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Blurb What began as a love-at-first-sight fairytale swiftly became a Nightmare for Daisy Montero, A billionaire's spoilt daughter. Not only did her new husband, Steven Dante, despise her, but he also cheated on her during their second week of marriage. She stayed because she loved him, expecting he would change, but things only grew worse. When she ultimately chose to leave him, she discovered that not only did her husband intend to deprive her of her family fortune if she went ahead with the divorce, but she was also pregnant, leaving her with only one question: "Why did the CEO hate her?" He wouldn't let her go and yet he continued to abuse her, Is love worth finding out secrets of the past?, Find out in this romantic novel, THE CEO WHO HATES ME..

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Azure moon
the story was good though the grammar was barely bearable. I love that fact that daisy's father, though, really is evil, he still truly loves her daughter. I just didn't like that much was that Steve was so asshole towards her, made her witness his affairs, and just easily got with her at the end.
2023-11-12 19:16:03
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Danielle Tyrrell
Make sure you read to the end. A truely remarkable story, with lots of twists. Worth the read.
2023-11-12 18:03:14
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Very nice story
2023-11-12 06:47:32
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The therapist
I wish Mr Montero can just be arrested already, I hate Steve
2023-09-17 03:55:56
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The therapist
I love this book...️...️my favorite so far
2023-09-17 03:55:10
110 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 WHAT WRONG WITH MY HUSBAND? Daisy Montero Dante stood staring out her bedroom window on a cold wet night, waiting for her husband to get home. She should have gotten used to it by now, because he had been coming home late or not at all for the previous two weeks they had been married. This wasn't right, she sighed deeply. She had no idea where she had gone wrong; her husband Steven had been sweet and appreciative of her since the day they met. She had never expected her marriage to be this unpleasant; not only did he rarely speak to her, but he never acknowledged her as his wife except on a few times when they had to attend social functions together. She let out another deep sign,She needed to talk to Steven and ask him what was wrong and what she could do to improve their marriage. As she reached for her phone, the booming sound of her ringtone jolted her out of her reverie. It was her father who called; she checked the time on the wall clock, 11 p.m., and wondered
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 MAKE ME UNDERSTAND Daisy awoke around 8 a.m. the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on the door. She massaged her weary eyes before rising to answer the door, pausing for a brief moment to inspect Steve's sleeping frame. Dave was waiting for her when she answered the door, holding a cup of coffee. "Thank you, Dave," she said, a little smile on her face. "You're welcome; how is Sir?" Daisy gave Steve a sidelong glance as she spoke. "He hasn't yet woken up" "I'll be outside in case you need anything," Dave added, and she thanked him again before closing the door. As she took a seat, she clutched her coffee and began to sip it, recalling the woman Steve had been with. She was desperate to find out who she was and resolved to ask Dave later which room she was in. She ran to the bed as she noticed Steve start to move. "Are you okay, should I call the doctor?" She stumbled, When Steve's eyes met hers, she couldn't help but notice Anger in them, and she began
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3LOVE AT FIRST SIGHTDaisy tried to call her father, at this point, she was ready to tell him everything Steve did to her but unfortunately,Mr. Montero's line wasn't going through, she put the telephone back on its receiver and went up to her room,There was no way she was going back to the hospital after the humiliation she went through,She could surely do with not having her phone for a couple of hours but what she couldn't bare was seeing Steve with his mistress again.She took a long shower telling herself not to break down and start crying again,After she was done, she dressed up and decided to visit her Dad.She reached The Montero resident an hour later, she stood at the front door for a few minutes looking at the house she had spent all her life in,What would happen if Steve decided to choose his mistress over her and Divorce her, would she be back at this house and be labeled the Billionaire's daughter who couldn't keep her marriage?Her father and grandma would
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 MY HUSBAND HATES ME Daisy arrived home in a merry mood, she had planned to cook lunch and go to the hospital later on, She had made up her mind to fight for her marriage, if it meant impressing Steve then she would just so she couldn't lose him. Her heart sank the moment she opened the door to their house, Steven was going upstairs carrying Lizzy in his arms, she could see from where she stood he was looking down at her, She blinked the tears away as she called out his name "Steve, what is happening?" She asked Steve turned to look at her, "I will join you shortly let me just take Lizzy to the bedroom," he said casually, Daisy watched as Steve and Lizzy disappeared from her sight to the fourth floor where the bedrooms were located, Her hands were all shaky as she blinked away more tears, it was evident at this point that things were going from bad to worse, how could Steve bring his mistress to their house? That was unacceptable, he was crossing the line in terms
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5HE DOESN'T WANT TO DIVORCE MEDaisy sat in her car outside the local court, she had been crying for a long time,She didn't actually know what to do, on one hand, she loved Steve so very much and knew she probably couldn't live without him while on the other hand, She couldn't put up with his behavior,She took a deep breath and got out of the car, each step she took towards the entrance of the court made her heart ache,Just when she got to the door, her phone began to ring, she stared at the screen her heart beating rapidly, Steve was calling,She decided she wasn't going to answer the call and watched it ring, she knew she would be disappointed by what he wanted to say yet again, with a deep sign, she put the phone on silent mood and put it in her hand bag and then entered the court,Inside there, she asked to see her family lawyer Mr.lewis but was told he had gone out,She went back to the car and decided to wait for him there,She didnt bother checking her phone for any
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6A SLY MISTRESS"Steve!" Daisy called trying to stop the fight that was about to break out, she stood up trying to break them apart but her knees felt weak and hence, she was almost falling when Steve quickly let go of Lewis and held her"Steve" she said this time in more of a whisper"Look at you, drank this time of the night and with a man!""Why does that make you upset after everything you did today" she demanded as she broke down in tears, Steve let out a curse and carried her in his arms,"This should be the last time I ever see you with my wife" he warned Lewis before he walked out with Daisy in his arms, "Put me down!, I wanna drink some more" She said as she tried to get off his arms but he held her tightly until they reached his car,His driver opened the car door for him while he entered with Daisy,"Why are you doing this?" Daisy asked , she held his face in both her palms,"Why Steve, please tell me why?" She asked this time, she had began to cry again,"You are
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7A NEW TEACHERA few seconds later, the door opened and Steve walked in with a tray of food,"Eat" he ordered and put the food on her side table, he then walked out and locked the door again,Daisy barely looked at the food and went back to bed, she had a big day tomorrow..The next morning when she woke up, she began to prepare for work, when she was done, she found the door unlocked and went straight to her car,She then drove to the school, it was still early so when she reached there, she went to a cafe to have her breakfast.An hour later, she was at the school entrance welcoming the little kids that were brought in by their parents,The kids where happy to see her after almost two weeks of her absence, they missed her a lot."We had a new teacher while you were away" Leo, one of the kids said"Oh really?" SHe asked"Yes, he is very nice and he said both of you will be our teachers", just then, a man walked into the class room, he was of average height with neat hair and
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8BAD BLOODAlex led Daisy to a table and then went to get a bottle of liquor and two glasses,He poured liquor into both glasses, "Hope you take this strong type" Alex said as he took a sit next to Daisy"Not really but right now I can take anything," Daisy said with a smile."Am glad to hear that, so tell me more about yourself Daisy Montero Dante, how did my brother manage to win over someone like you" Daisy didn't know what he meant by someone like her, as far as she was concerned, she was just like an ordinary person,"I guess I just fell in love," she said thinking of the time she had met Steve, she shook all those thoughts away, after all, it was nothing but pretense from his side, she turned to look at Alex"Can you tell me something personal Alex?" She asked"Yes, anything" Alex replied"Would you happen to know who your brother was dating before we met?" She knew her question was awkward so she let out a smile as she drank the liquid in the cup at one goal,Alex had
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9ALEX'S CHILDHOOD LOVE"We can make Dinner just the two of us, Daisy won't manage, she is really tired" Steve quickly came up with an excuse"Well let me hear that from her" Mrs Dante said as she put all the ingredients on the kitchen counter"Mom" Steve began"Go and call her Steve" she said without sparing him a glance.Steve eventually went to his former room, he knew Daisy was upset and began to think about what he would do to get her to cook with his mother,He knew Daisy was quite Stubborn and that made him even more frustratedHe got to the his bedroom and found Daisy still laying on the bed crying, he let out a frustrated sign as he felt she was rather overreacting.Daisy knew Steve had entered and stood just before the bed staring at her, that made her heart ache even more and she continued to cry,Steve cleared his throat, but Daisy didnt dare stop crying or look at him,"Don't you think you are over doing things?, we are at my parent's house for pete's sake, the l
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10A LONG NIGHT WITH MY HUSBAND 1Steven did not bother to talk to Daisy, he watched her clean her wound while he pressed his phone,"Are you done, at least you should be able to help mom out with setting the table" he said, Daisy looked at him unbelievably"My finger hurts, I can barely touch anything how do you expect me to set the table?" She asked"You should have been careful when cutting the vegetables but who am I kidding, you can't do anything right!", Daisy put the first Aid away,She went into the bathroom and undressed the tight dress, she had honestly been uncomfortable wearing something that tight, she wore a bath towel and got into the shower to take a bath,She didnt hear Steve call out her name when his mom had told him that the food was ready, all she heard was the door to the bathroom open,She panicked and turned around grabbing the towel and covering herself"What the hell do you think you are doing?" She asked eyes widened"Dinner is ready" he softly said,
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