Chapter 143: Thank you

Summer’s Point of View

I let out a sigh. “Alright, but I advise against going to work just yet. Everything is currently under control, all thanks to Brandon.”

“It appears that Brandon is handling things quite well.”

“Yes, and he deserves a raise.”

“Good point.” He smirked before wrapping his arm around my waist and sitting back on the bed. “Shall we head home now?”

“I’m sorry, not yet,” I replied, gently pushing him. “We need to go see grandpa first. You know how concerned he is about you, especially after what happened. Luckily, he has his nurse by his side because when he found out you were shot, he had another heart attack.”

He remained quiet, yet his grip on my waist remained firm as his mind began to wander. “What about Amby?” he finally asked.

I shifted my gaze to the side, my eyes fixated on the dark sky adorned with shimmering stars. In a hushed tone, I quietly responded, “She’s currently behind bars.”

What she did was truly terrible, but I knew that Steven still had some empa
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Sheba QueenSeductive Spencer
I love this book
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Sheba QueenSeductive Spencer
I’m trying to patiently wait I’m addicted
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I won't update today, guys. But will upload 5 chapters tomorrow. Thank you.

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