Dark Lands Homecoming

Dark Lands Homecoming

By:  Autumn Dawn  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dark Lands: Homecoming: Dark Lands Book 2 She can feel it in the air…they're coming for her. She fears the wolf in her blood; he is the king of them all. Can a woman who fights her inner beast let the master of the hunt rule her, too?

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Hi! Is the book still unfinished? Are there any schedule for its updates?
2021-07-12 00:42:33
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mercy jepkoech
sweet and interesting
2021-02-11 05:26:30
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un poco de todo !
muy entretenida, de hecho recomendable
2021-02-10 03:47:07
32 Chapters
Dark Lands: Homecoming Authors Note: This story is a side note to The Charmer, meant for those of you who wanted to know Wiley’s story. It’s not meant to stand alone, so if you don’t already know how her story ends, you’ll have to read TC.   She hated parties.Parties were fu
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These were not bears, though, and she’d never thought to fear a wolf attack. Game was plentiful here, and wolves were shy; if it had been mid-winter and a lean year things might have been different.They didn’t smell like wolves. Cold sweat gathered on her back, and Wiley cast a nervous glance at the fire. Maybe it would be enough to scare the animals off, but if not, a few bullets couldn’t hurt.“Git!” she yelled, feeling like a fool. Contrary to the tree hugger’s expectations, these were not fat, mellow zoo buddies. Alaskan wolves could take down a lone human if they were hungry enough. The fact that these animals didn’t smell like wolves was still a problem, but there could be a good reason. Maybe they’d rolled in some
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She screamed, or tried to. She had no voice to shout in that form. She spun and ran, ignoring the threat of the animals, desperate to escape the nightmare. She was so scared that she shifted back to human as she ran, somehow thinking the dream would end if she changed, if she woke up.Strong arms grabbed her from behind, lifted her off her feet. Those arms were human. She cried out.“Easy,” Jayems said, subduing her effortlessly. “Easy, Rihlia.”“L-let me go!” she shouted, freaking out. That name triggered something, and she knew she was dead. The monsters that had haunted her dreams for so long had finally caught her.
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Her expression of horror said it all. “Your…?” She couldn’t get the words out.Afraid she would hyperventilate, he snapped, “Breathe! You’re going to make yourself sick, woman.” Concern for her made it difficult to keep his distance. He wanted to touch her, to soothe, and knew she wouldn’t receive it well. He was a stranger to her, and dangerous. He couldn’t go to her.Anger seemed to serve her better than coddling. “You’re not marrying me!” she ground out. She stopped shrinking into the couch.He looked to the side, searching for patience, hoping to steady his nerves. Her distress was affecting him. “We were betrothe
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“I believe you’re familiar with apples,” he said, pointing to the poached fruit. “They’re cooked in wine and honey. The juice next to you is a native berry; you used to love it.” It was hard to be patient. She’d once treated him like a beloved brother, and now she thought he was trying to poison her.She shot him a look and went back to staring at her plate. “What’s this sausage made of?” She looked hideously suspicious and a little green. “You don’t eat people, do you?”His eyes widened. “You can’t be serious!” When she just looked at him, he snapped, “It’s an animal. A grazing beast called a deerhare.” When she still wouldn’t eat, he demanded, &ldqu
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She flushed and avoided his eyes. She muttered a curse.He raised a brow. “If that was meant to remain private, it didn’t. My ears are as sharp as yours.” Ignoring her evil look, he said, “This is what I’m offering: a new home, a new world and a family who loves you. All I want in return is your willing cooperation. Be pleasant. Try not to view us as the enemy.”“And you’ll let me talk to Jasmine?”“I will.”“And you won’t hurt her?”“I won’t, though it’s not a promising
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The kitchens were huge and immaculate. Entire rooms were devoted to baking, butchering and processing vegetables. There were sinks and stoves in each room, as well as various kinds of pantries and cold storage. The staff was polite, though they only stopped when directly addressed. It was hard to believe the amount of food they processed in a day.“The Citadel is vast. The kitchens supply all the food for our garrison, my personal household as well as their own families,” Jayems explained. “There are many young apprentices here, learning how to provide for their own families. It’s not just a kitchen, it’s also a classroom.”“Wow.” Wiley thanked a young man who handed her a tiny tart, then took a bite. Warm citrus curd and
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Jayems stood before Lady Nilla’s door. He bowed his head and placed one hand on the stout wood, wishing there was some way he could soften this blow.Nilla was his lover of two month’s standing, but their relationship had started long before. They’d been friends of a sort before the attraction had unexpectedly boiled over into something more. He’d begun to look at her in a considering light for some weeks now, and she had not missed the cues. Even so, she hadn’t clung, just loved him sweetly, silently offering her heart.He’d been close to speaking to her father. Her mother had worn a look of expectation for the last little while. And why not? His betrothed had been accepted as dead for nearly twenty years. He’d felt it was foo
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As Jayems prepared to enter, the steward warned him, “You won’t be able to talk in there, milord. May I report out here?”“Make it quick,” Jayems said, burning with curiosity. What a racket! It sounded like an entire raiding party, not one lone woman.“It started out with her banging on pots and pans,” the steward said. “She looked spooked when we burst in, so I offered to get her a drum set.” He winced, as if regretting that idea. “It got out of hand from there. Next, she asked what other instruments we had. I offered to bring her some samples. Somehow the technicians figured out how to make her music play over your sound system...she’s been very busy.”
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“Beautiful,” he said softly, and her eyes shot to his in surprise. Surprise? How could she not know she was lovely?“Ah…thanks,” she said. Sending him an uneasy glance, she took a seat on the couch.Jayems tried to think of something to relax her. Before he could speak, Keilor strode into the room unannounced. “She is here.”Relieved to have the subject changed, even by this, Jayems shut the heavy ledger he’d been perusing. His boots remained crossed on the desktop as he waited for more details.Rihlia wasn’t nearly as calm. She leapt up off the couch and demanded bre
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