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Catherine Jung is a competitive model student. She maintains excellent grades, and she's popular for being both smart, beautiful, and for being the daughter of the school principal. She has the life envied and aspired by everyone. And then there was Vernon Choi, the total opposite. He gets into fights, barely makes it into his classes, always gets suspended, and is on the brink of being expelled. He makes everyone scared, if not disgusted. In their senior year, these polar opposites meet and secrets started to unfold. She isn't as perfect as she seems. He isn't as trashy as he seems. One sells pleasure. One does drugs. One escapes reality in cocaine. One hides a mental illness. When these two people on the brink of destruction meet, Who saves who? Or is there saving at all?

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63 Chapters
Prologue Trembling hands and anxiety-stricken eyes are all I could see in the vanity mirror before me. It was a never-ending feeling. But it was also a never-ending process of shrugging it off, of pretending none of this scares me.  I took turns in using random beauty products. Each glide of the mascara made my lashes longer and added life into the dead night that my eyes resembled. Dark shameless spots of imperfection hid beneath the concealer and yet another shade of eyeshadow made my eyes appear livelier than my life would ever be. Lastly, my parted lips welcomed the hue of red lipstick. Gone was its pale color and now, it was stained cherry wine.  It’s ironic how the mirror in front of me said pretty but I still felt ugly. It only proves how satisfaction and self-love aren’t defined by a mere reflection but start from wi
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One v e r n o n Catherine Jung is a girl that resembles all the beautiful words in perfectly woven poetry.  Her raven hair cascades down her dainty collar bones like an evening in winter, a dark cloak atop snow-like porcelain skin, so bright and ever radiant that no blade would dare scratch it. Her eyes, don't sparkle like the stars nor they resemble galaxies. It mirrored a dark hole, an endless pit of mystery and darkness, far from any heavenly body. I’m never a fan of heavenly bodies anyway.  The same mystic pair of orbs rendered me breathless when they darted at me. The high school hallways are always busy first thing in the morning but the students pacing back and forth all faded into the background when she came into view.  I can't help but won
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TWO v e r n o n Days felt running for a long time have gone since I last saw Catherine. I am to blame. I have been skipping my classes because I am in a very shitty state of mind to attend them. The only thing that got me here again today is her. Since that day in the lab, I was never the same. Her features were so vivid in my memory and I’m seeing her even in my sleep, like that drug you tasted for the first time and you couldn’t get it out into your senses. I’m on the first stage of being intoxicated, the part where you get a taste and you want more. As for her, I got a glimpse and selfishly, I want more. More than just stolen glances, a few exchanges of conversation, and forced formalities in between test tubes and flasks. More than just lab partners.  Str
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v e r n o n   She had a boyfriend.  I should've known. It’s so stupid how I tried to hold someone else's precious possession. But you can’t really blame me. I mean, that’s Catherine, after all. I thought all she ever does is study and be a daddy’s girl. But then again, she’s pretty and popular. She has guys lining up for her. She could get a boyfriend easily. Guess it’s another misconception about her.  "Never thought Vernon with a black eye would be so funny. You look like shit, man. Have you seen a mirror?" Mingyu, who couldn't be of better help to my already sour mood kept on spitting nonsense beside me.  "And I never thought you'd actually pass out with just one punch!" He stifled a laugh. He kept on replaying
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v e r n o n   "When the hell is he coming?” JB turned harshly to Mark. He couldn’t keep himself from fidgeting in impatience and agitation. I inhaled sharply and collected my own restraint. The two continued to bicker as my eyes wandered in nervousness.  I’ve done this a lot of times but even when you are used to vile acts, your conscience would always bug you like the first time you decided to pursue evil.  Unlit light posts make the lower part of the suburb almost desolate. Empty establishments tower over the dark streets and dangerous people of the like wander around. The homeless. The drug addicts. The gangsters. The juvenile delinquents. They roam around like they rule the area.  It resembled a hell hole. It’s
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c a t h e r i n e   He saw me.  The existence of Vernon was never known to me. Maybe because I never paid much attention to anyone.  Sure, I've known him as this good-looking guy who resembled young Leonardo Dicaprio with his chiseled jaw and golden locks. But his name or who he was, never really crossed my mind. I ignore everyone unless they have anything to do with me.  Although I’ve heard a few stories about him, I never bothered caring. They say he was trouble. He does drugs and has a bad temper so he’s always into street fights, but I honestly thought he looked nothing of the like.  But then again, it never mattered what I thought of him because we were never close. 
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c a t h e r i n e   To go somewhere with him is as equally interesting as it is unbelievable. I eyed him for a while as I sank into my own curiosity. He sat there, nonchalant, eyes never leaving mine. "I-I don't want to." I stuttered for an answer that lacked conviction as it should. I'd rather be alone. I was certain of it.  Vernon seemed to measure my thoughts from across the table before nodding like it never really mattered.  "Yeah. Cool." He shrugged casually.  There was this imaginary gap between us that had begun to stretch wider. An ocean of indifference took him drifting farther within the second.  "Actually,
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v e r n o n   The sun rays grew torrid and woke me from my slumber. My head still bore a mild ache when I got up. While adjusting to my senses, I remembered Catherine. I brought her here.  A sudden jolt of panic rose from my chest. I searched the rooftop and found her leaning by its small balcony. She had fallen asleep and a romance novel laid on her lap. I sat beside her and found myself immediately drawn to her angelic state.  It felt surreal, to have her this close, to have her come with me. I kept telling myself earlier that this is true. Not some drug-driven beautiful dream.  My headache was so cruel, its claws were mercilessly breaking crevices into my skull. I hated every second of it. How I am not able to bring her to a nice place and could not give her
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c a t h e r i n e   "Where have you been yesterday? Why were you absent?" Lisa suspiciously questioned me the next morning, as if I had gone somewhere and did something secretive. Although that wasn’t entirely false. She scooted all of her straight blonde hair to one shoulder, leaned on her locker, and watched me as I busied myself with mine.  "I.. just wasn't feeling well." "You never skip classes even if you're already dying."  Lisa and I had been classmates since grade 11. We're close but she's friends with everyone so it's hard to tell my level of importance. I never considered her my best friend. I know she feels the same way about me. I’m famous and all but I never really maintained a huge number of friends or had
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v e r n o n   I know that Catherine worked in a club in downtown Daegu. That particular club was famous for selling prostitutes. I know she’s not one of them. She’s dressed differently, yes, but there are other jobs in that place. She may be a waitress.  I must have been under the influence of coke but its high had worn out when I saw her. Everything was still clear in my memory. Her desperation and fear to leave that place. The horrified look on her face when she saw me.  But why would she do that? Why would she work in a place like that? Why would she work in the first place? She’s rich, for goodness’ sake. All those questions haunted me but I never asked about them.  I didn't say anything because I don't want her to fee
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