Fangs and Feelings 2 { Kisses of the Dark }

Fangs and Feelings 2 { Kisses of the Dark }

By:  Yeesha Yusuf  Updated just now
Language: English
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“We’re the only ones who can help you. Just say the word. Beg us.” A cold smile tugged at my lips, as I crossed my arms, and stared daggers at them. “Never.” I said, through gritted teeth. *** To ascend the throne of her kingdom, Natasha Jace must attend a royal academy. Grudgingly, she agrees to attend the academy, only to meet her sworn enemies who were also students there. The pompous prince of Shadowers; Kai, the prince of Paradisia; Kaleb, and the arrogant prince of Zandaya; Xavier. Worse still, she becomes their roommate. Natasha soon discovers that the Dark Realm Royal Academy isn't all it seems, and to survive she must join hands with her enemies. This is an enemies-with-benefits reverse harem story, and the second book of Kings of Vermont Series. It can be read as a standalone.

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Crystal pen
Another book and it has me hooked already. I love this author.
2024-04-19 04:09:56
36 Chapters
Chapter One
Chapter One. NatashaLoud music poured out from the speakers placed at specific positions around the bar.“A glass of Black Martini, please,” I said to the bartender with a flirtatious smile. He smiled back, his gaze slipping down my face and to my cleavage.“This one's on me,” he said with a wink. I faked a smile, grabbed the glass and turned away with a “thank you.”Barcon wasn't as noisy as it usually was on other days. I gulped down the content of my glass, and glanced around the bar. My gaze finally landed on a guy seated a few tables from mine. He nursed his glance of wine, while scrolling through his phone.Although he wasn't so handsome, he wasn't bad looking either. He'd serve my purpose just fine.I approached him, already feeling tipsy. “Hey handsome, care for a dance?” I asked coquettishly.“I'm afraid not...” He began saying as he lifted his head up. A dazed look crossed his face, before his eyes lit up almost immediately.“Of course.” He said, rising to
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Chapter Two
Chapter Two. Natasha“I have no intention of changing my mind, Mother. You still have a long way to go, before descending from your position as queen. I don't want to become your successor,” I snapped, not bothering to hide the biting edge in my voice.She winced, and leaned down to gently raise her cup of tea from the table. I watched as she slowly brought it to her lips and took a sip. “I don't remember seeking your permission, Nat.” She said quietly. But beneath that calm facade, I could sense her boiling anger. I took a deep breath, and leaned against the sofa.After scolding me about my constant visits to the human realm, she'd asked to have a discussion with me. And here we were. “Mother, anyone could have the throne. I don't care.” I retorted. I was sorry for speaking to her in that manner, yet I wasn't.She remained silent for a while, and then holding my gaze she asked, “Even Calise?” My gaze turned sharp, and I straightened on my seat. A gnawi
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three. Natasha Stepping through the gates of the Academy was like walking into a different world. Towering stonewalled buildings, with winding staircases that led to their individual entrances. My eyes widened when I spotted flying gargoyles in the sky. I ignored my guide, as he warned me to stay close. And regretted it almost immediately. I ducked just in time as one headed straight for me. My knee scraped the gravel floor, and I cursed. “And you didn't deem it fit to warn me?” I hissed, rising to my feet. Thankfully, my pants had lessened the effect of my fall. “I told you to stay close. The gargoyles are hostile to non-students.” He said, and that was it. He didn't offer further information. He led me to one of the buildings that stood out. If I'd thought the Academy was majestic on the exterior, then the word for the interior would be; grand. Breathtaking. Paintings adorned the wall, and I let myself admire them as my guide led me
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four. Kai Natasha's face turned pale as Kaleb walked into the room. I tuned out the rest of their words, while I struggled to keep my anger at bay. Natasha at the Dark Realm Royal Academy? I pushed off the sofa and walked out of the room. They could kill themselves for all I cared. The hallway was unusually silent, courtesy of the first week of resumption. I rounded up a corner, and pushed the door open. “A knock would do, Sir Kai,” Sir Patrick said leisurely, without lifting his head from the book he was reading. “Take Natasha to another dorm.” I said straightforwardly. He finally lifted his head. “And why would I do that?” He countered. I took a step closer to him, slamming both hands on the table before him. He didn't flinch. I held his gaze as I gritted out the words. “Switch her dorm. The sight of her irks me.” “The only alternative is taking her to Dorm Beige.” He said with a sigh. I scoffed. “So? Isn't the Academy all about t
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Chapter Five
Chapter Five NatashaThe shock only lasted for a few seconds, before I pushed him off my body. His lips tugged up in an unrepentant smirk. Our lips had merely touched, and couldn't qualify as a kiss, but repulsion crawled over my skin. “Did you just kiss me?” It was a stupid question. But my brain wasn't moving in sync with my mouth. The question was out before I could stop it.“Head back to the dorm, Natasha. Now.” Kai ordered. The smirk had long disappeared, and he was now looking around warily.But I was way past caring about whatever was happening around the Academy.“If you don't answer my question, I'll break your jaw, by the Goddess.” My chest heaved. His watch had begun glowing again, and I observed it without appearing to.“It was barely a kiss. Don't think highly of yourself, Pest. I've kissed many girls, than I can probably keep count of.” He scoffed.I shook my head. Of course he had.“Don’t give me that crap.” I rasped, raising my forefinger. B
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Chapter Six
Natasha.“I’m sorry,” I apologized in a flustered manner, attempting to brush off the uniform of the student I'd just bumped into. Buried in my thoughts on my way to my seat, I hadn't seen her, the result was a glowering blonde looking at me with a look that could kill.“Sorry?” she repeated, disgust lacing her tone as she looked at me over. She held my wrist when I attempted to smoothen her uniform once more. “Don’t you dare touch me with those hands of yours.”I was inwardly seething with rage, but for the fact that I was the one who'd hit her first, not the other way round, I tried to maintain my calm.“I already said sorry. I was thinking about something.” I said, praying she'd just let it go.“Thinking? Hear that guys?!” She raised her voice for the benefit of other students, and her cohorts who were popping chewing gum beside her.She moved closer to me, and jabbed a finger at my chest. To my credit, I didn't lose my calm.“And what could a new stud
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Chapter Seven
Xavier.‘Don’t do it.’ My inner voice warned. I watched as the boy led Natasha out of the class. She didn't look good, with bruises covered over her body. I didn't care. She'd learn how to fight as time went by. But for now, even with all the strength she boasted, she was still weak compared to an average student of the Academy. I claimed that I didn't care, yet my tie seemed tighter than usual. And I wasn't even putting on a tie. They walked past me, and the boy dipped his head differentially, but Natasha walked past. A new rage brimmed within me, more at the fact that Natasha hadn't noticed me, than at the fact that the boy had saved her.I should've been the one to. Wait-I shook my head, and donned on my non passive look before walking into the class. The girl was still giggling over her triumph. Her back was turned towards the entrance of the class so she didn't notice my entrance until one of her cohorts gestured towards my direction.Her
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Chapter Eight
KaiShe hadn't seen me. I stood behind a tree far away from the garden, and watched as an unfamiliar guy tended to her. She was obviously in pain, but that wasn't the reason for my sudden anger. But what business of mine was it if my enemy was in pain? I didn't know how long I stood there for, but my chest twisted as she laughed at something the guy said. Before I could stop myself, I beelined towards them with a determined expression. “Should you be out here?” I deadpanned. Startled, the guy scrambled to his feet and bowed hurriedly. Natasha remained sitting like she hadn't seen me. “Sir Kai,” the guy said.“Do I have to repeat my question?” I asked, with a glint in my eyes. “Um, Lady Natasha had-”“The lady can speak for herself, or is our new student deaf and dumb?” I asked, still staring hard at her.No response.“How would you like your punishment, Sir-?” I cocked my head.“Aaron.” He replied weakly.“Aaron,” I repeated, stroking the rim of my
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Chapter Nine
Kaleb The hall was eerily dark, with soft cold air flowing in through the opened shutters. Different masked men trooped into the meeting room. We were all dressed in the normal black midnight cloaks and a black ski masks to hide our individual identities. No one knew each other in the Sacred Order, even if you might be best friends outside. Inside here, no one was your friend. We were asked to keep the secret of the society from everyone including our spouses and close friends. No one here knew me. Or maybe they did… But it didn't matter. We were strangers to each other. Strangers who wouldn’t hesitate to kill each other. People who wouldn't hesitate to drive a sword into another's back without hesitation, all for a higher rank. I sat on my chair, my leg bouncing beneath my cloak. I was extremely hot inside, and goddess knew how I hated wearing this damned costume to this fucked up meeting. The head of the society was nowhere near the arena and we were already full and waiti
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Chapter Ten
Natasha A week passed by in a hurry. I entered my room one night, hoping to get some rest before the dinner party which was scheduled to start in a few hours’ time. It was dark outside and dusk had settled, ushering the cold wind flowing from the southern coast. The moonlight was as bright as day and the crickets and otherworldly animals made different sounds, harmoniously playing nature’s music. I heard the sounds of laughter, prompting me to look out the window of my room. I saw a few guys laughing downstairs as they arranged some stuff that we’d be using for the party. The school was going to be having a dinner party with our rival school, Dam Academy. And like Sir Aaron had told me, it was an annual tradition. I sighed and quickly went into the bathroom to freshen up, which made me relax a little. Nothing felt better than warm water splashing on your skin in the slightly cold weather. Once I finished, I donned my pajamas and was about to take my sleeping draught out of hab
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