05 — New day, new life.

I stare into the mirror, noticing the deep dark circles under my eyes. I couldn't sleep well after leaving Julian's apartment… Now, I look awful.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. Not even the shower and the hot coffee is preparing me to face this day. Because not only I have to meet Julian — who’s inevitably my boss — but also Laura, my best friend, who was screwing my boyfriend.

It’s time for facing the reality.

A new day, new life.

Courage is leaking out of the pores of my skin, and I'm seriously considering making up some excuse. Maybe I could say that my head still hurts? Or who knows, some big unforeseen event has come up? Should I call Dad and whine for time off?

A grunt escapes my lips and I grab my hair. No way, Julian won't leave me alone.

I take another deep breath and pat my cheek twice, encouraging myself with a smile, fixing my hair and finally leaving the apartment, praying to heavens that my day will be peaceful…

But of course not. The universe is constantly playi
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