Sin De Rella

Sin De Rella

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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“A forbidden fruit he can’t resist.” A hardworking perfumer, Arella Rogue violated rules once and shared a passionate night with a stranger. After seven years, a twisted fate brings them together, but her heart is still raw to gamble over her unrecompensed feelings. An optimistic and charismatic businessman, Skipper Linton’s plan crumbles like his heart the moment he meets the woman he once knew. Their scorching passion reignites, but there’s a slight problem—she’s forbidden fruit he shouldn’t bite. If there's one thing Arella learned from her past—it’s not to play with fire. But the more she pulls away, fate brings them closer. And one long-buried secret can change their lives forever.

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user avatar
another beautiful love story from Gia Hunter
2023-04-22 16:36:19
default avatar
It’s a good book
2021-11-09 00:49:28
default avatar
Could this have a bonus chapter like having their wedding and kids...
2021-05-27 09:20:41
default avatar
I loved this story! The love that was portrayed was absolutely amazing! Any chance for a sequel and furthering their relationship?! That’d be amazing author!! 😊 either way, fantastic story!
2021-04-17 07:42:53
user avatar
Wayne Maragh Jr.
that was one hella good book
2021-03-30 03:27:39
user avatar
Purushotam Kumar
If you like a story of billoner and romantic story,then this is for you,every reader should once read it.
2020-12-30 16:10:05
user avatar
Orit Agayoff
really like
2020-12-25 09:11:42
user avatar
Skip Linton is an epitome of every girl’s dream guy. Great story you got here author. Thank you for sharing this with us.
2020-11-06 10:22:42
user avatar
Shasha Ybz
Can’t put it down. Good novel with very relatable characters.
2020-11-06 08:11:48
default avatar
Good read. Enjoyed it.
2021-06-18 00:53:47
42 Chapters
Seven Years
Skip  I SCANNED the packed room, hoping to find an old mate as quickly as possible. Coming back to this place again was harder than I thought. My chest tightened when the door shut behind me—it felt like walking down the memory lane.
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Arella  I COULDN’T help but think of how happy I was when my ex-husband proposed to me three years ago. A month later we get married. Now, I was staring down at the Manila envelope that had been inside my drawer for eight months. My final divorce papers.
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Dr. Everly Hynson
Skip  THE CREAM stucco house came to view when the iron-wrought gate slid open. This had been my mother’s house after her divorce from Dad. Dr. Everly Hynson never remarried and been promoted as the head of the Pediatric department in the local hospital last year.
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Skip Linton
Arella  THE LIVING room already blasted with loud noises from the TV and from Dad and my brother, Brett. They were football fans—the soccer one. Brett was a die-hard fan of Manchester, while Dad was a Real Madrid, and as for me, I was a neutral. Well, if I was being honest, I knew American football, but soccer, on the
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Arella Rogue
Skip  WHEN I got out of my last relationship, I decided not to ever get serious with a woman again, or she had to come with me where ever I go. Then, her entrance just caught me off guard. Things got offhanded.Arella Reighan Rogue was
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His Scents
Arella  MY HEART lurched thinking of Skip Linton. When I was still with my ex, I thought of Linton and never figured out that he was actually a Linton. If my heart lurc
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Skip  MY GUT clenched. That son of a bitch hurt Arella and messed up her head. Now she left angry and possibly wouldn’t talk to me again. What the fuck was I thinking? I dialed Brett immediately. Gladly, he picked up like he was expecting my call. “Yep?”
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Ms. James
Arella  IGNORING MY hammering heart was hard enough, but what was harder was facing the man who never left my mind these past days. He left me standing outside my apartment two days ago with a billion-dollar question that might remain unanswered.
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The Reigh
Skip  “IS EVERYTHING alright?” The blonde frowned beneath me.I was inside her, yet it didn’t feel right. She was hot and definitely made me hard, but it felt like something was forcing me to do this just to get a release.
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The Dream
Skip  “REIGH?” Denys asked with absolute surprise that caught everyone’s attention. With an unamused look, she snorted, “She’s the Reigh, right? How did I not get the clue immediately?”
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