10 — Just one more kiss

I never considered myself a lonely person. Eric and Laura have always been there for me, as have Julian and my father. But this Friday, when I find myself without the people who, for years, have been my pillars, I feel loneliness creeping up on me like a shadow, enveloping me in a cold embrace. Even my apartment feels empty and cold without Daddy's radiant presence, who's traveling for work and isn't expected back yet.

But I did consider knocking on Julian's door and asking him to stay with me today, but this is a day when he usually meets with his flings. We're only a few steps apart, and the desire to see him is just shouting inside my head. However, since he brought me home after our brief kiss, an uneasy silence has settled between us. I could see regret shining in his eyes, along with uncertainty. And this inexplicably hurt me.

I take a deep breath, staring at my room that has too many memories in objects, with picture frames on the bedside table. Pictures with Laura, Eric, and
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Ngozi Favour
I love it already, so engaging
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Khomotso Momo Rasakane
I am getting hooked,this is some good story telling skills
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Andrea Rea Wittison
love the story. very engaging

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