By:  Ruth Karki  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You're a Fucking bitch Amara....I trusted you..... I Fucking loved you with all my heart but you.... You Fucking betrayed me..." Tears rolled down my eyes as I heard him say all those hateful words. I knew it was my fault.... But I loved him too, it was never my intention to hurt him.... I couldn't speak. Couldn't explain what happened. How could I? I can't tain his life... Not When he just started his new journey.... No I can't.... I can't be his down fall. As I silently cried over his words. My heart ached... Not for lying to him or not telling him what happened but because I would never meet him again.. Never see him grow, never be his support when he falls. My heart ached for the coming destruction that I made between us.

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17 Chapters
The starting of everything.
I opened my eyes, the rusty ceiling and the faint smell of dirt on my room greeting me an early morning. I got up from my dirty mattress which is my bed and walked towards the tilted window allowing the sun to shine all over me. The early birds chirping outside greeting me on the starting of the day. "AMARA" my mom shouted warning me to wake up and get started with my work. I sighed. Already knowing that the day will be a hectic one.I tied my long charcole black hair into a bun some stands of hair slipping my hand and falling in its own accord. I had my trousers on which was only fit for the house. It had holes which was stitched thousands of times by me to hold it together. My light Peach T-shirt which had dirt and marks all over it. I slowly made my way down the stairs from the two stored building where I was staying. It had beautiful walls ceilings and big rooms where 10 people could fit in. You must be thinking such a big house and why am I staying in a rusty r
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A friend.
"Do you believe in soulmates?" I read that note again and again. Something in it made me stir. I did believed in love but never  thought or imagined myself in one. I don't know what came over me. I picked up my pen and started scribbling on that piece of paper."I do believe in soulmates, and also believe that you cannot find them overnight. I believe that compatibility between two individuals will never exist. You have to make a soul mate over the years through a companionship that passes through agreement, disagreement, adjustment and forgiving each other and finally accepting them as they are.I believe we have to make our soulmates, not find them!!"I smiled at my own words thinking that this might sound funny when you don't even know what actual love is. I smiled at my foolishness but not wanting to throw away that piece of paper I stuffed it inside that book and closed it.It was already time for another class so I packed all my stuffs a
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It must be fate.
I looked up to see who it was. But to my so called luck it was no one other than Aiden with a annoyed look in his face. "Look where you're going" he said with a stern voice. "I was looking where I was going but look what you did." I argued back showing him my now wet clothes where he had spilled water. He narrower his eyes at me making my heart beat faster. "Whatever" he replied back and left. I thought he was going to say something harsh but he didn't... thank god! I slowly made my way to the table and sat down beside Rose who was now checking the menu with full concentration. "How can he be so rude, Werido" I said with frustration. Rose turned towards me and asked "who?"."Aiden!!.... God he pisses me off with his coldness" I replied back. "oh... Ignore him. He is always like that. He only talks to one girl and that's Jessica  dunno what he see's in that bitch". I giggled watching at her making faces. "oh and I forgot to tell you. Don't ever mess with her!" Rose said wi
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The gossip.
"What are you doing here?!"Aiden the weirdo spoke up......His voice sent shivers down my spine. It wasn't a dream he was really there. He had black jeans and a black blazer on and he looked absolutely amazing under the moonlight. His hair was perfectly jelled up and his blue eyes were glittering like diamonds when the moon rays fell on them."Hey you" Aiden spoke up again breaking my bubble of thoughts. "Erm...yes?!" I replied back. "What are you doing here?" he asked again. I looked at his glittering eyes and replied back "this is my home." I said hesitating. Was it really my home? Was it really a home I always dreamed of? those questions pooped up again in my head at the sudden mention of home. "You.... belong to the Li's?" he questioned again. I sighed at that question. What should say? I wasn't one of the Lii's... Nor a outsider either. Who was I exactly? I have already lost my identity. Even my name was given to me at the orphanage.. Was I really
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"Are you one of the Lii's?"
"Aiden brought a girl to school in his carr"She said excitement dripping from her.I suddenly became nervous. "oh.... really?" I ask. "Yes the whole school is talking about it. It's the first time he got a girl to school in his car besides that Jessica ". Where I wanted to have a peaceful life in this new school and this guys got me into trouble in the second day itself. I should probably stay away from him. He is pure trouble for me.. I said to myself. "Hey Amara??" Rose snapped."Huh?" "oh sorry... so... did you saw who it was..the girl....with Aiden?" I asked curiously. "Nah no one saw her clearly but they say she is pretty" she squeezeled. Pretty? really? I should definitely stay away from that Aiden before something bad happens to me and I don't want any drama in my life. I started making plans on how to stay away from him from now on."okay let's go our class is going to start" Rose said. We started making our way to our class when suddenly
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She felt familiar.
Aiden P.O.VI breathe in the fresh air from my room. Today this morning felt a little different. It gave me a feeling of satisfaction and good vibes. It felt amazing. I showered and changed into my clothes as this was the first day of high school so I couldn't wait. I brushed my still wet hair with my fingers to fix it and styled it as always. I Picked up my car keys and ran out of my room. As I passed the kitchen my stomach growled warning to be eat somthing. "Aiden eat something honey" my mom shouted from the kitchen knowing me too well. "Sorry mom jes is waiting I'll eat something on my way" I shouted back as I ran towards the door. "okay get home early we have a party to attend" she again shouted back which I heard but chooses to ignore it for the time being..I pulled up my black SUV Infront of jes house. Her parents where quite wealthy and her house looked similar to mine a two tier building with white colored walls. We grew up together so we
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The note reply.
Something caught my eye.."The note...."It's still here? I smiled looking at the note I had written. It was 2 years ago when I read this novel for the first time that I wrote a note and kept it inside the book. I didn't know how amazingly a person can find another and share their whole world with each other. I am still confused how soul mates ever existed but the love between 2 souls is always there and I know for sure I'll have that one day too. That's why I wrote this note. I kept that note inside the book again and flipped it's page too reach the next page but the note slipped out and feel in the floor. I bent down to pick it up but what the saw...... was beyond my expectation... someone had written something in response to my question. I smiled and picked up the notes and started reading it."I do believe in soulmates, and also believe that you cannot find them overnight. I believe that compatibility between two individuals wil
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Confusion all over.
The Lii's were quite wealthy in the town and known by all. My dad has been in a very good relation with them. I never met them but have heard a lot about how much power they held. I have heard from dad that they have 2 daughters. The one who is having a birthday party today and the other haven't been out in any of these events.We entered the hall were all the guests were busy socializing with each other. Well this was the main motive of the party anyway. No one cared about the 8 year old birthday girl. I sighed thinking I have to spend my next 2 hours with these so gossipy people. "Mr. lin" one of my dad's business associate came to greet us. "Mr. kung it's been a while" My dad greeted him back. "Yes I know... I got busy with my new project and didn't have time for myself. Mr.lin please forgive me" Mr. kung my dad's friend apologized. "It's fine Mr.kung here this is my wife and my son." Dad pointed towards us introducing to Mr.kung. "Hello" my mom greeted him with
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The truth.
I woke up early morning because I couldn't sleep all night. All I could think was about Amara and her identity that held answers as well as a lot more questions. I got up from bed had a bath, got dressed and left the house in a hurry. Today I had to find out what was that.... and no one other than Amara could answer me. I Knew the way from where she'll go to school but didn't except her to be walking to school. Even if she was not the daughter of the Lii's which is quite not  possible she could have taken a public transport to school. It has quite a distance and she was going to walk all the way?! That thought already gave me goosebumps.And her clothes.... they were different again. She was like a person with dual personality... one who is a rich kid who knows how to fight for herself and the other is a scared and a poor person who had been hidden to the world with no self esteem and power. But which one was she? Which one was her true self?? I had to figure that out. I
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Lil Wayne.
Amara's P.O.V. It has been a week since my encounter with Aiden and our little fight. Even though he was still in my class, we kept ignoring each other. I knew I should feel greatfull about it but I don't know why.... I was feeling more frustrated day by day.As usual I was in the library with Rose reading our books. I looked up to find her deeply ingraved in her books. I have been trying to ask her something from a long time so I spoke up "Rose.... I want to ask you something.." I said hesitating. She looked at me finally breaking her concentration from her books. "Yes? what is it amms?" she asked. Oh I forgot to tell you how Rose have given me this nick name "Amms" and said it sounded cute and suited me well her small attempts always made my heart filled with warmth. "That......" Rose looked at me with curiosity as I became nervous and started playing with my fingers. "I want to do a job will help me find one?" I asked in one breath. She looked at me as
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