Death Of A Rivera

Death Of A Rivera

By:  Keren Michael  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a little fight with her husband Ethan Rivera, Elaine comes home to meet him dead. That same night, she's thrown into prison by her husband's family. Torn apart from every thing she loves, her sweet mom in Illinois, her daughter Autumn that was left with the Rivera family, Elaine breaks out of jail to find her husband's murderer and to get her daughter back. Being a person running from the FBI, she's met with Lucas Grayson, a detective and together, they try to solve the mystery. With a new look and determination, Elaine tries to discover her husband's murderer. But love,hurt and betrayal are three different things. What would she do when when she have to face them all?

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56 Chapters
Chapter 1
        Tacoma,   Seattle 2016, June 12thAt the Rivera Mansion......°°°°°°The lights in the mansion were all out as I stumbled in through the door. I wasn't drunk or anything, I just had a little talk over with my friend, Ashley. And that involved her serving margaritas. She's a bartender I don't blame her.I discarded my purse unto the kitchen counter so I was able to get me a glass of water. As the cold liquid rushed through my body, the fight with Ethan came running back to my mind. I knew I shouldn't have said all those mean things to him but I'm quite done with his family trying to take over everything. Including running our lives.I rinsed the cup and placed It back in the cupboard before picking my purse and walking upstairs. I came to the door of my daughter's room and opened the do
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Chapter 2
4 years later.....At the Seattle prison.....°°°°°°I watched as two men in uniforms walked by my cell. The smell of cigarette went along with them making me cough. I never liked the smell of cigars or even smoke, but tonight, I'm about to inhale a lot of it.I sat patiently on my bed waiting for the right time. It was Saturday and most of the prisoners were allowed to go down to the cleaning house to wash their stuffs, while some where allowed to roam the parameter .A lady in uniform stopped by my cell and opened the iron cell door."Sadie Manchester, and Elaine Rivera" she called. I and my bonk mate came out. Sadie has been a nice friend to whom I've poured out most of my heart's content to.She's a great listener and adviser. We were led by the patrol officer to the cleaning house. I monitored everything going on. The guards tonight are not much
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Chapter 3
Authors POV(the writer)At the Rivera Mansion, Nicole sat down with a mug of coffee in her hand. After the rain last night, it calls for a warm liquid and what best to go than coffee. She scanned all the newspapers for the day, her eyes going beyond every question mark and full stop.Delaney, the house help came in with a new stack of newspapers."There is sure a lot of news today" Nicole told her husband as he emerged from their room."I sure hope the stock market price has gone down. That'll be good news" Copper Rivera said. Ever since his big brother, Ethan died, he's been the one managing the Rivera company. He married Nicole a year after the incident and since then, they haven't had a child to call their own.Nicole picked up the next paper, she read the headline.The Seattle Prison burnt down yester -Night......She flipped the Newspaper
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Chapter 4
The day I fell into that water was the day I died. Not physically but mentally. I died and let my old self wash away with the water. I'm now a new person with a change of mind and heart and the one and only mission I have to memorize is to get Ethan's murderer and let them pay. Pay for separating me from my daughter by throwing me in jail and for killing my husband. I Will find that person. And when I do......God help me....After I was shot in the back and my ankle, I fell into the river. I never had much experience with swimming but I was determined to survive and I did. I managed as I could to swim to the banks and let fate have it's way.But I was found by a common folk and treated of my wounds. I'm a survivor.. All this was a month ago. Now standing at the doorstep to Ashley's home, I knocked on the door. Immediately it opened up, her face went ghost white.°°°°°°Ashley placed a bottle o
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Chapter 5
"Lucas Grayson?"Ashley nodded. She wasn't looking at me but at the giant mole on a man's head that just walked by. I snorted. The name Lucas does ring a bell in my head but I can't put my finger on it."Heard he bought this place like two weeks ago" Ashley took my hand and led me behind the bar stand. I wasn't ready to start working today. I'm not even sure how to mix anything. I only know how to make margaritas. And that's thanks to Ashley. "So have you seen the boss?" I asked Ashley."Nope. Hardly comes here. I heard from Griffin that he's busy running his other businesses""Wow. Sounds like a busy guy" I cooed. A man came up to the bar and ordered a blue lagoon."Yeah. He is" Ashley filled a glass with ice, then added Smirnoff, vodka and lemonade together before mixing it. "Heard he's a cop too" I froze at that. I don't think it's a great idea to be working at a cops bar.
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Chapter 6
The picture turned translucent and I realised my tears was the reason. I dabbed at it with a clean clothe and then stared at her again. My God!. She's grown so big. A wide grin spread all over my face as I kept looking at her. Her eyes were still marine blue and even brighter. Her dark hair was cut into bangs. And her smile, her dad."That's your girl" Ashley tapped my shoulder and i nodded proudly."I've got to see her, Ash. Soon. Real soon""I know but you won't break the ice to her until everything is over" Ashley poured more tea for herself. She really needs it, After she drank so much last night."I know that" I rubbed my chin devising a way but nothing seemed to come to my mind."Maybe we should just head to work for now" Ashley poured her remaining tea into the sink and then walked out of the kitchen. I stared at the picture again and then kissed my baby before putting it down and goin
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Chapter 7
I blinked severally before gaining my senses back. What do I tell him. I was never really good at lying. I need Ash on this one. I looked over to her stand and she was really busy. I sighed rubbing my fingers against my temple.Lucky for me, a lady walked up and requested margarita so I focused on making her drink, giving me more time to come up with something.Hunter sat there the whole time and I wished he'd just go. I served the margarita and looked at him. He was still waiting for my answer. I shook my head."It's complicated" I poured Ice cubes into several glasses."I'm a good listener""I'd rather not" I took out napkins and started wiping the already clean cold counter."Does it have to do with your past?" He asked and I stood still for a moment. Seriously, who is this man? I narrowed my eyes at him but he wasn't evading my glare."Why do you even want
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Chapter 8
I ran out of the bar for a reason I'm not sure of. I don't even have a reason. Only that I need to get the hell away from that bar. What Hunter said :don't I miss my daughter?Of course I miss her. I miss her every second of my life. Every minute I'm not mixing a drink, my mind wanders off to her and I sit in the loneliness but noisiness of the bar and sink my teeth into my wrist to stop myself from crying."Tiffany!" Hunter called behind me. I didn't even listen, I just kept walking until he grabbed my hand. "Why'd you run off like that?""Why? Why?...Hunter you just asked me about my daughter and I should be calm?""So you do have a daughter" he grinned. I felt like punching his nose but that would ruin his face. I won't like to see him battered up so I refrained from throwing punches."Yes, I have a daughter. And my situation doesn't concern you" I said and started walking away
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Chapter 9
I walked in through the door and into Ash's apartment. I knew she was in the kitchen cause I heard the sound of the cooker go on."Ash!""In here!" She called right back so I hurried to meet her. I can't wait to tell her how my day unfolded. The talk with Hunter, and the plan.I sat on a stool by the counter and passed myself an apple from the fruit bowl. "You got off work early" Ash said as she sprinkled a little oil in the pan just to grease it up."Yeah...the girl taking the shift from me came earlier" I took a large bite from the Apple."So what's up?""Hunter knows I'm Elaine"I  wish I hadn't said that with her standing next to the cooker. She turned around quickly and that made her tip the pan off her hand and to the floor. I bit on my bottom lip."Say again!" She half yell.I repeated myself the same
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Chapter 10
I didn't expect Hunter to come in early the next day but he did. Ash was right. He does seem to care about me in a special kind of way. One I'm not ready to look into or discover why?I went down the steps slowly pulling my little box of cloth that Ash graced me with. I would rather not wear prison clothe everywhere. Hunter appeared at the bottom of the steps and helped me with the box."Is this all?" He asked."Yep! Don't got much" I sighed"Then we'll have to go shopping" Hunter said and walked away quickly so I didn't have time to object. I'm still going to anyway. He can't just take me shopping like that. This is all an act. Not some romance prodigy.Ash was seating by the counter having coffee. I'm surprised to see she's not holding a bottle of wine. What's up with her?."Hey girl" I dropped my purse on the counter and poured me my own coffee. Black coffee? Ash is
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