Falling For A Ghost

Falling For A Ghost

By:  Alexander White  Completed
Language: English
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He took a closer look at her face and it slowly formed in his mind; he knows her. Could this be the same girl he had sex with a few hours ago? His heart began pounding as every hair on his body instantly turned grey. But that’s not possible; spirits can’t have sex with those alive. Then how did it happen? Ghost town. Haunted love. Forbidden intimacy. Heaven was loosed. David was horny. Find out how their must sensual and electrifying experience culminated to a shattering end. Warning!!! - Contents strong sex scenes, strong language and is certain to scare and turn you on!

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45 Chapters
Heaven is Heart-broken
"Good morning, brothers and sisters in the lord!" The middle-aged man dressed in a dirty grey suit with a big bible shouted moments after he got onto the bus. He seemed to be drunk with the word of the Lord and little wine.At the rear end of the luxurious bus sat Heaven - a pretty young lady, with a burnish complexion. Her feelings were hidden on her innocent face. Her pain was evident in the crinkle of her lovely brow and the down-curve of her full lips. But her eyes reflected her soul, and in it was an ocean of sorrows.For the first time since she entered the bus, she raised her head to take a really hard long look at the strange preacher.In split seconds, she examined him and drew up a conclusion – he must be a jobless man, probably with five children and a wife. This morning, he woke up, dug up that suit which has no current relationship with a pressing iron, dusted his bible, off he went to the nearest bus station waiting for the arriva
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Anticipation is half the fun
Heaven arrived at the hotel some minutes past the agreed time. Inside, her eyes almost came out off their sockets in surprise and wonder. The hotel was huge, its architecture and designs amazing like one of those hotels she saw in the movies. The air was cold and filled with a strong smell of a rose flower. The tiles on the floor were polished, cleaned that they reflected her image. The ceiling far from reach, beautifully decorated with fine burnished wood. Beautiful flower verses with African ancient drawings were placed at strategic corners of the reception.Lost at the middle, looking around, her eyes met that of the receptionist in glasses who flashed a welcoming smile. As she walked straight to the pretty lady she wondered why receptionists are always on glasses. Before she could provide an answer to the thought she was in front of her."This place is marvellous," she said returning her smile."Thanks". Then she raised her glasses up befor
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The pink boxers
A few minutes after, Peter appeared from the bathroom, ready for bed, stripped down to just boxers, water still dripping down his dark hair and hairless broad chest. His stomach was lined with abs of steel. Muscles rippled across every part of his body; with strong arms, bold thighs and calves.The only thing preventing her from seeing how big and scary he was down there were the pink boxers he had on. With just her eyes, she wants to take it down but pink is her favourite colour. What a coincidence?Her mouth hangs open in surprise; she was unable to will her eyes to blink. He was like one of those white sculptures in Paris, chiselled in total and amazing perfection."I think someone likes my boxers," Peter said in a teasing tone between charming smiles.She shook her head in a child-like manner "No, it's more about what is lying beneath!""Who thought you would be this nasty?" he said striking a post like those male
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Sexually satisfied
Moving on, he kissed his way down to her belly button and her body became tense with pleasure. Soft beards, smooth lips, and wet tongue brushed her skin. Deep within she ached, desire licking through her veins, causing a need so deep she was lost in it.He grabbed the thin material of her panties, pulling them down tardily. Peter is aware that some things in life aren't to be hurried, this was one of those. Her body was in constant motion with her level of desire built up. She raised her hips up as the panties slide down gracefully.Now seated and the panties off, he kissed every inch of her lap down to the promised land. She moaned so much it sounded like she might actually be in physical pain. His face reached her sopping wet pussy and it was the most beautiful thing he had seen. He moved in armed with his sensitive tongue and found her clitoris immediately like there was a light to his path. She made a sharp moan and wrapped her legs around his head with
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Where the fuck is Peter?
It was morning, Heaven still lay in bed, sleeping cosily when suddenly she was awakened by a loud banging on the door. She tardily woke up and called out "Peter, someone is at the door!" without looking behind but no response of any kind came back."Peter!" she called again yet no reply came. She stretched her hand in the search for him beside her. Her hand met his skin but it was covered in a sticky substance.Heaven was stunned, her heart began kicking hard. Could it be sweat, but the room was damn cold. To be sure she slowly brought her hand insight and her heart nearly stopped at the sight of it covered in blood. She screamed in horror, jumping out of the bed in freight.Almost at the door, new terror surged through her. Fear sizzled down every nerve ending; chilling her to the bone. Her heart jammed into her throat. She could barely breathe.Tardily, she decided to have a look at what has become of her lover. On the bed, lay t
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David is a good looking-young man
David like his namesake in the bible is a good looking young man with a joyous personality, never quick to anger, enjoying his life, living on the very edge. Though, unlike his namesake, he has never danced around the city naked but also has a weakness for beautiful women, willing to do anything including sending their husbands to the war front just to have a taste of the forbidden fruit of the woman that catches his fantasy. Everyone knows him; it is each night a different girl. None comes visiting for more than three nights.Like every other young man, he came to the big city with big dreams – he is going to bed as much pretty girls as possible; keeping a record of all his sexual conquest. For the last four years, he kept a record of all the twenty-three girls he had conquered and bedded. A comprehensive list containing the names of the victim, time and location of the act with a remark of bad, good, great or divine at the end. So far no one has gotten divine.
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Now a Womanizer
He couldn't believe his ears before she could take another breath he replied giggling between words "You are the kind of girl my mother said I should bring home…"She burst into honest laughter that was sexy at the same time. The sound of it made him wonder what her bedroom voice will sound like."You are funny…" she gave him a slight push."Where is home?""Not far from here""Cool, let's go then" she mouthed resting her head against his shoulders; while he tardily rested his hand over hers.These sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized him. If the gods are real, he told himself, this beauty must be their masterpiece. Why did she give in so easily? He has charisma with a charming personality, but that wasn't enough.She must have arrived town late, stranded and looking for a place to pass the night. This was nothing new or strange, young girls come into t
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These sugar candy-sweet lips
These sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized him. If the gods are real, he told himself, this beauty must be their masterpiece. Why did she give in so easily? He has charisma with a charming personality, but that wasn’t enough.She must have arrived town late, stranded and looking for a place to pass the night. This was nothing new or strange, young girls come into town every time stranded, looking for who to take them home for sex in exchange for a roof over their head for just a night. This wasn’t his first encounter with such girls and certainly not his last, but he has never been lucky with meeting such an angel.How would his night go down? It is certainly going to be an all night long affair, what people in the world call “Till daybreak”. He thought about how slowly he would rip that tight gown off her body, imagined his hand cupping those gigantic breasts and his tongue on her hard nipples sucking the sweet juice
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Her seductive power
The ceiling fan rotated tardily and noiselessly, producing hardly enough air to cool the sitting room, but thank heaven for the air conditioner which did the job. A white electric bulb hung not too far from the fan illuminating the entire room. On the white wall, hung a forty-two-inch plasma television and a collection of white leather sofa arranged in a C-shaped stood opposite it. Blue transparent glasses table with red strawberry design stood between them.On the table was a just-opened bottle of white wine and glasses for two; one filled and the other empty. The walls were covered in white paint with just a large gold-framed picture of David in a lion's skin-cloth with a red cap that had an eagle's feather pinned at its right side. He had a proud smile across his face.The whole sitting room lacked a single book on any topic but a large collection of pornographic magazines was well arranged just below the television. The only thing of a different colour
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I am gonna cum!
"I can see you love what you are seeing…" she said between sly smiles. She seemed to be a mind reader; he was on fire with a passion to possess her naked body."Yes… Yes!" he stammered, struggling to think of the right thing to say. Then in a flash, the right word popped into his head."You were a vision before, but now you are a dream in human form"She giggled a little; it sounded like the ringing of a church bell from a distance, also has a hypnotic affect. His heart fluttered and his brain whirled.Not letting go of the eyes contact, she walked majestically straight to him, he stood up, his hands slid behind her hips. It settled there and pulled her closer. Her wet body against his warm chest chiselled to perfection. His breathing quickened as did hers.He began nuzzling her cold neck with delicate kisses. So faint, they were whispers. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably. His head angled slightly
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