Meeting the boss

Ragnar wasn't used to feeling impatient. He resisted the urge to look at his watch, turning instead to gaze out the window of his high-rise office. The scientist had sent her apologies explaining how she found herself lost amongst the underground hubbub yesterday; it was a perfectly reasonable explanation, and yet he felt himself grinding his teeth. There was something about the breathless quality of her voice on the phone...

"Maybe I need to spread my wings," He told himself, shrugging off the nagging feeling that something big was about to change for him, and then he smelled her. With undertones of freshly fallen rain, the light honey-sweet aroma of dragonfruit filled his nostrils, pulling Ragnar's dragon to the surface...Mate...

The door swung open in slow motion as his secretary announced the scientist's arrival, and in the span of a deeply drawn breath, Ragnar's world turned on its axis.

Even in a lab coat with glasses perched on her button nose

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