Eden Rebuilt:  My Island Adventure with Divine

Eden Rebuilt: My Island Adventure with Divine

By:  AnnieFisher  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a plane crash, I found myself on a deserted island. I had no knowledge of wilderness survival, nor did I have a Swiss Army knife. I started with nothing but my bare hands and a delicate woman by my side. The harsh nature, the despicable survivors, the savage primitive tribes, they all want me die? Be it nature, witchcraft, or elves, watch how I rebuild a civilization on this deserted island.

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23 Chapters
001 Rainy Night on a Deserted Island
The fine, soft, golden sand was stinging the wounds on the feet with every foot. The bright, warm sun felt like it had lit up the back. Ethan Brooks rushes ludicrously to the shade of the tree, forces the nausea and dizziness to fall to the ground, breaks up his foot, and looked at it, the epidermis has been blistered white and wrinkled, rubbed off three chunks of flesh, although no blood flows out, but it still hurts like a son of a bitch. "Puhahahahahahaha." Ethan Brooks bursts out laughing, not in self-deprecation, but in heartfelt gratitude to God. He should have died himself! At the time of the plane crash, the seat he was in was part of the fuselage that exploded first, but he happened to leave his seat at that time to try to go to the bathroom, and if not, he would have been killed directly on the plane. He had fainted when the wreckage of the airplane fell into the sea, and it was a blessing from God and Buddha that he was able to wake up on the beach. Ethan Brooks saw the
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002. Useful women
Ethan Brooks was so scared that his heart skipped a beat and he couldn't breathe. A moment later, however, the woman waved her hand at Ethan Brooks, gathering her rain-drenched hair away from her face and revealing a face of stunning beauty by the faint light of thunder and lightning in the sky. She was wearing a red dress, which was soaked through by the rain, and her delicate proportions were visible, but even if she was in such a sorry state, she still attracted attention, and the words "temperament and looks" were enough to summarize it. Soft and beautiful. But even though he could see it clearly through the flash, the silhouette was still nifty and a bit oozy in the dark. "Holy fuck! Who are you?" At this point, Ethan Brooks doesn't notice about beauty, he's screaming over his little heart. The woman, her face anxious, waved her hand at Ethan Brooks repeatedly and pointed to the sky, then held her hand above her head. “Hello?"Ethan Brooks understood that she probably meant
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003 that's a suitcase
“Crap! Crap!!! I have heard that ants are disciplined, but should they be so exaggerated? Arranged in such a square, this can only be the ants that came out of the military camp!” Ethan Brooks suddenly panicked. This is not normal, just now they give people to put that kind of harsh words, and dozens of ants together are to go back to the code people do not, code ants to go, is it that they understand their speech? Or come back to snatch back the coconut? Are the ants on this island so bossy? "What do you want?" Ethan Brooks asked in a super-whispered whisper, because that time earlier was a joke, and if the mute girl saw her talking to ants again, she might be considered a fool. On closer inspection, right in front of the ant formation, there is another ant, this guy is a little bit bigger, about 1.3 or 1.4 centimeters, only to see its antennae quickly twitching, and the whole ant formation suddenly scattered, looks like a plate of sand, but soon let Ethan Brooks stupefied. The
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004 Crazy Orthopedic
The dusk was fast approaching. On the red campfire, the stewed seafood soup was steaming, filled with clams, conch, and a fat crab. "Ready!" Ethan Brooks stirred the soup, then speared the eye-pierced keg with a tree branch. Naturally, the soup was not to be wasted, and Luna secured a couple of coconut bowls to the sand as Ethan Brooks poured it all into the bowls and finally poured the seafood onto a braided coconut leaf. Looking at the seafood in front of them, Ethan Brooks and Luna looked at each other with some excitement. They had been starving since yesterday, except for the coconut milk and a bit of coconut meat. "Let's start!" Ethan Brooks was the first to pick up a conch and pick it out with a twig. The first bite was yummy! More than coconut, at least this is real meat, soft and sticky with a light salty flavor as soon as it hits the mouth! The second bite was fishy! Naturally, the conch isn't all meat, and when there were bites, the fishy flavor mixed with the sand in
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005 one hundred vs. one, complete defeat!
It was dawn when Ethan Brooks was awakened by a sharp pain coming from his leg, and he found himself lying on a cool coconut leaf. A rush of footsteps on the beach came, and Ethan Brooks' nerves tightened. Adjusting to the harsh sunlight, a red-eyed Luna appeared."Luna"Luna nodded and hurriedly got on her knees to lift Ethan Brooks' upper body and placed it on her lap.Ethan Brooks' head felt warm and soft for a moment, and a nice fresh scent filled his mouth and nose, so dizzying for a moment that the pain in his legs seemed to ease a little, especially when Luna's long hair, cool against Ethan Brooks' neck, made Ethan Brooks lose his mind for a moment.The next moment though, he was worried about his leg and looked up it. The huge wound on his calf was stitched up. How is that possible? Did Luna find the first aid kit? But a quick incline of the head and Ethan Brooks gets it. On a large leaf beside him lay several things, a fragment of what appeared to be a crab's pincer, sharpen
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006 Queen's Gift
Ethan Brooks stood up with his cane through the pain and blocked the crab with the head of his cane,"Come down yet?"He said in a no-nonsense manner at the ants.The ants got off the crab, but didn't give up and started to tug on the crab legs again, naturally in vain, and were brought down in mid-air flopping down by the crab legs.Ethan Brooks kicked the crab back near the nest with his injured leg and packs it into a jar, and behind him a team of ants, following in a black line, gather again around him. Although this "super power" is very lame, can only control a hundred ants, and this is a very strange thing. But the poor human beings only know 5 things about the universe. Ethan Brooks is a guy who believes in aliens. And thinking about it, Ethan Brooks thinks the cause may be happened yesterday morning.Yesterday morning he woke up with a bite on his neck from some kind of small insect, presumably an ant. That's why spiderman got the superpower, right?"Ugh, just stay alive, if
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007 Photo
Luna wouldn't notice the ants on the ground, but Ethan Brooks could feel a burst of mental fluctuations coming from them. They seem to be showing off! Could they have done it? The crabs, all belly-flopped and on their backs, their legs tied solidly by a strand of hair, their mouths spitting bubbles. Ethan Brooks is confused when the sound of Luna sobbing suddenly comes from behind him. As soon as she turned around, she covered her mouth with her hands, tears baring down her eyes, and looked at him with immense heartache and an extremely complicated look. There was rancor, elation, emotion, and guilt. She crouched down and slightly punched Ethan Brooks on the shoulder and went back to check the wound on his leg. Ethan Brooks was surprised. But it's true, Luna can't possibly know that the ants did it, even though she's a bit unconvinc
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009 Ants' efforts
Ethan Brooks was up early the next morning, and the campfire outside the shack was already out. Climbing out of the shack, Ethan Brooks stretched. At that moment Luna Moira also climbed out of the shack and looked at Ethan Brooks with a strange look on her face. Ethan Brooks took a look at the ground and naturally knew the reason.Again the ground was full of bound crabs and more than forty clams in a dense mass. Ethan Brooks waved his hand at Luna Moira with an embarrassed smile."Ugh, not a big deal. You see. A good man needs to make the best to survive." After saying that, Ethan Brooks also figuratively covered his right leg, frowning slightly as if the wound was vaguely painful. Luna frowned with concern but soon blushed again and stomped back into her nest."Eh? What's happened?"Ethan Brooks frozed. Turning back to the ground, he found there was a black bra which looked about C cup. The point is, the bra was already half torn apart with black wires
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008 Luna is a Korean
Ethan Brooks enlarged the photo for a closer look.Yes, it was her! It's the mute woman who's been with her for days, and she's in the photo to have the call. Ethan Brooks has the feeling of being made a fool of and is confused about what on earth was she doing at that time.Ethan Brooks can't figure it out.A rustling sound came from the jungle, and Luna pushed aside the bushes and walked out. Her hair was slightly disheveled, and her pale arms and calves had some more blood marks on them. She behaved relatively conservative woman according to her dresses. So maybe the pseudo-mute has reasons.Ethan Brooks isn't going to play dumb." Hey, check the picture." Ethan Brooks waited for Luna to come closer and handed her the camera. She was very clever. Once she took the camera and took a look. She knew what he was thinking. She sat down and the smile on her face disappeared.  Her face was as calm as a pool of water."Mee-ah-nee."
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010 Death of Sparta
Thanks to Luna‘s days of exploring efforts, Ethan Brooks has become far more efficient which has made him greatly regret why he didn't go into the jungle earlier.Tropical rainforests are the treasures that this planet has bestowed on mankind. His knowledge of the rainforests is from books. Seventy percent of the world's flowering plants grow in tropical rainforests Seventy percent of human medicines come from the rainforest. More than ninety percent of the world's reptiles can be found in the rainforest. The rainforests, it can be said, support more than seventy of the planet's species, which includes humans.Walking through the jungle, Ethan Brooks had to admire Luna's courage. It's the steamer-like temperatures and humid air around which can mess with one's mind and chest. Straight and tall shrubs came out through the forest, spreading their lush canopies like a huge sun umbrella, blocking most of the sunlight, and with the large expanses of broadleaf plants b
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