Destined to be yours

Destined to be yours

By:  Anushka arora   Ongoing
Language: English
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prologue She turned towards him. With a seductive look on her face. She came close to him. Wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her with all his myth. He felt like he got his world in her. " you know what, once in these streets we crossed each other's path, and now in these vary streets it's gonna end," she said with a blank look. " I love you, Ishani! " Mujhse Pyaar tum Karte Ho par tumhari Zindagi ki zaroorat main banugi, Tumhe pata bhi nhi chalega kab tumhare dil, jaan mei sirf Mera naam hoga' she thought in her mind (you love me, and I'll become the need of your life, you would not even know when I'll become your heart, life... You'll only have my name in your heart) " you love me? " she asked. He nodded with a smile " then jump from here or I will," she said with seriousness in her words. Second scene " you thought I love you," she said with a laugh. " with an idiot like you... Babe, sorry but better luck next time " she said waving her hand in the air. Suddenly she collapsed with a hard chest. He looked into her eyes .he eyes show hurt and betrayal. " if you didn't want me... If you never loved... Then why? " he said with hurt in his words. His arms wrapped around her in a painful manner. " if was all just. A daring babe... Just a dare " she said in a chocked voice. She had a hard time dealing with her feelings. He left her and went away. Suddenly she lost her balance and collapsed on the floor. " I love you Vansh," she said to herself and out loud.

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23 Chapters
prologue She turned towards him. With a seductive look on her face. She came close to him. Wrapped her arms around him. He hugged her with all his myth. He felt like he got his world in her. " you know what, once in these streets we crossed each other's path, and now in these vary streets it's gonna end," she said with a blank look. " I love you, Ishani!  "Mujhse Pyaar tum Karte Ho par tumhari Zindagi ki zaroorat main banugi,  Tumhe pata bhi nhi chalega kab tumhare dil, jaan mei sirf Mera naam hoga'  she thought in her mind (you love me, and I'll become the need of your life, you would not even know when I'll become your heart, life... You'll only have my name in your heart) " you love me? " she asked. He nodded with a smile " then jump from here or I will," she said with seriousness
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Ishani's Life
Ishani's p. O. V. " take this report and send me all the details of tomorrow's meeting," I said to my secretary Nisha. " okay anything else Shani," she asked me. I smiled at her. I know it is not easy to be my secretary. When it comes to working. I'm like daddy. Cold and ruthless. I shook my head " no, I'll just take a leave now... If I didn't get home on time or else daddy and mom will be here again in their night outfits " She smiled and chuckled... I know that memory. It always brings a smile. For all of my staff here in India and Landon consider me as arrogant but for my dear family... I'm their princess. Shani My phone vibrates in my pocket... And I know who is calling.Daddy... " Hey, dad!" I said. " Shani why haven't you reached the parking lot yet... It's been 10 mins you informed me that your meeting is over " dad
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Mr. cheesecake
Vansh's p. O. V. I was meeting my friend group in the cafe today. It's our usual. We all best friends met once a week as there were holidays. From tomorrow college will start. I want to live these college years of my life to the fullest. With my gang mad me I'll be even better. I was standing near a table waiting for my friends when someone threw cake on my face. This person has a death wish. Who the fuck is the one who dares to do this. I turned my graze to who did this to me and my freaking cloths The first thing I noticed was eyes... dark brown eyes. Big eyes. Sharp nose and juicy lips. God, I want to taste them. " oh hello, Mr are you deaf or what, " the girl said with a frown on her forehead. " so you are the one who ruined me... I mean my clothes " o said while looking at her. She was so beautiful. Sh
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Meeting again
Ishani's p. O. V. I was checking some files regarding the deal with the Sharma Corp. Honestly, they are good at their work but I want some newness in my work every time I present it to the customers. I don't want them to the best but I need creativity in them. Being in the fashion and modeling industry isn't easy. The photography team they have is good. I was lost in my thoughts when Aarohi came into my room. I put my files aside and gave my full attention to my dear sister. " what happened Aarohi, what are you doing here little one, " I asked her. It's nearly 9.30 in the evening. She should be asleep till now. " di, can we go out to have an ice cream," she said to me in a low voice and put her head in my lap. Her actions made me worried about her. She isn't the one to have mood swings. " of course my little sister, chocolate chip ice cream," I said getting excited I still love ice cream so much. I don't c
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Ride me
Ishani's p. O. V. I went away from Me cheesecake laughing. I didn't remember when I had fun like this last time other than with my family. " what happened Shani princess, you're looking so happy," Daddy said with a smile when he approached me. " it's nothing dad," I said. I tried to show no expression on my face. " may God bless him who made my princess blush as this " daddy said with a teasing smile. I felt my cheeks reddened more with embarrassment. I didn't know I was blushing. Fuck I didn't know what the hell blushing is. Yeah but I see mom blush every time around daddy. And other than that I saw them both blushing every time I caught them making out in the kitchen or somewhere. Well, 16 years passed but mom and dad's love is still the same. Still, dad takes mom out on a date unexpectedly. Mom still makes his favorite coffee every morning just to hear a compliment from dad. Honestly, I don
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First day
Ishani's P. O. V. After the short but very surprising event, in my life I walked to the principal's office, dad said the principal has something to talk to. I knocked on the door hearing a faint ' come in ' from inside. " good morning, sir " I greeted the principal as I stepped inside his office. He looked up and gave me a small smile " have a seat Ms. Malhotra " he said as I nodded and took a seat. " dad said you had something to discuss, " I said as I wanted to finish this meeting soon. " yeah, Ms. Malhotra your father informed me about you and he said you don't want anyone to know about your identity, not even the teachers," he said. I know what he is referring to, I don't want anyone to know who am I. I don't want them to think that I some rich bitch who lives on her father's money, I have my own company but I never let anyone know anything about me. Anyone hasn't seen me as the CEO of lovies fashion. I want to kee
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Vansh's P. O. V. " you both! To the principal's office now " the teacher roared pointing his finger at us. I gulped audibly while looking at jangli Billi and she was SMIRKING. Like seriously dude " oye tum Pagal Ho Kya, ye budha first-day par hi nikalwayega " I said to myself. (hey are you mad, that oldy will make us expell on the first day it self )" don't take tension Mr. Cheese cake, we didn't did anything did we? " she said with a smile, but that smile was looking creepy to me. Hey bhagwan, Ya toh Mujhe bacha Le ya utha Le ' I thought and went to the principal's office. ( oh God, either help me or take me to you ) " Listen, if I get expelled you are paying me okay," I said and went outside following this jangli Billi. " main jangli Billi hu Ya nhi tum bhigi Billi zaroor ban rhe ho " she tonted me (whether I'm the wild cat or not you are surely a wet cat) " Hey, I'm not, " I said. "
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Ishani walked no ran to her locker where she kept her meds, she opens the bottle of antidepressants and took one. Two. Three Pills from it, she gulped the tablets with water as she tried to calm her heavy breathing down. All the past memories were making their way back to my mind. I took my phone and called Nisha my secretary. " yes Shani," she said as she answered her phone on the third ring. " Nisha send a car to college and take care of the other one I msged you about, " I said with great difficulty, my breathing was heavy and it was being difficult for me to speak. " Shani are you okay? " she asked maybe she sensed." no, and make my penthouse ready I'm not going home," Ishani said as she felt light-headed. It was being difficult for her to hold herself. " Shani?  Shani? " Nisha said but didn't get an answer, she was near to her college so she drove her car there as soon as possible. Vansh
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Her misery
Ishani's P. O. V.I woke up breathing heavily, I had that dream again..." Shani?  Shani are you okay? " Nisha asked, I nodded as I closed my eyes and wiped the sweat from my forehead.Nisha handed me a glass of water which I took gladly and gulped in one go." what actually happened to me this time? " I asked." I don't know when I found you your friend had already taken you to the infirmary and that idiotic doctor wasn't allowing me to give you injection...fucking idiot but your friend he actually helped " she explained, I closed my eyes in pain not physical pain but the pain in my heart.That name was enough to get me panic attacks and this mental condition of mine isn't helping me." Shani? Do you remember what happened to you any of it " she asked tensed." I remember everything I asked him his name... " I couldn't say a word more, it was difficult for me, my trauma was triggered again." what's his name? " she asked looking a
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Second day
Ishani's P.O.V I looked at the white ceiling above my head, sighing I got up from my bed turning off my alarm clock, what is the use of the thing for those who don't sleep at night at all.again my insomnia kicked in, last night I again could not sleep again so I tried to tire myself off but again after 4 hours of gym and running on the treadmill I only had a sleep of half an hour after that I could not sleep at all.all the horrible memories came in rushing I had a hard time stopping myself from breaking in tears.after that night I made a rule ' never ever cry ' not even when you are alone because it is not others who make us weak but our own selves. we give powers to others to hurt us and when they do we blame them that they broke us ....but who is exactly it is? " ishu it is time for your walk " I heard my dad say. I take a sharp breath in, the pain was too much to take in as always.I don't want to see his face again not at
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