Chapter - 07

Austin Williams and Ellis Martin went out of the mall and went to the parking lot. But Ellis's friends left him with their car. Ellis couldn't help but sighed.

"What happened?" Asked Austin.

"I forget I told my friends to leave first. Now I have to book a cab." Replied Ellis.

"If you don't mind, I can give you a ride." Said Austin.

"No..... no.... it's okay. I can go on my own. Fortunately they took my shopping bags." Said Ellis.

"Why? Will it effects your mission?" Austin asked.

"It's not like that. I just don't want to bother you." Said Ellis.

"Then get in. I will drop you." Said Austin in a commanding tone and Ellis obediently got in the car.

Austin also got in the car and headed to Phoenix Mansion to drop Ellis. In the whole ride they talked about various things. Both of them enjoyed their company.

After a hour, they reached their destination. Ellis got of the car and thanked him.

"Would you like to come inside." Said Ellis.

"No... it's okay." Replied Austin.

"Why not? Please com
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