Where Love lies.( A Mafia's obsession and CEO's ❤)

Where Love lies.( A Mafia's obsession and CEO's ❤)

By:  Chantal Perez  Ongoing
Language: English
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A love triangle between A mafia who is a lover from her past and her new boss who is her present lover.. Hailey, a twenty five year old lady who sets out on a quest to find herself but falls in love with Andre who poses to be a nice person just to get her love, hidding the fact that he is an Obsessive ex-drug addict and a Mafia. The truth about his true self begins to unravel when they got engaged, He became obsessed and Abuses Hailey even when she tries to help him. Hailey plans to run away from the city after she lost her child and almost her own life. With the help of Greg Andre's friend she was able to flee from Andre and moves to New-York. There she started anew working as personal assistant for Colton, A widower and the CEO of a big legal firm in New- York city. Opposite attracts when a cold and mean Colton falls in love with Hailey. She also found love in the eyes of Colton's daughter Abbie. Who became mute after witnessing her mother's death but with Hailey in their lives Abbie learns to speak again unveiling the truth behind her mum's death. When things seems to have started to fall in place, Hailey's past came back to hunt her and this time He has sworn to never let anyone have her nor Hailey finding peace.

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Where Love lies (A Mafia's obsession and CEO's ❤) is a mafia novel by Chantal Perez with a theme of a love triangle. After Hailey marries Andre, a mafia and obsessive ex-drug addict, he starts abusing her. When she loses her child, she runs away and starts working in New York as Colton's personal assistant, a widower, and CEO of a huge legal firm. Soon, they start falling for each other and it seems like everything is slowly getting better. However, that's exactly when Hailey's past comes back to haunt her. Read the novel to learn what happens next.

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Chinaza Eze
I think I found a book that I can't stop reading, such a strong character!
2021-09-25 22:06:32
default avatar
Really enjoyed the story n her character ! Such a strong person after been thru so much ! Love the don’t give up vibe ! Keep up author !
2021-09-13 09:33:11
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Joseph Thomas
That Andre guy is a control freak. I can't wait to see what happens to him at the end. wire away!!!!
2021-08-15 20:52:16
user avatar
David Ogbonna
Loving it so far
2021-08-12 20:24:15
73 Chapters
Chapter One
We just had one of our biggest fights, twice since the week began. I sat by the poolside as usual and waited for his outrage to be settled with my bruised face, an injury I had suffered earlier during one of our fights when he raised his filthy hands and hit me so hard on the face for the hundredth time. I wonder what’s wrong with me? Even after all these I still love him irrevocably and unconditionally. As I sat there in the cold weather, thinking my whole life with Andre through, I was taken aback by the day we met and we became lovers.A year ago, I had just moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the united states to start anew after my dad was buried, it was just me and my mum. She worked as a police officer in New Mexico and I’m certain about how engaged she is with her job, it helps her forget her worries and be happy while myself, on the other hand, I had just finished college but since I couldn’t get a job in my state coupled with my fathers sudden pa
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Chapter Two
“ Hey! What are you doing here at this hour?” I asked.“ Uhm, you forgot this. He present a record in front of me. I didn’t think your father’s birthday ritual would be complete without his favorite tracks so I thought if bringing it to you.” “ But how did you…?  before I could finish my sentence he took my hands and  placed the record in  them , then he kissed my forehead . I will see you tomorrow okay? Goodnight.” He turned and continued to the elevator. I stood right there awestruck as I watched him pushed the button and got into the lift, he turned and waved at me right before the lift door shuts. On realizing he was gone I went back into my apartment and shut the door.Resuming from where I had left with the preparation of my dad’s birthday ritual, I I placed the record in the record player and astoundingly the record played my father’s favorite songs by “ Leonel Richie
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Chapter Three
 I felt uncomfortable with all the spending on me, I wanted to reject his gifts but thinking of how he would feel I let it go instead I collect them and keep them safe Specially the jewelries. I made sure I kept them in a safe in my closet to avoid losing them .I proceeded to open the car door as I could hear susurrant voices of people around us. “ wait Babe, before you proceed I want you to have this. He reached out his hand and was holding a necklace. This is the symbol of our love and I want you to wear it around your neck so that it will be close to your heart and remember this day as I promise you that I will always make you happy as long as you are mine.” He wore the necklace around my neck and true out my life I have never seen such a resplendent design.  It was a heart shaped gold , with Our initials boldly carved and diamond encrusted, the E and H were merged together all in one heart.“ I have one more surprise for you, get in the car
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Chapter Four
“ I’m sorry ma'am but I was strictly ordered to stay and wait until you are awake to serve you breakfast and help you get ready.” She walked behind me as I entered the bathroom.I washed my face with the soap and water on the sink then dried my skin with the towel and came back into the room.“ But you could've woke me up instead of waiting for God knows when just for me to wake up?”“ I'm sorry ma'am.” That’s all she could say and it made me feel bad for her.“ please you don’t have to apologize, I am the one who is sorry for making you wait, so why don’t you walk me through what you were instructed to do?” I smiled at her making her feel more comfortable around me.“ Uhm. Why don’t we begin with breakfast first.” She said as she walked across the room and brought my meal in breakfast trolley. She opened them and I was marveled with the varieties of breakfast on the plates, some I have never tasted my whole life. I browsed with my eyes until I found those beautiful h
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Chapter Five
    I was aware of how light headed I am when it comes to booze but going to a burn fire party I am certain it was going to be booze all night long. The only to avert embarrassing myself is avoiding the party but on the other hand my boyfriend wants to go and ever since we got here he has been doing everything that I wanted without me asking and now he wants to do something he likes, the least I could do for him to make him happy. I pondered before I dozed off.Waking up by his voice I turned around to see him all spruced up for the party already.“ Hey babe. Come on we are going to be late !”“ yeah.” I got out of bed and proceeded to the bathroom to freshen up, once I got out he already picked out a dress for me to wear.“ Hey. I picked out the red dress for you to wear, I’m sure you are going to dazzle in them.”“ Alright let me try it out. “ I took the dress from him and slide into
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Chapter Six
“ I'm sorry Rose, I’m just not in the mood to talk right now.” I kept my face down“ The both of you fought didn’t you?”“ yes.. I sighed. I raised my head and look at her.She gasps. “ what happened to you face, the expression on my face tells her the truth. She sighed. He hit you didn’t He?”Tears filled my eyes As I Turned my face away from her. I wiped them immediately and smiled.“ I don’t think he didn’t on purpose, He was a bit drunk last night that's why trust me Rose it was a mere accident .”“ Hailey, please be careful and here on after make sure to think thoroughly before you take any step that concerns you and Andre.”“ I’m understand where you are going Rose but right now I am not thinking about taking any step, I just want to be alone for a while so please don’t let Andre know that I am home.”&l
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Chapter Seven
   the phone that I didn’t continue listening to the voicemails I deleted everything off my phone including the messages and blocked his line.With all these fights going on between the two of us, there is one thing I was sure of and that is Andre is never going to stop until he sees me but I am bolshie to just give in that easily and until he comes back to his normal senses I will not budge.After that day, He came over to the house the next day and the day after that and day after that. Most times I will be at home alone and ask my room mate Rosalie to lock me in. On her way back from work she would get groceries and take outs for us to eat so I don’t have to leave the house.He had tried calling me with different phone numbers but I am quite aware of how far he would go just to talk to me so I switched off my phone. This silly fight lasted for two to three weeks and between those weeks, it wasn’t easy for either of us.
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Chapter Eight
 “ Come with me ma'am.” The girl says, I was hesitant while I got up.“ Hey! Go on we don’t have time to waste. Excuse me! He turns to another lady working there. Please I will be needing both manicure and pedicure. I went with in with her intro a room where I was given an apparel to change into while I laid face down on the table. While she proceeded with the treatment, then waxing and finally a thorough body massage, I could feel the softness of my skin. If my skin can speak trust me she would be singing Greg’s praises by now. After the whole procedure I came out feeling amazing as I went to meet Greg who had finished with his nail treatment and was waiting for me.“ Oooh! Girl your skin is glowing. He stood and walks up to me. Now you look a lot better, you shouldn’t punish your self because of the matters of the heart. He touched my cheeks. Shall we?”“ But what about the pa
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Chapter Nine
Walking into the beach house with Greg I saw a man standing at the gallery of the house while backing us. Bathed by the rays of the sun , He was on a white garb from his shirt to his shoes. I slowly approached the gallery but by the time I noticed that Greg wasn’t beside me anymore the man backing me turned around and it happens to be Andre. I stood there as though my feet were stock to the floor.“ Hailey?” He called out as he rushed towards me. Watching him run to me made me realize how much I’ve missed him and how much I want to be with him. He ran to me and wrapped me in his embrace. “ I missed you such baby!” he cried. “ I missed you too.” I hear myself say as I held him tightly.He slowly pulled away while our eyes locked, he went on his knees right in front of me.“ Hailey, I am regretful for my actions. I got so skunked that I turned into an animal and put my hands on you. Baby I still
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Chapter Ten
      I saw Andre get out of the car while talking over the phone, he was carrying a bag in his hand. I stood there at the door and watched him. He seemed irritated with the person over the phone and I heard him threatening the person he was talking with over the phone unknown to him that I was standing at the door waiting for him. He turned around to proceed in once he sees me, he jumped.“ Hey baby! You are up already?” He smiled while he approaches the door.“ Yeah.” He walked past me and I followed.“ I didn't want wake you up since you were sleeping so peacefully, so I went out to grab us some dinner. He drops the plastic bag on the cabinet. Did you miss me that much?” He turns to me wearing a smile. I wondered if he is the same person I saw and heard raging over the phone just a minute ago.“ Babe, why were you sounding annoyed over the phone earlier?” I came close to him starring him ri
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