Forbidden Fruit: Mated to My Sister's Human Best Friend

Forbidden Fruit: Mated to My Sister's Human Best Friend

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Language: English
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Sofia Jones is a seventeen-year-old human who has never met her father. Her mother is never around because she would rather spend her time at the club than with her daughter. She isn't the most popular girl in school and only has one friend, Ella. Sofia has been in love with her best friend's twin brother since middle school, but she knows they can never be together, not only because he is the most popular boy who has been bullying her since freshman year but also because he is her best friends brother. Ethan Black is the most popular boy in school. He is the Quarterback of the football team, and he can have any girl he wants, except for the one he has been in love with since the fifth grade, Sofia. She is his twin sister's best friend, but that is not the only reason he can't have her. Ethan Black is a werewolf, along with his twin sister and the rest of his family, and Sofia is a human who knows nothing about werewolves. Ethan has been bullying her since freshman year. He feels it is better to push her away than to stay close to her. He knows he will meet his Mate soon since his eighteenth birthday is coming up, but something shocking happens. He discovers that Sofia is his Mate. Now, he is determined to make Sofia his, but will he be able to do that after the way he has been treating her? How will Sofia react when she discovers werewolves and other supernatural beings exist? What happens when the Vampire King takes a liking to Sofia and wants to make her his? Who will Sofia end up with? You will have to read to find out!

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Hayley Salvatore
A great story as always. I wonder when will you update Destiny and Carter's book?
2024-03-20 20:10:58
user avatar
when is Jennifer and Poppy's book going to be out
2024-03-10 07:31:07
default avatar
I'm loving this one. It's gonna be one of my favorites but when will you update your other stories?
2024-02-20 23:29:16
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Michaela Kukowski
I can't wait for more chapters. I love your books and become obsessed with them... I really hope you update more soon!!!
2024-01-26 04:40:44
155 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter OneSofia's Point of View"I love you so much Sofia. You are the most beautiful girl in the world," Ethan said as he caressed my cheek."I love you too, Ethan, So much. I wish we could be together but I know we can't," I replied with a frown."Don't say that. Yes, we can," Ethan said"But no one would approve of us," I said"I don't care what anyone thinks; you are mine, forever," Ethan said, and he pulled my body closer to his. I knew he was about to kiss me. I closed my eyes, waiting for our lips to connect."Beep, beep, Beep." I woke up to my alarm going off. I looked at my nightstand to see it was six in the morning. I couldn't help but gasp."Why does the dream always end before he kisses me?" I said to myself. I had been having the same dream for months about the guy I was in love with, A guy I would never have. My door busted open, causing me to jump from shock. "Shut that damn thing off," My mom said, and I pressed the button, making my alarm stop beeping. "Damn, So
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Chapter 2
Sofia's Point of ViewElla was standing by my locker when I got there. "Hey, Sof. I was worried you wouldn't make it to class in time," Ella said"Hey, So was I. The bus was late getting here because there was an accident," I said"I don't know why you won't let me come and pick you up from your house," Ella said. She had been offering to pick me up and take me home since she got her license, but I lived an hour away. Also, I didn't want her to see where I lived. It wasn't the best side of town, and I didn't want her meeting my mom. I knew if she did, she would feel sorry for me, and that was something I didn't want. I didn't want someone to feel pity for me."Thanks, but I live too far away, Ella," I said"I don't mind coming to get you," Ella said"I know, but I don't mind taking the bus, and I don't want to inconvenience you," I said truthfully. I knew Ella wanted to argue, but she left it alone, making me happy. We went to our first period class, which was Calculus, and sat next to
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Chapter 3
Sofia's Point of View"Hey, Sof, wait up," I heard Ella say. School was over, and I was on my way to the bus stop. I stopped walking and looked at Ella as she ran the rest of the way to where I was standing."Hey, I don't have time to talk. I have to make it to the bus stop before I miss it. I have to get to work," I said. I worked at a place called Ronny's Diner and had to take two buses to get there. "I will take you," Ella said"It is over an hour away," I replied"I don't mind taking you, Sof," Ella said. "Okay, thanks," I said. I had never let her take me anywhere before, but I was most likely going to miss the bus, and I couldn't be late for work again. I had to pay the gas bill as soon as possible, and I was sure the light bill needed to be paid soon as well. I gave my mom the money to pay them, but she obviously didn't. I needed to keep my job, and if I was late, I was sure there was a chance that Ronny, the owner of the Diner, would fire me."Oh, I need to get my calculus b
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Chapter 4
Sofia's Point of ViewIt was four fifty, and I was waiting for Ella to come and pick me up. I told her to call me once she got here, and I would come outside to meet her. I barely got any sleep because of how cold it had been the night before, and I kept waking up. Suddenly, I heard the door open. I walked out of my room to see my mom and her boyfriend walk inside. I wondered what they were doing here. My mom said she would be staying at his house. "Sof," My mom said, and then she looked at me. "There you are. We need to talk," My mom said. Then, there was a knock on the door, causing me to worry. That couldn't be Ella. I told her to message me and I would meet her outside. My mom opened the door, and sure enough, Ella was standing on the other side. "Who are you?" My mom asked. "Hello, My name is Ella. I am here to pick up Sofia," Ella said as I walked over to where Ella and my mom were standing. "Oh, I didn't know Sofia had any friends," My mom said"I am ready to go, Ella. I w
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Chapter 5
Sofia's Point of View"You look so beautiful, Sof," Ella said. Once we made it to Ella's room, I took a shower in her bathroom that was attached to her room. I sighed when I felt the water on my body. It felt nice having hot water again. Then, I put on the dress that Ella bought for me. It was a short red dress that showed off all of my curves. Once I was dressed, Ella did my hair and makeup. "Don't you think it is too much? I mean, I don't normally wear things this revealing," I said"You look great, Sof, and it isn't too revealing. Ethan is going to love it," Ella said"What do you mean?" I asked"Nothing," Ella said. I didn't understand why she would think Ethan would like what I was wearing. I was sure he would ignore me like he always did. He wouldn't spare me a glance. I hated how my thoughts upset me. I hated that I wanted Ethan to want me just like I wanted him. There was a knock at the door, and Tammie, Ella's mom, walked inside. "You two look so beautiful," Tammie said"T
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Chapter 6
Sofia's Point of ViewI didn't know what was going on. Ethan was hugging me tightly, and I knew he was sniffing my neck. I didn't know what to do. Even though I was confused, it didn't change how good it felt with him holding me. I could even feel these pleasurable tingles going through my body, and I was sure it was because of him. It was weird because I had never felt anything like it. "It's you. I can't believe it's you. You have no idea how happy I am that it's you," Ethan said as he looked at me with a smile on his face, confusing me more."Um, what are you talking about?" I asked, and Ethan's smile turned into a frown. I looked around to see everyone was staring at us. Eric walked over to where Ethan and I were standing and placed his hand on Ethan's shoulder."I need to speak to you in my office, Ethan," Eric said, and he looked at his dad. "Okay," Ethan said, and then he looked at me. "I will be back," Ethan said, and then he walked away with Eric. Everyone was still looking
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Chapter 7
Ethan's Point of View(Earlier that morning)"Wake up, Ethan," I heard Ella say before she poured cold water on me, causing me to open my eyes and sit up on my bed. "Happy Eighteenth Birthday, brother," Ella laughed as she ran out of my room."I am going to get you back, Ella," I growled. I should have known she was going to pull a stunt like that. She always did something to me every year on our birthday. I got up out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, which was attached to my room. I took off my wet clothes and got into the shower. My name is Ethan Black, and today is my eighteenth birthday, along with my twin sister Ella. You would think that we hated each other because of the way she just poured water on me, but we were actually really close. I loved my sister, and she loved me. I would never let anyone hurt her, and she would never let anyone hurt me. After taking a shower, I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and headed back to my room. A few minutes later, there was a knock o
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Chapter 8
Ethan's Point of View"Ethan, wait up," My best friend and future beta, Ryan, said, causing me to stop walking and look at him. "Where are you going?" Ryan asked. "For a walk. I need some air," I said. I needed to get away from Jane. She wouldn't leave me alone. She apologized to me for trying to mark me. She told me it was her wolf and that she felt terrible. I wasn't sure if she was being truthful. I had a feeling she was the one who wanted to mark me and not her wolf, but I decided to let it go and told her that I forgave her. It was a big mistake because, after that, she wouldn't keep her hands off of me. She was acting like we were still in a relationship. She was calling me baby and trying to kiss and hug me. I couldn't take it anymore, and I needed to get out of the packhouse, so I decided to go for a walk. "I will walk with you," Ryan said, and we started walking toward the woods in silence. "It's because of my sister, isn't it?" Ryan asked. Yes, Jane was Ryan's twin sister,
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Chapter 9
Sofia's Point of ViewI had never been so happy in my life. The girl I had always loved was my mate. I put my face into her hair and inhaled her scent. I would never get enough of her scent. I was sure everyone was watching, but I didn't care. The only person that mattered was Sofia. "It's you. I can't believe it's you. You have no idea how happy I am that it's you," I said. I pulled away and looked at her face, and smiled. "Um, what are you talking about?" Sofia asked, causing me to frown. Sofia looked so shocked, and I couldn't blame her. I was sure she was confused about what I was talking about. She was probably wondering why I was hugging and talking to her after all of these years of ignoring her. My dad walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. He told me that we needed to talk in his office, and I knew he wanted to talk to me about Sofia being my mate. I told Sofia that I would be back before following him to my office. I could tell everyone was shocked that she wa
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Chapter 10
Sofia's Point of View"There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you. What are you doing out here?" Ella asked as she sat beside me on the grass. After seeing Ethan and Jane kissing, I went for a walk. I needed to get away from him. Seeing Ethan and Jane together always made me feel bad. I always wished I was the woman he decided to be with. For some reason, it hurt even more today when she kissed him. I could feel a pain in my chest, and I felt like he had betrayed me by being with her. I know I had no right to feel that way, but I did. I wished I could talk to Ella about my feelings for her brother, but I knew I couldn't. I was sure she would be upset with me if she knew how I felt about him. No one wants their best friend to get with their brother. I was sure she would think I wasn't good enough for him anyway. Hell, I knew I wasn't."I just needed to get away for a moment," I said as I looked at the moon. "Are you okay?" Ella asked worriedly"Yeah," I replied. I could te
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