My step dad

My step dad

Oleh:  Elma  On going
Bahasa: English
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All I wanted was a man for my mother, a man who will fill her, make her happy. But I made the worst mistake of my life by choosing it...

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I want to love this story and I feel if the book was written in English it be a great story but as it’s clearly written in a different langague then translated there are many sentences that do not make sence I repeat a great story but very badly translated
2022-07-11 00:58:47
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Chapter 1
It is today that my results come out, the results of the baccalaureate. I stress, my heart beats, I can't sleep, actually I'm a little disturbed. I don't even know why, yet I know I worked well.It's almost 2:30 pm and I'm still in my room stressing like crazy. My mother enters my roomMom: Ashley, what are you doing? Go take your resultsMe: I'm afraidMom: what are you afraid of? Didn't you work well?Me: it has nothing to do with it, I don't know I'm afraidMom: you mustn't be afraid, you're brilliant, it's not a small baccalaureate that will scare our little intellectualMe: hum momMom: don't worry, we know you'll have this exam, your father is hurrying to finish quickly at work, he wants to be home to celebrate your diplomaMe: I'm a little comforting, ok I'm getting ready to get his resultsMom: ok, the driver will accompany you, I'm going to sign some papers at workMe: ok see you later
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Chapter 2
  I don't know how many days I was asleep but I woke up in a hospital bed, open my eyes, I see mommy and christ. Me: How long have I been here? Christ: uh let's say 4 days Me: and my father? I see my mom crying, so it's not a dream?  he is really dead, lord jesus, I still do not believe. Mom: please be strong for me, you are the only one left, please try to be strong My tears kept falling, it was because of that damn high school diploma that my father died, he wanted to welcome me, he wanted to celebrate my new diploma with me. I was confused, my father, my life, he left me Me: has he already been buried? Mom: it's you we were expecting Me: I want to see it Mom: don't worry you'll see it          A few days later… It's time to bury my dad, I was in real pain, I w
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Chapter 3
   I look at the mr, he looks cute anyway.  He may be the same age as my father Me: excuse me mr, I'm a little distracted The mr: no, it's okay, me too I'm head in the air I say nothing and I go to the bathroom, on my return I see him sitting near my table Me: I'm sorry again Mr: no don't worry Something tells me that this man will be perfect for my mother lol Me: are you single? The mr: I'm a little old for you I think Me: no I don't speak for myself, just for my mother The mr: ah I understand, I have been single for 1 year now, I lost my wife in an accident Me: ah I'm sorry, I lost my father too and I can say that I understand your pain The mr: what's your name? Me: Ashley and you? Mr: Louis Me: Louis uh sorry but how would you like to meet my mother? &n
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Chapter 4
My step-dad It's been almost a week since mum introduced me to Louis, she asked me if I liked him and I said yes but I found out she was married the very day after dinner But it's unbelievable, How could mom get married without telling me?  I need to have a discussion with her.  She took daddy's portrait off in the living room, I found that insulting.  How could mom do this? It’s despicable a relationship that’s not even ten years old and she allows herself to get married.  No, I need to have a discussion with her. I find her in her room Me: are you married? Mom: yes and where is the problem? Me: without even telling me? Mom: Louis thought we shouldn't bother you.  You had to go to Arafat's concert everything and everything Me: but it does not go? Mom: the main thing is already done Ashley, I got married and that's it
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Chapitre 5
My step-dad  She gets up with her husband, but no?  It's incredible .  My mother refuses to send me to school on the pretext that she has no more money.  But it's amazing   I remained there quite silent, I go to my father's studio to at least think of him.  Mom and her husband come join me again.  But it's not worth it Me: what do you want from me? Mom: Louis needs space for his gear Me: what have I got with this? Mom: I just want to warn you and .. Me: do what you want mum, his equipment put it where you want I don't care I'm getting out of there again, he's pumping my air out.  I have to go and cool off a bit                        Louis A few hours later, my wife decided to store my materials in her late husband's studio. Carla
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Chapitre 6
My step-dad    Ashley I am so angry with myself and my mom.  I wanted her to be happy but I think I created my own grave. I will see her at her office She didn't want to receive me, I forced and she accepted Mom: Ashley I work Me: mom why are you doing this?  I am your daughter Mom: and me your mother, you have the right to respect my privacy Me: what private life?  That boy you married to is a bastard.  What do you think? Mom: if it's to give me lessons you better get out of my office Ashley Me: do you know what work he does?  Have you seen its application once?  Mom open her eyes Mom: Ashley let me know?  Its application I have already seen, it is real Me: whatever Mom: control your words Ashley Me: it's okay, I'm not saying anything anymore&
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Chapter 7
My step-dad  Did he really do that?  I don’t believe it, money that doesn’t belong to you Me: Louis, who do you think you are? Louis: I have better things to do Ashley Me: do you have better things to do ie?  I'm used to shopping with my card and you dare .. Louis: what are you buying, Ashley?  You're just wasting money.  I just cut your expenses Me: 5 thousand francs a month?  Are you serious ?  What can I do with this sum? Louis: When I was your age 5 thousand was a fortune to me.  Thank me because your mother didn't want to give you anything Me: you are .. Louis: check your words Ashley, now you have to go through me to get money, end of discussion He smiles and disappears in front of me.  I do not know what to do .  I'm going to be crazy in this house.  I go back to my room
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Chapter 8
My step-dad  She's talking nonsense, louis would never do that Me: stop talking nonsense Ashley: Do you think I'm talking nonsense?  Ok please can you get out of my room? Me: Ashley ... Ashley: Please mom, I don't have the mind to argue with you.  Go to bed in your husband's arm and leave me in peace I say nothing and leave his room.  On the one hand my daughter can't lie.  Louis owes me explanations I go downstairs and find the lights off in the living room.  He came out of nowhere and he scared me Louis: sorry I scared you Me: It's okay, what is all this? Louis: it's been a long time since we met, I wanted to spend some time with you my love He hugs me, it really makes me feel good Me: louis I would like to talk to you Louis: yes me too, I had a fight with Ashley this morning
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Chapter 9
My step-dad            Ashley I couldn't believe it, she just said that Yves is suddenly sick like?  No he can't die.  He's my only hope to open my eyes to mom Me: how did he die? Mom: he had a fall Me: he had information I'm sure it's ... Mom: Ashley you're going far there, don't even dare to talk nonsense.  You understand ?  And let me have things to do She pushes me and starts her car.  It's incredible .  Mom has a serious problem I go into the house and Louis looks at me smiling Louis: you know Ashley, if you look for me well you will find me Me: I don't give a fuck about you louis.  Do what you want He grabs my hair Louis: do you think I'm a game Ashley?  I'm not your equal, you understand? Me: louis fou me peace ok?  I'm not like
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Chapter 10
My step-dad  The slap I received was giving me so much that I lost my mind.  Is that what you call a mother? Mom: stop pretending to be a saint, do you understand?  You disappoint me Ashley Me: do you think I'm capable of doing this kind of thing? Mom: Ashley do you see the video?  Look at you begging him Me: Didn't you tell yourself it's the effect of a product?  What am I going to do with louis?  Is that my type? Mom: I want to believe you but .. Me: (crying) you choose a man of mine?  Granny am your daughter, you are the only family I have left She hugs me, it made me feel good but I was really in pain, louis he is a demon.  I blame myself very much Mom: Ashley it's complicated Me: what's complicated?  I am your daughter, believe me Mom: ok go wash yourself, I believe you &nbs
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