Tempting (MxM)

Tempting (MxM)

By:  Girl dips  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I'm the only one that can have you, you belong to me now." He pins my arms to the wall behind me while leaning in. I catch his scent, forest pine. My head feels dizzy as he bites my bottom lip. "But why? I-I'm not, I don't deserve-" "Shut up Calvin and take off your clothes." ------------------------------------------------------- David is a star billionaire of a affluent company, having a very abundant net worth. He has it all, the amber fiery eyes that melts everyone in sight, the strong, chiseled facial features that make even the most blessed weep. He has everything, so he should feel like the most complete man in the world right? Not really. ============== Calvin's soft, sweet, quiet and in shambles whenever he thinks of his looks. Never was man as humbled as he. He let people walk over him since birth (quite literally since he chose to be born a day later since the actual day was a inconvenience to his mother) and could only mutter a small sorry whenever someone would tease him of his weight. Ever since a youngen, he dreamed of someone to accept him for what he looked like, but did he ever think he'd be able to find that? Nope. Maybe these two are the pieces they need to complete the shambled puzzle in their souls. Or maybe not, who knows? ---- All rights reserved.

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Margaret Sliva
Enjoyed what I've read I'm just patiently waiting for an update
2022-07-08 02:04:24
user avatar
Vidhnaa Siva
Please update, waiting for the next chapter. The story is interesting ...️...️
2022-06-30 10:49:47
user avatar
Monika Stanisławiak
Good book, but can't wait for an update
2021-11-22 19:20:56
default avatar
update please .........
2021-07-25 07:29:36
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Ryong Mal
I love this story, its interesting and fun, and I can't wait to find out what happens next! I hope author is able to continue and finish some time ...️ that would be so wonderful ~
2022-03-20 21:07:17
user avatar
Sheba Hampton
This book is starting out ok, but you repeated a section from a previous chapter. I had to keep going back to make sure I was in the right spot
2021-08-25 09:29:17
16 Chapters
Tempting - Chapter 1: Slow Breaths
My eyes lower as his amber ones slay right through me. It's like he knows what I’m thinking.He's so good looking, but I shouldn’t be thinking that way because why would level down tosomeone like me?I hold my breath as he leans in closer, those fiery eyes inches away from my own."Meet me in room 105 upstairs."I gulp. I want to ask him why but he leaves me and descends the stairs. I continue gawking athim.I look around the party, not knowing if the stairs were off limits or not. Wait, what am I talkingabout? He owns this lavish hotel.But why would he want me in a room with him? Important business?I start walking towards the stairs, but by me being clumsy I bump into a stranger who instantlygrowls at me."Hey! Watch where you're going fat arse!"I shrink back at his words and mutter ‘I'm sorry' before trying again at the stairs, this time myconfidence smashed to smithereens.A sma
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Tempting - Chapter 2: Realization
An hour later, I am half way through my work when the overhead speakers ring above us."This is the following I want to see in my office. Chelsy, Ryan, Coldren, Micheal..."My breath hitches in my throat as I hear David over the intercom. Then I forcefully remind myself that it was all a dream, and that none of those things happened last night. As if he would even think about being with someone like m-"And Calvin. That will be all."Blood rushes to my ears like a raging river as I hear my name called.But the people David called had way higher ranks. So why me? Probably for some work, or... something rational.I walk towards his office slowly.When I open the door I see that the others are already there, but when they turn to me they give me glares."Did you get tired 2 feet of the way?"Micheal sneers, earning a few snickers from the others.David is the only one who doesn't join in his jests.Cutting the groups
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Tempting - Chapter 3: Saved by the Bell
Its closing hours, around 12:00 am, and I still have a bountiful amount of questions bouncing around my head. As I am signing out of my computer, I see Mr. Malone walk out of his room with a woman I've probably seen around the building somewhere. She's laughing and smiling with him, touching his arm any chance she can get.I guess I was staring for too long because David and me made eye contact. I quickly go back to packing up my things guilty. Maybe I just made up everything that happened in my mind? Am I going crazy? There's noway someone like him would ever like, even just a little bit, someone like me.I sadly pack my things inside my bag before standing up. Now the woman's gone and David's pouring coffee into his glass mug. I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders as I so desperately want him to turn around and give me that look again, the one that set my body ablaze, but I know he might be busy.I leave the building, going over to the bus. At least I'll be ab
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Tempting - Chapter 4 : Do you want me?
I lay against the wall Coldren used to be on. Half an hour has gone by and he still isn't back yet. I look down at my feet out of boredom. I'm just about to start pacing when-"Calvin... where is Coldren?""C-coldren?" Its David. I look down at the floor, feeling fully guilty."I...""You're the only one here. He left, didn't he?" He sighs, adjusting his tie. I can't form words so I nod. My face feels very hot and my knees start to tremble. For a moment, I take a risky look at his muscles, and I have to try not to squeal.I don't know if he noticed or not, but he decides to walk closer to me, the smell of pine again filling my nose. My eyelids lower, as if I'm in a daze."At least I did catch you alone.""Sir, I uh-" Again he roughly kisses me on the lips, pushing me against the wall. My hands shoot up to his chest, but I don't know what to do with them. He's so big and strong... and I'm... me.He takes a handful of my hair and
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Tempting - Chapter 5: Standing Here
After the last remaining guests trickle out the doors, an intercom sounds, motioning us to the living room area."You all did well. A few disturbances had occurred." He looks towards Coldren, who's face again turns pale."But in all a great event. And as compensation, you all have today off." A few hoots come from mostly everyone except Coldren. I feel a sort of pity for him before we all leave the impressive building as well, most of them booking it to their cars while I stand by the bus stop.I yawn. I think about laying in my bed with my sheets over my head while I fall asleep. Its one of the things I want right now. Well, that and Dav-"You take the bus?" I look up at him with big eyes, a light blush on my cheeks. At this point, he pops up at everywhere, not that I mind. I don't mind at all actually.Okay, okay, he's here again. Just talk to him normally. "Uhm, oh yeah, I do, uh sometimes. Wait, but what are you doing here?"
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Tempting - Chapter 6: Puppy Love
"I..." I can't even squeak out the rest of my sentence as i stand there, my mouth completely open in awe. I know he has a lot of money, everyone knows that, but I just never seen it in all its glory."Are we just going to stand here, or are we going to go inside?""S-sure. I I mean if you want to go inside. I'm just... wow.""Yeah, yeah, lets get a move on, the day's not going to be fresh forever."He walks to the expensive looking house as I tail him, not believing my eyes for even a second.He unlocks the smooth wooden doors to the great inside. The smell of vanilla and pine cones waft through the air and bright golden lights wink at me from the high ceiling."Take a seat anywhere." There are two long crimson sofas in the middle of the room, pointed towards what I can assume is a Jacuzzi and above it a wide flat screen tv.I walk over to it and sit down, my mind not quite catching up with me yet. This is insane, this is completely i
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Tempting - Chapter 7: Got to Wait
Finally, we are left alone again... well not counting the little fur-balls that yapped and scraped at each other while fighting over a colorful squeaking monkey.We sit in uncomfortable silence, David paying more attention to the Tv then my presence."Those are some unique names... uh you gave your dog." I pipe up, wondering if my voice was a little too high. His bright orange yellowish eyes focus on me again, and its almost like being high. I want his eyes on me as long as it can be."I like names that are different. I believe the ones that I picked out for them matches their characters.""Characters?""Yes.""But they're dogs." I
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Tempting - Chapter 8: None of Your Business
Once I pull open the glass doors, I stand in shock at the amount of people standing around the lobby of the building, holding various pieces of papers and cameras.I clutch the strap of my bag as I wander through the crowd, confusion clouding my mind."I don't know, didn't he say he wasn't going to come out?""Don't jinx us Tom, he has to. We just have to stay positive." I hear two people say by the elevators. I step in and press the button to the 13th floor. What is going on?The moment the sleek gold doors open, I see David at the end of the hall, walking with a blonde woman next to him. He catches my eye for a moment before turning around and walking them to somewhere else.Are we
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Tempting - Chapter 10: No Thanks
I walk in slowly, shame tinting my cheeks pink."Took you long enough. How are you breathing so hard from walking up just a few flights?" Chelsy quips, and a few people snicker. I hadn't notice that I was breathing really hard, and that just made me grow pinker. I feel like a apple, a big red apple. Another woman I don't know is standing in the line with us, but she has brown hair and a dark green suit."Hey, that's not funny." She loud whispers to the group.What's worse is that David doesn't respond. Standing next to his desk is the glaring blonde woman from earlier, but this time she's holding a clipboard. She continues to scowl at me until David stands up."Okay, I don't want to keep you all here forever, but there's some matters
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Tempting - Chapter 11: Cherry Flavored
"Oh?" I squeak as I hear the crunch the salad makes when I put my fork through it. There's also agolden grilled streak in the middle of the dish and a side of orange chips. The sparkling water ischerry flavored, coincidentally and terribly my favorite."You're very insecure."I continue to crunch salad onto my fork as I look away from his eyes. I swallow as I can feel tears threaten to well, but I push them at bay."But, I also noticed that you're nice, and very patient with people. Patient with people who don't even deserve it... There's not a lot of people around me who I can say the same about." He says in a smooth voice."Than
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