, of course, he had already picked up the pen from the corner table.Yu Liang quickly removed the cloak of invisibility, the sky-blue cloak turned into a card, which he kept in his trouser pocket. This was a temporary card that had a counter, exactly 30 minutes, as long as this limit wasn't reached he could save and use the card as he wanted.To Jiang Bao's surprise, the bodyguards entered the private room, which scared this young dandy almost to death, since young master Wu had "disappeared", so he wasn't in too much trouble now?When Jiang Bao turned concerned about what "excuse" he should give, his dark eyes met the blue eyes of the young master Wu, who had a handsome man sleeping very closely in his embrace.Jiang Bao was very shocked, even more, shocked to be suddenly grabbed by the bodyguards. The private ro
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07. Playing the Innocent
Wu Liang went to the bathroom with the door open and took off the invisibility cloak, who was already wearing a bathrobe and had wet hair, casually held a soft white towel, preparing to wipe his short bluish-black hair, fortunately, the hairstyle was military-style which facilitated his performance.He is the image of a person fresh out of a bath, of course, he made enough noise for the distracted Meng Qian to hear.Meng Qian's deer eyes widened when he saw the strong young man coming out of the bathroom wearing only a royal blue robe, while he wiped his black hair that had a bluish shine.The young man who looked more than 20 years old due to his developed physique had bright blue eyes, but when he met Meng Qian's eyes, the young man seemed embarrassed and looked away and even his pretty face took on a suspicious flush.Meng Qian was angry at the whole situation and wanted to blame this person who seemed unconcerned enough to take a peaceful hot shower,
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08. Modern Martial Cultivation World
Wu Liang changed clothes quickly, he left the room to find Uncle Ya who was responsible for the care of this young master. In the apartment that occupied the entire floor of a 30-story building, there was Uncle Ya who is a housekeeper, Aunt Lee who is Uncle Ya's wife and who helps to manage the apartment, there were four strong security guards and 4 personal bodyguards.In total 11 people live in the huge apartment and two more people were hired for heavy cleaning every four days. There were 5 large suites, one belonged to Wu Liang, one belonged to guests, one belonged to Uncle Ya and Aunt Lee, another belonged to the four personal bodyguards and one belonged to the four security guards.There was a social bathroom, a large kitchen, a modest laundry area, a large room with a piano centered in the room, and a fireplace on the side, it also had a space for a beautiful guqin that had intricately carved images and appeared to be old.Like the whole house of a wealth
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