Once bitten.

Charlotte was on fire, burning from the inside out. How they got to Gio's quarters was a blur, as the sexual haze she was in blinded her to anything that wasn't him-and Charlotte couldn't care less. For the first time in her life, she felt like a sexual being and not just a brain. It was addictive. Gio's clothes littered the floor as he stripped in a rush, unable to keep his hands off of her for long, and with confidence she didn't know she had, Charlotte lay on the bed and spread her legs wide in invitation. The growl that came from Gio's throat was animalistic, and his eyes were drowning in lust as he crawled up the bed, pushing her legs wider before burying his head in her pussy. Charlotte moaned in ecstasy as his talented tongue parted her wet folds and began to lick her like ice cream, pausing at the top every now and then to suck on her clit.

"Oh my God," She panted as he slowly inserted a finger into her, pulsing it in and out as she shamelessly fucked his hand. He laughed huskily, murmuring, "No, Bella, not a God, just a very hungry man, and you taste delicious..." Their bodies seemed made for each other, and the fever pitch with which they finally came together had Charlotte screaming from the rooftops.

Scorching heat licked through her body as her orgasm rippled over her skin; the guttural roar signaling Gio's own completion merely fanning the flames as Charlotte clung to him in a mindless frenzy. It was almost too much for her to handle.

Every traitorous beat of her heart confirmed what Charlotte feared; her soul recognized this man, and his soul called to her. She was screwed.

As if sensing her sudden withdrawal Gio propped himself up on his elbows before rolling off of her, his corded muscles bunching in his shoulders as he took a deep shuddering breath.

"That was..."

"No," Charlotte interrupted, "Please, don't say anything, um, I have to go." Then, with a strength that belied her petite frame, she sprung out of bed, her shoulder knocking Gio's ribcage as she scrambled for her clothes.

"It was nice meeting you, Mr. Gio; please pass on my thanks to your worker..."

Charlotte could have sworn the giant man sprawled on the bed growled in her direction, but before she could try to make sense of it, there was a knock on the door, and, chucking her clothes on in record time, she slipped past another giant and shimmied out the door.


"Marcus, if this isn't a life or death situation, it will be your death..."

Gio's movements were angry as he prowled around the room, gathering his clothing. His little mate had left as though the fires of Hell lapped at her heels, and Marcus Lambert, one of his Gamma wolves, blocked his doorway with a mutinous expression on his face.

Marcus's eyes flared briefly as his wolf objected to the threat, but he quickly settled down when he saw the answering gleam in Gio's. Then, slowly and with deliberate movements, Marcus pulled paperwork out of his pockets, his eyes downcast as he handed them to his Alpha.

Donning a pair of shorts, Gio forced himself to put his little mate to the background of his thoughts. Charlotte bore his scent now, so other wolves would know to leave her alone, and his pack would protect her. He would see her return to his side soon enough.

Delgaard industries had a prominent logo of a golden dragon, and the insignia on this letter marked it as being from their company.

Gio felt bile rise in his gut, frustration a bitter taste on his tongue as he scanned the contents.

He had spent months trying to uncover the whereabouts and identity of the scientist contracted to help Ragnar Delgaard with a project that would change the lives of shifters. Countless nights putting his people in danger to roam the streets looking for clues. 

This letter revealed it all, and the scientist working for the enemy was none other than Charlotte Ren. His mate.


Charlotte's hands were shaking so badly that she dropped her keys three times before she could unlock the door to her apartment. There was no way she could go to her work in shorts and a t-shirt smelling like sex. The sound of scrabbling paws alerted her to the incoming ball of fury moments before her chihuahuas launched themselves at her tiny frame.

Cheech nipped at her ankles, growling and puffing his little black body up as he went for her shoelaces while Chong hung back, quietly whining.

"I missed you guys too." She crooned, carefully closing the door and locking it out of habit, before heading towards the landline. She was dreading ringing her new workplace to explain the situation, in pg terms, of course. But Charlotte Ren wasn't a procrastinator.

As expected, the boss's PA was less than friendly, denying her the chance to speak to her employer, but Charlotte was sure Amanda would give Mr. Delgaard her message regardless. Despite being a judgemental old cow, the older woman was very efficient at her job.

After feeding her little demons, she scurried into the bathroom. It was her favorite place in her apartment, and she'd decorated it to look like she was under the sea. The spa bath was guaranteed to loosen her limbs and lower her stress levels while she contemplated what just happened.

Cheech and Chong made short work of their food and promptly scratched the door open, padding over to rest on her robe. They were that predictable.

"Alexa, turn on Unleash the dragon," Charlotte commanded as she turned off the mixer and added lavender petals and bath salts. Truth be told, she was a little sore after the porn star sex with a near stranger, and her cheeks tinged pink as she quickly shrugged off the borrowed clothes, sinking into heaven.

Their behavior bordered on animalistic, and yet she'd felt taken care of, protected even.

"Get a grip Charlie," She admonished herself with a chuckle, "It was a one-time thing, no need to go waxing poetic just because he was a God in the sack." Cheech and Chong looked at her with judgmental eyes, causing Charlotte to laugh as the familiar crooning of Sisqo filtered through the air, and she closed her eyes, shutting out the world for a little bit longer as she fantasized about the underground boss and how he'd made her body sing.

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