Death is the only Escape

Death is the only Escape

By:  Parinaz  Ongoing
Language: English
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A mysterious girl, known to be heartlessly cold, with a gun in her hand. Two criminals on the tip of her gunpoint, shivering and begging her for mercy, who used to be proud of their tremendous power. A secretive guy who fell in love with that girl and trusted her blindly, without knowing who she was. A child in the middle of the chaos to be protected and kept away from the fire of revenge. And a shadow secretly controlling the whole game and playing with their lives. The pawns are chosen and the war has begun. They're all trapped in this maze of secrets and revenge, holding each other at gunpoints. The maze gets more twisted with each step they take and the only thing that can get them out of there... is Death.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Astley family
“WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?!” A man shouted as he was getting dragged and tied to a chair forcefully by three men. Those men were dressed in black suits. The whole room was filled with people, terrified and quiet. Sweat trickled down their foreheads, and their hands became frigid as they watched that scene happen in front of their eyes. Some looked away, some closed their eyes, and some started praying that they could get out of there soon. It was happening just cause that man had been provoking a commotion this whole time and rebelled against what the kidnappers had told them to do.“You asked for it, darling." A female voice came from outside, and all eyes went in that direction.The door opened, and the sudden light was blinding to their eyes, for the room was quite dark. As their eyes adapted to the light, that figure became clearer with the passing time.It was a girl who entered that room; fair skin
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Chapter 2: A single mother
Cars honking in the background and the hustle-bustle of the world outside filled the silence in the car. No one spoke a word in the car; they did not even look at each other once. Amy was working on her tablet, examining documents, and checking different reports. They were going to make an official announcement of their return soon, so there was a lot of work that needed to be done
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Chapter 3: An intruder?!
"Mam, the Elder Master wishes to see you..." The guards said, and the atmosphere became tense. The assistants looked at each other nervously. By elder master, the guard referred to her maternal grandfather, George Torres. He was the one who raised her, and that villa originally belonged to him. Amy asked them to go to the study and do the work that they were assigned. She went to h
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Chapter 4: Innocent or a liar
*Bang*Several smoke bombs burst at once, and the whole area got filled with smoke; it became difficult for them to see anything. The guards heard unfamiliar footsteps passing them, but they all were helpless. If they did shoot, there were high chances that it might hit an undesirable target. They focussed hard and were able to see as the smoke decreased a little bit, which was quite impossible for a commoner. As the smoke cleared a little, they noticed that a young guy was standing in front of them; he held a gun in his hand, which was nothing compared to theirs. He wore a cap and black clothes with a leather jacket. They couldn't see his face clearly, no matter how hard they focussed. "Nobody kills him!" Theo ordered through the microphones as he was coming closer to where they stood. The guards nodded in response and started walking towards that young guy. That guy held his gun with both of his hands; he pointed it toward
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Chapter 5: The villains
*Warning: This chapter contains some abusive and sexual actions that some readers might find triggering or uncomfortable." "Bitch, what the hell are you doing?" A guy said as he grabbed the girl's hair, who was sitting on her knees in front of him. She was naked and shivering with fear. Th
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Chapter 6: The revenge starts
"Let this game begin now."    "Our warehouse is on fire..." The assistant said hesitantly. The second they heard those words, they both froze.  The warehouse he was talking about was the headquarter of the AB org., where they did all the dirty work- selling drugs, weapons, and sometimes even killing their targets. And by 'targets' I do not mean the people who are after or against them; I mean the people who are an obstacle in their way to power.  "What!!?" Thomas asked and was in denial.  "Someone set the warehouse on fire, sir." The assistant repeated and time in a more confident tone. The minute someone went weak in front of them...he was dead.  "HOW THE HELL CAN THIS HAPPEN!!? WHAT ABOUT THE SECURITY?!!" He shouted as he stood up from his chair with full force, making it go back rolling and bang into the wall. "WHAT ABOUT THE CAMERAS?!" He banged his h
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Chapter 7: See you soon
*AB headquarters* Thomas and Oliver were horrified to see their brick build warehouse, which had high windows, burn into ruins. The trails of smoke reached the sky, and the flames of fire were coming out of the windows. They could predict that nothing would have remained there by this point. They were shocked to see their 'hard work' turn into ash.  
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Chapter 8: The first victory
The others stood by the truck and waited for Amy to come back. They all were confused about why she went to the other side of the building. Suddenly the sound of boots clicking filled the silent night, and they all looked up. They could see that figure clearly as she walked closer, towards the lights that were in the truck. Their eyes widened as they saw her state. Her hand was ble
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Chapter 9: Like mother like son
"Mam, there is some issue with the auction." Jane said as she came running towards that room. "What went wrong now?" Amy asked and was a little shocked cause everything was going pretty perfectly so far. Jane hesitated after seeing Chris sitting in her lap. The orders were not to speak anything in front of him."Oh, just speak." Chris said in frustration. He was getting excited to know what she was talking about. Amy glared at him. "Don't." She said in a stern voice, and he went quiet. Amy got up and patted his head, making him smile the next second.Amy looked at Jane and nodded, asking her to speak further."Uh...oh..." Jane said and walked towards her. "One of our partners for the auction..." She said, and she showed her a photo of that guy on her tab. "He is the biggest shareholder... um... he ran away." "How? You guys were so sure that everythng was working out well." Amy said and
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Chapter 10: The Queen
"Wow!" A girl exclaimed in awe. Her eyes were wide open, and her jaw dropped as she looked at someone in admiration. A similar thing had happened to everyone around her.It was the main airport in City B. Everyone present there seemed to be captivated by that one person; they were unable to take their eyes off her.A crowd gathered on both sides, and in the center stood the queen. She wore a l
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