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A woman who made the biggest mistake of her life. A woman who cheated and hurt the only woman who supported her and loved her. Decisions that she regrets and has some painful consequences. Hestia is a caring, cheerful woman. Everyone adores her for her authenticity. Until she met a woman that will introduce her to love and pain. Hecate was broken and at the brink of bankruptcy. Until she met a woman who made her feel loved and safe. But she chose a decision that she would soon regret. She was ready to settle down when she made the biggest mistake of her life. Hestia came back, strong and confident. Hecate wants Hestia back. Will Hestia forgive her?? Will Hecate make the same mistake again??? What certain action did Hecate make just to make Hestia hers again??? Will they have their happy ending???

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Hello everyone, author here. next week I will post the final chapter of this book, and I will stop writing for a while due to my many school works then I have some school responsibility that need my full attention. thank you for reading my stories, I love you all...... ~AALLEEXXIIIAANDRRIA
2022-09-24 16:47:50
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Loving this book so far. Along with the last one! ...️
2022-02-21 14:37:08
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Georgina Sarpong
As humans, we make mistakes and learn from it and I know Hecate has learned hers. I pray Hestia forgives her so they can live happily. I love their characters.
2022-05-14 06:10:43
58 Chapters
I entered Hecate's house to get all of my remaining clothes and items. So I can go back to Greece and fulfill my Royal Duties.I entered her bedroom and I saw her pass out in the bed, while alcohol reeks in her. I sigh and grab a pale of warm water and cloth. I set the pale water on the floor and started wiping her forehead.Then she murmured in her sleep, "Agnes." And it breaks my heart again."Even im not the one present in your dreams."I murmured then I hurriedly clean her and change her clothes so she can sleep peacefully. I put some Advil on the bedside table, along with my engagement ring and a letter.Then I pack my things and silently, leaving the house. My tears started to fall from my eyes."You will always be the love of my Life Hecate," I whispered at the wind and left.I woke up with a massive headache,
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Chapter 1
Hestia.In a few weeks, I'll be marrying the Love of my life. I'm here right now at Hecate's office, I want to surprise her.I entered the elevator and after a few minutes im in Hecate's office floor. Her secretary is out.As I opened the door, and the scene in front of me is killing me. Tears started to fall from my eyes. I can't believe what is happening in front of me.Hecate is having sex with her ex-wife on her desk."He-Hecate??" I called out her name and she looks up at me with a shock in her eyes.I wanna lash out, I wanna scream, I want to hurt them. But I can't, why is it I can't bring myself to hurt them?? So I just left.I immediately left the place, and I can hear Hecate calling my name.Why Hecate???!!Am I not good enough for you?? As tears started to swell in my eyes.You s
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Chapter 1.1
Hestia"I'm going back to Greece and start fulfilling my royal duties," I said weakly to Nyx."Are gonna talk to Hecate before you leave???" She asks softly.I shook my head as a tear falls from my eyes after hearing her name."I can't face her, Nyx. I don't have the strength to face her right now." I said weekly."But you have to talk to her Katana, she's still your fiancee and you deserve to hear the explanation for the sake of your sanity," Nyx exclaimed."Nyx, if I saw her again I'll just hurt myself." A tear fall from my eyes.HecateI'm here at my house right now, drinking every ounce of liquor that I could find.Amelia couldn't find Hestia no matter how hard she tries. God why the fucking fuck did I hurt her?I wanna beat myself up for hurting Hestia. I walk towards my closet and Hestia's clot
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Chapter 1.2
HecateI look everywhere for Hestia, but the time I got there she's already gone. I just got home and grab the nearest liquor that I could find. I sigh and my eyes started to water again."Hestia my love, im sorry, please where are you?? Come back to me, my love." I muttered into the wind.Then I heard somebody knocking on my door. I stood up to look who it is and it's Lilith. I opened the door to let her in."So did you find her??" Lilith asked then hand me a bottle of liquor.I shook my head and led her to the living room where we sat down and I took a swig of Whiskey she brought."I was too late, she already left when I arrive there." As the pain creeps into my heart again."Sorry Hecate, so what are you gonna do now??" Lilith asks, concerned."I don't know Lilith, im scared of losing her. She's gonna come back to me right Lilith?? We'r
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Chapter 2
Amelia I'm here in my living room right now, listening to my commander-in-chief. "X, King Atticus himself told us that you should stop pestering the crown Princess of house Astaril." "But chief, it's for a friend." I tried reasoning with him. "I don't care X, King Atticus already threatened to shut this organization down and believe me he has the power to stop our organization. If you don't stop looking for her daughter, our whole operations all over the world are done." I sigh and shook my head. "Chief my friend is miserable-" My sentence was cut off. "I don't give a crap about your friend X, there's a lot of people counting on this organization and I won't let your friend be the downfall of this group. I'm warning you X if you disobey my command I will have your clearance and badge revoked." My chief said in a se
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Chapter 2.1
[Eleanor]"Yes, your Majesty Hestia's with me." I replied.King Atticus took a deep sigh of relief."Where are you, Eleanor??" King Atticus asks."Hestia and I are in my ice skating rink, your Majesty," I replied.Yes, I own this ice skating rink. My father build it for me because I told him I wanna try ice skating. But I grew out of it and decided to share it with everyone. "Thank you, Eleanor. Please take your time in there, Hestia needs it." King Atticus replied, and I can hear the gratefulness in his voice.He hangs up the call. I handed my phone to the security beside me, I grabbed a pair of ice skating shoes, and tie them properly.I entered the ice skating rink and joined Hestia. I gently grabbed her by the waist, to stop her from her tracks, she opene
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Chapter 2.2
[Hestia]Greg left my room, and I immediately entered my bathroom to freshen up. I took a quick shower, entered my walk-in closet. I put some light makeup on, then look for something casual to wear. As im rummaging through my closet, I realize that I need to go shopping.I put on some oversize blue sweater tucked in a short high waisted denim skirt. I put on some white shoes, then hurriedly left my room.I immediately walk towards my father's office and damn my room and my father's office are so far. I guess I kinda forgot how to live in a palace. I sigh as I keep walking to my father's office. After a few minutes, I've arrived outside my father's office. I gently knock on the door, then Greg opens the door, I entered his office and as I enter, I saw Eleanor sitting in front of my father's table."Father I am here." I announced myself, then I turn to face Eleanor.
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Chapter 3
~5 years~[Hestia]I'm here looking myself in the mirror as I ready myself, for my first public appearance. I'm wearing a white one shoulder satin A-line slit gown, with a gold belt, finished with a white stiletto.For my hair, my stylist decided to let my ginger hair fall. And im back to wearing a tiara, my stylist secured the diamond encrusted Ansorena tiara on my head. She made sure that it won't fall off my head.For 5 years, I've been learning to be a Princess and soon to be Queen. Eleanor would teach me every day, and the two of us have gotten pretty close for the past 5 years.Eleanor has been with me through my ups and downs. Days that I'm down because of heartaches. The time that I would cry about little things reminded me of Hecate. Eleanor was there for me, she helped me move on from Hecate. Then Eleanor and I would
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Chapter 3.1
[Hestia]I just finished my speech, and now my father and I are sitting in front and the middle of the table, and beside me is Eleanor, eating.Eleanor looked at me then gently smile, then resumes eating.After a few hours of mingling with the house leaders and members of parliament, the event has finally ended. Eleanor was about to head home and I was about to head home when my father speaks."Eleanor and Hestia, please come with me to my office, I have something important to discuss with the both of you." My father said.Eleanor and I looked at each other and then shrugs.My father started walking towards his office and we followed him. Eleanor and I are just following my father, silently. After a few minutes of walking, we have arrived at his office. As the three of us entered his office, he immediately speaks.
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Chapter 3.2
[Hestia]I just hid my face against my pillow, as Eleanor replied to Greg."We'll be out in 30 minutes Greg." Eleanor shouted."Great, His Majesty is waiting for the two of you in his office. He has something important to tell you before you're flight." Greg said."Thank you, Greg." Eleanor replied.Eleanor continued laughing, then crawled back on top of me, removing the pillow off my face.As she removes the pillow, I was pouting. Then Eleanor's laughing intensified, as she saw me pouting.She dropped a sweet kiss into my lips, then whisper."Wanna continue this in the bathroom agápi??"Eleanor said in a husky tone, biting my lower lip.I immediately nod, then I whisper against her lips."But we only hav
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