Legend Of The Third Spirit

Legend Of The Third Spirit

By:  emerhyekane  Completed
Language: English
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           Méah, teenage a girl who lived a rough life in fear and seclusion, was blamed and being hunted down for all the bad luck that happened to their village. While fleeing from the angry fellow villlagers who want her dead, she just found herself far away from home. Unfortunately, things in the outside world was worse than she expected. Only then she found out that she was being controlled by Purple Smoke, a powerful, cunning demon of an unknown origin behind the murders that she committed, all for the sake to achieve immortality. Despite knowing that she is the heir of destruction, this didn't stop her from believing that there was still 'good' in her. And so she decided switch to the good side and follow a righteous path. She indeed became one but it came with a price not only to bet her own life on the line but also go against the person that she holds dearly in her heart, who also had an identity of his own and a duty to fulfill–to protect the world from her. However, a shocking truth was suddenly revealed and her fate was much more twisted than she had known it, unveiling more hidden mysteries about her existence...

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169 Chapters
Chapter One
"Over here! The witch is here! Let's kill her!" shouted an old man, pointing to a girl who was thirstily drinking with her bare hands in a nearby lake. Upon hearing what he said, hundreds of angry people came running with axes and knives. The long robes of black and grey and the ancient beasts masks that they wore made her think about the stories of ghosts that her father used to tell her. But what terrified her the most was their will to avenge their loss unto her. She thought that the lives of her loved ones were enough to pay the price. But the truth is, they were just waiting for her to show up and kill her. After all, she was to blame why her family died. But the only thing she's sure of, the blame for the death of others, was not hers to take. "You unfortunate girl! It was you who brought the tragedy! You will pay for it!" a woman who seemed to be the leader of the group, interjected and pointed her knife to the prey. "Kill her!" she shouted and
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Chapter Two
      "Your highness, Keir asked to see you," a bodyguard in his velvet armour politely said to Prince Zaeius.       "Let him in," he answered while playing the tip of his hair and the bodyguard opened the door for Keir.        "I told you! You shouldn't have took her in and I should've let her crawl on her own! She's crazy!"  Keir bluntly said out loud as soon as he entered the prince's hall, clenching his fists.         His voice echoed to the other end of the hall making multiple, fading mimics.        The prince was confused at first by the way his forehead furrowed but then eventually realized what Keir meant. He stood on his seat and fixed the collar of his royal blue and golden yellow clothing. Its beads glittered upon the luminous light of the grandiose chandelier from above them, were made of th
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Chapter Three
       The smell of the hot tea lingered inside Keir's throat. He felt like he didn't want to drink it anymore. He'd been like this whenever he encountered something that could trouble his mind. Overthinking and losing interest in everything, to name a few.         Keir had been standing here in front of the room, stuck between knocking right away or thinking first before knocking. To be honest, he didn't have any idea on how to approach the prince. His pride had been brutally lowered on his own will. Now that he had changed his mind, it would totally cost it a total lose.        Later, Keir just found himself knocking with his free hand.        "Come in!" Prince Zaeius answered inside.         Keir walked in with a tray of hot tea and teacups and rice cakes. He put it on the little table beside Méah's b
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Chapter Four
        "Report!" a voice echoed throughout the royal hall.        "Your majesty! The southern part of Belkoln Town is under attack! We need more men to defend it and its people." An exhausted soldier hurriedly came in.        "Alright. I will send aid right away," King Astius answered without hesitation.        "Yes, your majesty." The soldier bowed and left.         The royal adviser beat the cup-sized bell with an iron rod. After it echoed everywhere, a sound of a ringing bell answered from afar. It came nearer and nearer. At last, a blue-eyed, black owl with a small bell hanging on its neck came in flying. It landed at the back of the caller's hand then left after a rolled piece of paper was put on its claws.          Just as the king was about to leave
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Chapter Five
 'Could I at least get a more sensible one?'Keir let out a deep, shaky breath as he slowly closed his eyes, forgetting about how will he be able to defend themselves. If this was really going to be his end, then he didn't have the strength to look how it's going to happen. After all, how could a coward like him stand a chance against this monster?The ground roared as it swiftly closed the gap between the helpless healer. Everything on its way were torn into pieces. He could feel the thick dust that accompanied the devastating force from afar powdered his damp skin. An ear-splitting crash towards him made him feel like his soul would leave him anytime.'One...two...three...' Keir whispered in the air while shutting his eyes tightly. His hands felt numb but his shoulders could feel that they were shaking uncontrollably.Unexpectedly, the supposed to be horrendous scene that Keir had imagined to happen was replaced by a moment of silence. He c
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Chapter Six
            "Why, hello there little pup! Are you lost by any chance?" a dark-skinned man covered with tattoos and piercings mocked the stranger. The rest of them laughed maniacally.         The stranger remained silent, wearing an expressionless face. He's just standing there with an unusual posture. It was like he would fall to the ground any second soon as half of his body seemed to drag him down. A soft breeze blew the loose strands of messed hair into his pale face, waving in front of his blank eyes.         "I said leave him alone." His cracked lips slightly raised forming into a mischievous smirk.         "You're not kidding us, right?" the tallest one with a braided hair forwarded towards the stranger.  Another set of annoying laughters followed.       "Come on! Let's dance, b
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Chapter Seven
     By the time she spat those words out, the woman already knew something's wrong with Méah. And her thoughts of earning big benefits through her was replaced by full disappointment.       'Useless crap.'       Unlocking Méah's arms around her, she left the room with no words, banging the door heavily from the outside.       "Wait! Where are you going? Let us play!" Méah blurted out.      Tears started forming on her eyes, she started throwing tantrums.      'I just wanted to play with her! Why did she left me? Did she hate me?'        "Blonde Fairy! Don't leave yet! I want to play with you!" she squealed between her heavy       "Hmm..."
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Chapter Eight
        Along the steep trails through the misty forest, a mile away from the graveyard, three silhouettes traipsed. Daylight created irregular patterns of shadows and sharp glows from the leaves that waved to and fro, hanging from the towering trees above them.        The cool caress of the fresh breeze beneath the forest gave them chills instead. If not because of the hair-raising, lingering mist that had been there for they don't even know how long, they would have appreciated the relaxing ambience that nature provided.      "Man, why would Lady Shiah want some crappies for the ceremony?! I'm sure no one's alive after being disposed in that damned place!" the youngest one taunted, diverting the fear that had slowy engulfed his mind.            They never wanted to step on that rotten place. None of them. Considering that they're not a
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Chapter Nine
          'Don't cry, Méah' a cold, deep voice echoed in her head.            Another bolt of vivid images flashed like a lightning strike before her eyes. There were voices screaming....people...hands dripping with blood...all pointing at her!          'Méah! You're a monster!'          'You don't deserve to live!'          'You're a demon's daughter! You must die!'          'You'll pay for everything!'             'You brought disasters to this town, Méah!'         'Monster!'         'Unfortunate orphan!'
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Chapter Ten
              "Good heavens!" Bek exclaimed as soon as the horrible image of Méah's wound on her back, flashed before his eyes.         It took a long time removing the cloth that had glued itself above it, like a bandage on a wound that had been left unattended for weeks. The stinking smell of a rotten flesh made the old man cough for several times. Ferlah who was on her other side to assist, immediately looked away, not saying anything.        Undeniably, there were something tiny wriggling on it, lively playing through the holes of the dead flesh. The wound had grown these filthy parasites the time it got infected, slowing down its healing process. Some would even flick themselves out, causing them to fall to the ground, as though rebelling about what happened to their shelter.       Above all, of course, Méah suffered
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