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Sarah Watsons had to struggle to win the favor of her childhood friend who has now become her husband. Even though they have lived together, whatever power Richie Dalton loves only one person, Alex Tanner. Annoying man who lives with them. Can Sarah get through all this? or give up on fate that Rich

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The sound of spoons and forks clinking softly on the dining table. The silence was also an intense awkwardness for the brown-haired girl who was sitting nervously in her chair.She had repeatedly glanced around while trying to whisper with the wing tattooed man beside her, but the man didn't budge. 
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{SARAH POV} === 
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**previous episode** "But I'm not ready -"
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**previous episode** "I learned from you! I'm shocked at you, how can you keep that feeling all this time? It sucks."
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*previous episode* "You know what he said to me?" My frustration. Richie was increasingly wary. "He said I was hoping for this marriage.""I am sorry. He really does say anything he wants. ""Now the decision is yours. I don't want him to be like that to me anymore. The idea of living together is a bad idea!""Why are you whispering like that? Did Richie do bad things to you, Sarah?" asked Dalton's aunt who was suddenly in front of us."No ... nothing. We only talked about ehmm ..""About the wedding dress. Well ... I will take Sarah today to choose a wedding dress," Richie said, whether he was honest or just an excuse.The
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Am I her best friend?"Sorry for being late.""It's you, who is never sensitive to others," she said, sounding disappointed.
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*   *Previous Episode *  "Just in case, Sarah sleeps in the main room."Alex opened the door to the main room. My shoulders went limp because the room was too big and luxurious for me to occupy myself."- in case Richie's mother comes to visit here," he continued.I was reminded of -
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*Previous Episode* My cheeks flushed. Divert this conversation by leaving the kitchen."Toda
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*Previous Episode*  Alex sucked one meat from my tray. I could see the look in his eyes that somehow turned serious to me.Those eyes seemed challenging, and a signal to ask me to raise the flag
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= Previous episode = "OK. What's the second covenant? " asked Alex who was still faithfully sitting side by side with his lover. I couldn't help but take a deep breath to see her so annoying. No ... it's not his face that sucks. But the behaviour. Only a few days I know him, he has shown all his true nature. I hope they break up soon. "The second agreement is ... respect each other's privacy." "OK!" "OK, I hope so too," said Alex, who immediately wanted to hurry. I held him, so he sat back down. And Richie has only been watching since earlier. I see he was also having a great time watching me argue with his boyfriend.  
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