Falling Stardust

Falling Stardust

By:  QingDom  Completed
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War. War is all we know. War for peace, war to take, war to protect. War for resources. It is impossible to avoid war because your neighbors won’t. If you are perceived as weak, you will be targeted. Your land and wealth stolen, your people killed, sons enslaved and daughters raped. To survive in this world, more important than oxygen; is strength and a cold heart. The only source of strength are mana veins. He who owns mana veins has the right to live and the right to rule. He who owns mana veins better have the strength to keep it or long life is but a pipe dream. Xasha hated war. War had taken everything from him and gave nothing in return. He hated that all wars were over petty things like pride and pocket change. He always looked to the vast wilderness with longing. He wondered why all the warmongers hadn’t turned their spears there. Where vast lands and untapped wealth were. Once he became a father. Xasha, the naïve, knowledge-loving merchant, decided he did not want his child growing up in the same world he did. He decided to change the world, end all war and unite the abandoned region. How will he do it? By starting a war, a war that will end all wars. Not a war with his neighbors over pride or a few mana veins. No. He will rage against the wilderness and the world beyond.

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81 Chapters
Ch 1: This place is lame
"Did you hear? King Fitzroy's court mage's only son transferred to the Academy today." "You mean the legendary Flame Emperor Saxon Von Creig? He's my hero." "Too bad his son is a good-for-nothing." "Yeah. His father is the greatest combat mage in our continent's recent history. while Xasha's magic talent is trash. He has no talent for combat magic." "The apple sure does fall far from the tree." "But he is an S rank. That means he has three unique talents while his father is only an A rank with 2." "Two pieces of gold are always better than three pieces of copper." "None of his skills are combat-based. Eye of truth? What's the use of something like that?" "Hahaha." A group of friends sat under a tree having lunch in the Social Garden, discussing the latest gossip of the day. In a spacious corridor nearby, a young man around 16 years old followed slowly behind a green-haired girl while trying to ignore the chatter. The girl was enthusiastically introducing every square inch of
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Ch 2: Eloise
The beautiful sunlight fell from the blue skies and landed upon Lotus City. Whose wide streets were filled with people going back and forth. The shops were opening up and vendors were setting up their stalls for the day. On the main street leading to the white Lotus Mage Academy in the distance. There was a young lady, around 5ft tall, slim, wearing a white cloak that covered her from head to ankle.She stopped and took off her hood revealing her round face, ash gray hair and eyes, a straight nose, and thick
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Ch 3: Verra
In an oval room with grey walls filled with glowing magic circles, there was a colorful fog floating around the room. The fog was being pulled into the bodies of two shadows sitting crossed legged in the middle of the room. These were Xasha and Verra who were pulling the mana from the fog into the energy sea between their brows. After eight hours of intense mediation, the green-haired duo simultaneously opened their eyes."I feel close to a breakthrough," Xasha said calmly.
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Ch 4: Megan
Xasha and Gooseman entered the greenhouse. The first thing that greeted him was the thick smell of plants. The room was stacked with shelves filled with medicinal herbs, trees, and flowers. Verra was holding a flowerpot with a small purple plant with 2 leaves barely sprouting from it. The plant was around 2 inches tall and had amazing energy radiating from it.Verra was holding it delicately. It was as if she was afraid that it would run away if she loosened her grip for a second.
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Ch 5: Saxon
"Hey kid."Xasha was breathlessly sprinting down the stairs and into the living room. A bright smile plastered onto his face upon seeing a 6'7ft tall man sitting on his couch, casually sipping tea. The first thing he noticed was his red hair that looked like a flaming river loosely tossed over his broad shoulder. Seeing the red hunting suit, Xasha knew why he was here.
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ch 6: Black Rhino
From a young age, Xasha loved to experiment. His philosophy was always, 'Question Everything,' and that's what he did. The more he learned about magic, the more he learned that he or anyone else in this world knew nothing about magic."What was magic?""How does it work?""Why does it work that
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Ch 7: Alpha Wind Spirit
Xasha stood on the giant cube that held the Black Rhino calves, looking at an enormous black tornado extending from the sky to the ground. The tornado was spinning at over 200mph and moving along the plain, destroying everything in its path.Tornadoes were not a rare occurrence in the black plains. The conditions here were perfect for many natural disasters with multiple tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes forming here every year. This tornado was the biggest he had ever seen or heard of and Xasha could feel powerf
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Ch 8: Mana Veins
The ground looked as if it had experienced a meteor shower. There were molten rocks that formed mana puddles on the ground. Plumes of smoke and dust kept rising into the air and the entire battlefield smelt of sulfur. The Alpha Wind Spirit floated silently in the sky with its body all but transparent. The only discerning thing was a black ball spinning in its head. The father and son were standing on the air cube in the sky. Their faces were pale but were plastered with brilliant smiles."I think it's time to deliver the final blow," Saxon was ready for this to be over. Eating too many mana berries had taken a toll
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Ch 9: Xara
Xasha was sitting on the makeshift purification magic circle. He used his Truth Eyes to look at the orb in lying his palm. Inside the orb, he could see 3 separate magic circles. One hid sight, the other hid sound, and the last hid Arua. Looking at the runes, the structures were loose with a lot of empty spaces and badly drawn lines.He spent a few hours cleaning up the lines and connecting some unfinished lines. As a result, the power of the orb improved exponentially. He drew hundreds of similar magic circles on the walls of the crater and connected them together. The formation he created had the concealment orb a
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Ch 10: An Enchanter's Job
One month later.Xasha walked out of the Enchantment Department, crossed the courtyard, and walked into the combat magic department. He found an empty energy chamber and started meditating. He needed to organize all the information in his head.Xasha once asked his mother about why people have to meditate and why is it only done in energy chambers. His mother told him that meditation was not a requirement for attracting mana. One's body passively attracts mana 24 hours a day. The rate of attraction is higher while a person is asleep. While one is asleep, the body isn't using as
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