Chapter - 06

In a mall

Austin Williams roamed the mall and bought new clothes, shoes and every necessary things for him. He also bought cleaning essential for Adonis Williams and Mrs. Williams because they were neat freak. He bought something for everyone in their mansion.

After shopping, he went to a cafe to have a drink. Before he sat on one of the tables his eyes caught the sight of a not so familiar person. He stared at the person carefully and was sure that it's Officer Ethan Wilson. He wouldn't mistake. He was one of the best soldiers of his batte line. His eyes never mistook specially the person who caught his interest. But he didn't understand why Ethan was doing here. Wasn't he suppose to be in a mission? Austin was thinking that and without his realization, his long legs walk on his own towards the table where Ethan was sitting with some people.

Austin approached Ethan and called him. "Officer Wilson?"

"Dr. Williams!" Said Ellis Martin. Well, Austin mistook Ellis as officer Ethan.

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