04 — Take my virginity

Julian looks at me with a serious expression… He blinks a few times, trying to understand my words, seems like hallucinating…. “Say again?”

“I want you to f-” Julian pulls me by the arm into the apartment, preventing the word fuck from fully escaping through my lips again.

He closes the door with one hand, keeping his fingers firmly around my arm… His firm touch makes me even more sensitive.

“Are you high?” Julian asks seriously, and in the face of my rolling eyes, as I disengage myself from his grip, he completes, “You're definitely high.”

“Why are you looking at me like I'm insane?” I cross my arms, making my breasts bounce in my cleavage. And I can swear that this draw Julian's eyes for an instant, even if he quickly turns away.


“Because you seem to be high.” He sighs, running his hand through the blond hair, “Are you listening to yourself?”

“Yes. I want you to take my virginity.” I say firmly, and he grunts, “Listen, it makes sense! You're handsome, women are always at your feet, and you're great at having one-night stands!”

“You're not serious.”

“Yes, I am. Besides, you're my friend…”

“And your father's best friend.” He stresses, “Need I mention that I'm ten years older than you?”

“That means more experience…. And that's all a virgin need!”

Julian gives a dry laugh, crossing his arms as well, “Let's consider that none of that matter. Still, I don't do with virgins.”

“Why?” I ask, disappointed, shrugging my shoulders.

He sighs, gritting his teeth…. “Angelee, you shouldn't act like this just because it didn't work out with an asshole. You're still young, surely, you'll meet someone who will be worth the wait…”

“No, I'm not doing this to get back at him.” I turn away, walking around the apartment, feeling my nerves flare. “You don't understand… It's not like I wanted to wait this long.”

Julian frowns, as I sit down on the stool, “What do you mean?”

“Because he wanted to marry a virgin, I had to refrain for four years! But while I was holding back, he was sleeping around! I was frustrated for four years, Julian!” I throw my body back, leaning against the kitchen island, and add with a grunt, “He had the nerve to say I'm like the favorite food he leaves to eat last! Really, I can't believe I wasted so much time over a bastard like him!”

He approaches in silence, as if his mind is full of thoughts… and stops in front of me.

I look at him again with a conflicted expression.

“He hasn't even touched me properly this whole time… You know what I mean? I don't want to lose my virginity because I'm angry at Eric. I'm just tired of having to satisfy myself alone. Hah, I feel like an idiot.”

Julian swallows dryly — I watch his Adam's apple move slowly, drawing my eyes.

“You know… maybe the problem is me.” I mutter, lowering my head and averting my eyes from him, staring at the pale skin of my thighs.

“You're not the problem, Angel.” Julian says in a low, slightly husky tone.

When I raise my eyes shyly and meet his, he swallows dry again.

“No, I'm sure… I can't make a man horny…” My voice fails me the next moment, when Julian's hands are spreading my knees, making room for his body to fit between my open legs.

Resting his hands on the kitchen island, as if cornering me, Julian presses his hips against mine, rubbing his hard-on directly between the middle of my legs.

Oh my Gosh.

I hold my breath and seal my lips, trying to keep any sound from coming out between them, and I see a discreet smile rise on Julian's lips.

“See? You're not the problem…” He says, taking one of his hands off the counter, sliding down my arm until it reaches my hip.

I think I'm dreaming-

My thoughts are interrupted as Julian pulls my hip towards his and pushes himself harder against the most sensitive part of me — and this time, I can't hold back the low moan that escapes loudly.

I stare at Julian lips as he says slowly, “If there's anything wrong, it's certainly with that asshole… Especially when you're in that underwear…”

A silly smile appears on my lips as I blink slowly, leaning in slightly, “Did you like it?”

“If I like it?” He leans in as well, bringing our faces even closer together, sliding his hand into my bare thighs, up my skirt, threatening to reach my crotch. “I've been having a hard time to forget… as you can tell.”

Giggling, I cross my legs around his hips.

I simply love how Julian looks surprised and how he holds his breath, closing his eyes, trying to change his thoughts.

Huh, I can feel his warmth invading my body, mingling with mine, and can even smell the scent of his cologne sinking deliciously into my skin.

“We shouldn't be doing this…” He mumbles, still with his eyes closed, as if reason is winning the battle inside his mind…

“And why is that?” I murmur back, brushing my lips against his chin, threatening to rise.

“You are… My best friend's daughter…”

I slide my hands down his shirt slowly, exploring the fabric that tickles my fingers, until finally reach the waistband of his pants. I bite my lips, and I know he can feel it because my teeth rub against his chin as well.

His heat is rising up in my head.

I know I'm losing my mind.

I know shouldn't be running my hand down his pants, almost touching the erection that, unfortunately, is no longer touching my panties.

And he knows that as well — because his hand holds mine firmly, preventing me from continuing.

“Angel…” My nickname escapes so subtly through his lips that it makes my skin shiver.

“No one needs to know, Julian.” I whisper, moving my lips up to meet his, subtly brushing our mouths together as I add in the same low tone, “Just once.”

“I don't want to hurt you.” He says, almost in a whisper, against my mouth. His eyes are intense, and I can find hunger shining in them.

Lowering my eyes, I finally understanding why he doesn't do with virgins. In fact, just by feeling him rub against me, I know he's huge. And this should probably scare me, since I have never dared to thrust my own fingers, but… Gosh, I'm so horny.

I want him.

“I don't care.” Disengaging the hand he holds, I finally move down to the erection that, even inside his pants, I'm unable to hold properly. I try to squeeze it and hear a hoarse moan escaping from deep in Julian's throat.

My body is so hot… it's like I'm a volcano with years of delayed eruption.

“Julian…” This is the thread of sanity that's missing for his conviction to break.

He holds my nape abruptly and pulls me into a fervent kiss, tasting my lips first before forcing it to part, to put his tongue into my mouth, causing pleasurable shivers when it touches and intertwines with mine.

And he’s pressing me further against his hip, this time properly fitting his hard-on on the middle of my legs, rubbing against my clit, while pressing my breasts against his chest, making the kiss deeper and more passionate…

While one hand dictates the rhythm by holding my nape, I can feel the other hand lowering the strap of my top and bra, which may not be the same one he saw last night, but will certainly be scratched in his mind.

And when he unlinks his fingers from my hair, bringing both hands down to my hips, I expect him to lift me off that damn bench and carry me to bed… Indeed, Julian does seem to be about to do that… Except that the apartment bell rings, so low that we don't pay much attention.

But the second attempt is fast and frantic, which makes our mouths part slowly.

With his eyes closed tightly and his hard-on throbbing inside his pants, against my wet panties, he remains still, without moving a single muscle.

I pray to the heavens that the bell doesn't ring again, so I can continue to delight in his touch… But that's not what happens, of course.

Julian lowers his head and grunts, apparently annoyed and disappointed.

When he raises his green eyes and inspects my face, Julian brings his hand lovingly to my cheek, depositing a quick kiss on my lips.

“I'll be right back…” He says, stroking my cheek with his thumb before pulling away.

My heart is beating frantically… so fast it might rip through my chest.

What the hell am I doing?

I press my knees against each other, trying to get rid of the tickle that's taking over my belly….

“Cathy?” Julian's surprised voice brings me back to sudden reality.

Oh… Of course… My sudden visit probably spoiled his plans…

I feel a mixture of anxiety and sadness hammering in my chest, but I struggle to get up from the stool and pull my skirt down, while fixing my hair which has likely been messed up by the fervent kiss.


I kissed Julian Adams….

My father's best friend.

“No, I'm a little busy right now…” Julian says, with his arm blocking the way into the apartment. But when I approach and place my hand on his back, I feel him freeze immediately.

Don't worry, Julian… I won't ruin your evening.

“It's okay, I'll be right there. Thanks for the advice, I’m going to home.” I give a sweet smile and look at the tall girl, who is looking at me surprised and somewhat… angry?

Blonde, blue eyes, thin… Yes, this is exactly Julian Adams type….

My complete opposite.

Fearfully, Julian pulls back his arm and allows me to pass.

With my cheeks burning with embarrassment and perhaps other feelings I wouldn't want to admit even to myself, I retreat from the apartment. But before turning my back, I greeted this Cathy with a friendly smile.

My steps are quick, and soon I'm unlocking my door which, fortunately, is straight ahead, so I can disappear from the sight of both.

The thud of the door echoes too loudly. And as I’m leaning my back on it, I lower my eyes, listening to what is going on outside.

“… I guess you're free now?”

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