Chapter 5: Interview

Amaro took his iPhone and dialled Ishmael's number. Ishmael's phone rings but he doesn't answer it.

"Come on Ishmael, pick up the phone" he mumbled.

He dialled again. Ishmael only picked his phone up after five attempts of call.

"Hello" Ishmael answered.

"Hey dude, I've been calling for ages." Amaro spoke

"Have you seen my email?" Ishmael asked on the other end of the line.

"That's why I called. Can you set up an online interview with her at 5pm today? I'll go to your office after my meeting."

"Ok, I will call you later" Ishmael said

"Thanks buddy" Amaro ended the phone call, then he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in"

"Your Highness, here's your lunch." Kevin places the food on his table.

"Thank you, Kevin." He opened the box and started to eat.

After eating his lunch, he went to the bathroom and freshened up. He wants to always be fresh when doing business meetings. It's difficult for him to concentrate if he feels sweaty.

His phone rang. He picked it right away.

"Is the interview set now?" He couldn't wait for Ishmael to talk.

"Well... Uhhhmm" Ishmael clear his throat.

"What, spit it out" he got impatient

"Well... " Ishmael was trying to piss him off.

"Well, what? Tell me" he said and stood up. 

"Yes, it's already set. '' Ishmael chuckled, Amaro heaved a sigh of relief.

"You're a dead meat Ishmael" he said.

"Hey dude, what did I do to you to deserve a threat from you?" Ishmael said laughing.

"You' re making fun of me"

"I just feel that there is something" Ishmael was chuckling.

"What do you mean? You are just making it up in your mind" Amaro denied. 

"You are excited, I hear it in your voice. Come on dude, we're best friends. I know it when you are excited, interested, sad or mad. I knew you."

"See you later" he hung up the phone. He was grinning, thinking about something and a knock interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Come in"

"Your Highness, Mr. Westmore is here" Kevin announced.

"Let him come in" he instructed

"Have a sit Mr. Westmore"

The meeting lasted for two hours.

"I will be back next week for our presentation and hoping that by that time we will have a deal." Mr. Westmore

"I will be looking forward to that, Mr. Westmore."

When Mr. Westmore left his office, he also left for the interview.

He arrived at Ishmael's office 30 minutes early. As he approached the front desk, ladies were ogling at him. He's never been here before.

"Hi, may I know which floor is Mr. Ishmael Ahmed"

"Hi, may I know your name please. I will have to check with him first" batting her eyelashes at him.

"Tell him Mr. Khan" trying to hide his exasperation.

"Hello Sir, Mr. Khan is here."

"Mr. Khan, Mr. Ahmed's office is on the 15th floor." She said coquettishly.

"Thank you," he said.

He went to the elevator and in a few minutes the elevator dinged and opened. He walked out and strode to Ishmael's office.

"Buddy, glad to see you!" Ishmael patted his shoulder.

He did not answer him, instead he looked at the lady inside his office.

"Ah, this is my girlfriend Joyce," Ishmael introduced.

"Joyce, this is my best friend Amaro"

"Hi, nice to meet you" , extending her hand for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you too" he said, taking Joyce hand for hand shake.

"She's one of the best friends of your potential PA or should I say PA. She recommended her." Ahmed winked at him.

"Thank you for your recommendation, I appreciate it." He said.

"May I ask you something?" Amaro looked at Joyce.

She nodded.

"Will she be able to work with me for a long time? I mean, I don't want to keep on  changing my PA." Amaro explained.

"You can rest assured that she will stay with you because she is a very patient person and hardworking. Besides, many people are depending on her" giving him assurance.

"Thanks," he smiled.

"Uhmmmn, it's 5 minutes before 5 pm. Shall we?" Ishmael interrupted them

"Honey, we will go to the conference room. You stay here and wait for me" Ishmael said and kissed Joyce forehead.

"Yes, I will," she winked at Ishmael.

Amaro thought about the love of his life and he smiled.

At the conference room, Ishmael started the zoom meeting and Kashmir's face appeared on the big smart tv in the conference room.

As Amaro gazed up at her face, he had a giddy feeling.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Kashmir." Ishmael greets Kashmir.

"It' s 9 o' clock in the evening here sir and good afternoon to you Sir Ishmael and Mr. Khan." She smiled.

"So it's evening there?" Ishmael was surprised by her answer.

"We are ahead by 4 hrs, so your time there is 5 in the afternoon"

Amaro was intently looking at her face. He was so stunned to say anything.

"So, Ms. Kashmir, according to your resume, you worked as an engineer for 2 years, and 3 years as a PA in the Netherlands. How and why did you work as PA from being an engineer?"

"The company I worked for experienced a crisis at that time and they had to prioritize their countrymen and being a foreigner my contract was terminated. Though that happened, my superior still helped me find a job and I ended up working as a PA." She explained with a smile in her eyes.

"Have you had difficulties being a PA and what difficulties have you encountered?" Ishmael's second question.

"Yes, I did have some difficulties. Imagine, I worked as a mechanical engineer for two years. Working on gears and mechanical designs and suddenly working as PA doing errands for my employer answering phone calls, booking hotels and restaurants, organizing events for him, buying lunch, making coffee and other things.

"What other things?" Amaro asked, his curiosity piqued.

She smiled before answering him "Such as buying a dress for his girlfriend, writing letters for his girlfriend, as a bridge between him and his woman each time they have conflict.”

Amaro and Ishmael broke into laughter.

"Would you do that to Amaro? Buy things for his woman or become a bridge?" Amaro glared at Ishmael.

"If need arises, why not? Provided that it’s included in the job description as a PA." She said while laughing.

After a while they stopped laughing, Amaro asked again, smiling. 

"What made you able to work as a PA?"

"Three factors helped me. One, I love working and I don't want to be idle and unproductive. Two, I always want to learn new things that will improve me. Three, I need to work because there are many people depending on me." She enumerated.

"Alright, you're hired," Amaro announced.

"Thank you very much Mr. Khan." she said, elated by the fact that she suddenly had work.

Amaro took his iPhone and took a snap at her image on the screen.

"Congratulations Ms. Kashmir." Ishmael congratulated.

"Thanks sir Ishmael" she said and left the zoom meeting.

"Send me a copy of the meeting," Amaro instructed Ishmael.

"I want her to be here in a week," he demanded.

"What? Are you kidding me?" his jaw dropped upon hearing his demand.

"Do everything, she really needs to be here. What's the use of my family's influence?"

"Yes, I got it. As you said, she will be here in a week" he winked at him.

"Good. By the way, would you like to have dinner with me? You can bring Joyce with you."

"Certainly, we will join you" Ishmael said.

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Ishmael is naughty, he teased his bestfriend but he is right. The prince is interested with Kashmir. Author, hopefully you will update soon. I am waiting for your update. Thanks.

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