Fated to my brother's alpha friend

Fated to my brother's alpha friend

By:  Riley Above Story  Ongoing
Language: English
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When you're pregnant, your bf ghosted you immediately after you told him the news. Your brother's buddy, Albert, the alpha billionaire, stepped in and offered you a job as his personal secretary. Things got wild when you ran into your no-good bf again. He provoked you, and impulsively, you kissed Albert for revenge.Little did you know, Albert's fame meant that kiss was caught by a swarm of reporters. Right then, Albert dropped to one knee in his sleek suit and reached out his hand. "My dear, will you marry me?"

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11 Chapters
Chapter 0001
I stood outside the interview venue of Crescent Moon company, the fancy decor starkly contrasting with my current predicament. This was undoubtedly the hardest time in my life: I was unexpectedly pregnant and my savings were far from enough to support a child. If my boyfriend had stayed, we coul
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Chapter 0002
‘Holy shit,’ I thought blankly to myself. ‘He does remember me.” Part of me wasn’t entirely sure if that was a good thing or not. It had been over six years since we last saw each other. James had no real reason to remember who I was. Back then, I was just an ordinary, overweight girl who always f
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Chapter 0003
By the time I got home, I felt utterly drained yet buzzed with excitement. My ongoing emotional roller-coaster experience took whatever energy I had left and tossed it clear out the window. But, nonetheless, I was still very much excited for myself. I changed out of my damp clothes and into someth
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Chapter 0004
I was devastated. Shocked. Furious. Completely shattered. It was as if the world around me came to a sudden stand-still and I was stuck frozen in time, being forced to bear witness to the terrible sight in front of me. All that time during Peter’s disappearance, I was convinced that something ho
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Chapter 0005
Oh, sweet heavenly Jesus. Kissing James caused a series of fireworks to go off in my stomach. The warm, soft feel of his lips against my own made me feel weightless. It was like everything I’d ever imagined it would be and much, much more. I knew I was well out of my depth when I first made the
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Chapter 0006
My heart slammed violently against my ribcage in utter panic as I glared down at James in sheer disbelief. “James,” I hissed between my teeth. “What the hell are you doing? You know damn well we’re already going to end up on the front cover of tomorrow’s newspaper.” “Sweetheart, the longer you h
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Chapter 0007
“Oh my God,” I gasped. “I’m so sorr—” I’d quickly yanked my hand back, but it wasn’t due to the total mortification that was only now beginning to fill me. It was because of the sudden shock of electricity that sprang through my body. It was so strange that I was at a loss for words. James cou
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Chapter 0008
Albert was still eyeing the salesman with an authoritative stare. The man was rushing now to remove the necklace from the case, and held it out to me. Suddenly it didn’t look so appealing and pretty. “I wish you wouldn’t make this into such a thing,” I said to Albert quietly, waving off the necklace.“You’re my wife now, in every sense except the paperwork. You agreed to the terms. You’ll need to learn to adjust to being Mrs. Derek, and Mrs. Derek does not tolerate, nor should she, any disrespect. You’re better than that.”Everyone was still staring.The manager, who had noticed the scene, came forward and began his own spew of apologies to us both. “Miss, please, if you’ll allow me,” he gushed, taking my arm and leading me toward an especially glittery case in the middle of the store.Albert, however, seemed satisfied with the flood of respect and reverence. The manager began opening the cases and pulling out rings as big as walnuts, setting them in a bright sharp line on the top of
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Chapter 0009
There it was again - his casual dismissive attitude. The delightful thought of my bed vanished into a pop. I felt frustration rising to the surface. “NO! I want to go home, Albert! I’m tired, I’m so drained. I want to be in my own bed. You can’t keep making every decision for me like this! Take me home!”Albert scoffed. “That unsafe apartment complex? Come now, Mia. You can’t think that’s the proper place to raise a baby. And besides, I remember Chris, and I remember you. I know how many weird items he has collected over the years.”It was true. Chris, whose work kept him moving, tended to use my location as a dumping ground for his findings. My apartment was crammed full of oddities he had collected on his travels. Antiques, artifacts. Sharp breakable things, with rough cutting edges. I thought again about the dumpster outside my apartment and the rickety stairs. “Tell me that’s the proper place to raise a baby.”I sat angrily quietly, unable to argue. “Mia, you’ll see. My home is
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Chapter 0010
I snapped my head around to face him and glared. “No, James! This is stretching things too far. You can’t just make all of these major decisions and expect me to go home with you,” I stated. “You are going to take me back home—to my home! Now!” Of course, James kept his demeanor resolute while I w
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