My Twins' Dad Is The Alpha

My Twins' Dad Is The Alpha

By:  Snow White  Ongoing
Language: English
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After she was sold to the traditional medical center at age 12, Renae Hart survived the life threatening training and became an healer. On the night of her 18th birthday and first shift, she encountered a wounded wolf and saved his life. The next morning, Jennifer Tower, the Beta's daughter discovered the wounded wolf and impersonated Ranae as the healer who treated him.Using the lives of her friends, she threatened Renea to keep quiet as she took her place. A few months later Renae found out that she is pregnant. Out of shame, she fled the pack. But future has something different for her.

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Monique Gomez-Tromp
Liking it so far. Good first chapters!
2023-11-10 03:19:54
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Becky Hills
The start has already swept me in. looking forward to read more of it.
2023-11-10 02:49:18
117 Chapters
Chapter 1
Logan's POV I couldn't bear the excitement a fortnight ago when I received the order to return home. I have always been away from my pack since I had my first shift. But this was the first time I had spent almost a year at once outside of my pack. My father prided himself in sending me on missions outside the pack's territory. It's safe to say I am a wayfarer. I saddled my horse into the cold evening with about four guards trailing behind. I was supposed to meet Beta Peter at the borders, my father had promised to send him down. The troops at the garrison of the new pack which I had helped to build saluted as I galloped away. The pack was still new and a high level of security was needed. It was a time when rogue wolves were running wild. They invaded and destroyed new packs easily. "Stop!" I ordered the few guards that were with me as we neared the borders. They halted immediately, and I addressed them. "I will go alone from here. Go back and reinforce the security around your
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Chapter 2
Renae's POV My name is Renae Hart. I am the illegitimate daughter of Alex Hart. I have no knowledge about my biological mother and I can't ask either. Any time I asked, my father always beat me up, mercilessly. My stepmother, Lucy, despises me. Not only her, I believe my father hates me too. My existence is a shameful reminder of his reckless youth. Despite my mother's absence, he never showed me fatherly affection. Even though I shared half of his DNA like Alice, my step-sister, he never treated me the same way he treats her. All he wanted was to push me out of his life and he did it. On my twelfth birthday, we had a visitor. I was made to serve him and even as young as I was, I noticed his keen interest in me. The visitor had a discussion with my father behind closed doors and when they were done, I was dragged away by a guard that came with the man. I was dragged down to our pack's hospital where I realized that I had been sold to the traditional medical treatment department
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Chapter 3
Renae POV It was twilight. Eagerly, I fixed on my sneakers and walked into the cold evening. My hands were tucked into the pockets of my faded jeans while the loop of the hoodie of my hooded sweatshirt was fastened around my neck. Slowly, I walked along the creek that led to my secret hideout in the woods. The earrings June gave me whispered in my ears, tinkling with a clear sound. They were silver metal hoops with a half-moon and a string of stars hanging from them. The two moons on either side could be joined to form one, with the letters R and J engraved on their backs, symbolizing that we are always together. I truly loved my sunshine lady. Finally, I caught the pleasant scent of Wild Lilac. I knew I had reached my secret hideout. The spot has been my refuge over the years. The first time I found it, I was on the brink of death. I had taken a lethal poison made from cobra venom and without the antidote, death was nigh. Was it the scent of the wild lilac? How I survive
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Chapter 4
Renae's POV The pain of my first shift was still fresh and my body was sore. When I was done, he looked better and his whimpering stopped. He breathed evenly and I was satisfied with the job well done. "It's worth the stress," I muttered and rose to my feet, yarning. Looking at him, I eyed his large body and fur. I was exhausted and cold, so I laid on top of him to sleep. "Hmmm…" I moaned satisfactorily as soon as I pressed into his body. His fur was soft and warm, easing away my tension. I breathed noisily as his strong hazelnut scent wafted into my nose. An unprecedented sense of comfort swept over me, making me feel safe. Slowly, my eyes fluttered and sleep took over me I woke up startled in the middle of the night, I was awakened by a dream. I tried to stretch out my body but I felt restrained. My back was crushed against the hard floor and the soft fur beneath me was gone. "What the heck? Where did he go?" I thought and my eyes fluttered as I became wide awake. I f
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Chapter 5
Renae's POV It was morning and I had just woken up. Light rays seeped through the cracks in the walls and the small opening of the cave. I stretched out my body and nudged myself out of the arms of the man that was sleeping beside me. His face was bathed in the sun rays, giving him an angelic appearance. I chuckled as I gave him a keen look. I watched the rise and fall of his chest as he slept peacefully. No more whizzing nor whimpering, he was at ease. My eyes roved over his whole length and I realized how tall he must be. He looked sturdy with an appreciable amount of muscles distributed in appropriate parts of his body. Although his eyes were closed, it did not hide his beauty. His jaws were perfectly chiseled to fit his cheeks, giving his face an almond shape. His lips were thin and pink, making me remember the kiss we shared. I blushed and grinned sheepishly. "Dammit! I am late!" I yelled suddenly, breaking my gaze from him. He shifted in his sleep and I blamed myself for
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Chapter 6
Logan’s POV My eyes fluttered but they didn't open, I seemed to be having a sweet dream. In my dream, there was a faceless girl. She was cuddled on my chest sleeping peacefully. Her body was soft and her scent sent thrills down my loins. Moaning sweetly, I sniffed her scent and pushed her beneath me. I rose on my four limbs and watched her sweetly as I transformed to my human form. My legs buckled and I fell beside her. I shook my head repeatedly as I tried to attain focus, but my vision remained blurry and I couldn't capture her face. Her scent was irresistible and I couldn't have enough of it. Slowly, I nudged myself towards her until I was laying on her. "Beautiful!" Leon, my wolf muttered, wagged his tail. I knew he was also thrilled. My dick pulsated, but I remained on top of her waiting for her to be awake. When she opened her eyes, she seemed like a goddess. I still did not capture her face but I ended up making love to her. Wait, why on earth was I dreaming about this?
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Chapter 7
Renae's POV The rustling stopped immediately after I had hid myself. I couldn't wait for long, I had to return to school as soon as possible. I looked around carefully and when no one was in sight. I bumped out of my hiding and once again, I was on my way. In no time, I covered the creek and made my way down to my secret spot. I couldn't help but sniffle as the smell of wide lilac wafted into my nose. How I loved the smell. The cave where I had hidden the injured man was just a stone's throw from my secret hideout. I smiled and hastened my footsteps. Just as I was about to approach the cave, I heard a swoosh from behind. I turned around swiftly to behold Jennifer Tower. My eyes thinned into a frown as I looked at her in shock and confusion. She stared at me haughtily, dragging my backpack from me. "What are you doing!?" I yelled as some of the content spilled. Her eyes shone in bewilderment as she realized what they were meant for. "Oh… I see… it was you…see who we've got here
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Chapter 8
Logan's POV I was almost dozing off when my ears caught the sounds of footsteps. Someone was definitely coming for me and I was alert. I don't know if it was one of my men or an enemy. I pretended to be asleep while I waited. "My Prince…" A feminine voice said and my eyes flung open. I blinked repeatedly as I identified who it was- Jennifer Tower, the Beta's daughter. I must be imagining things, I said to myself, blinking hard. While I was still doubting, she rushed at me and knelt beside me. "Jenny! You're here so fast. I mean… where are the others? Is your father safe? Is he back home? We were attacked yesterday," I asked curiously. "Thank goodness! Thank goodness! You are finally awake!" She yelled in relief, ignoring my questions. Her gaze roved over me and she looked surprised and pleased. My eyes thinned into a frown and I stared at her as I tried to read meaning to her actions. Why is she looking like that… Is she the one? I wondered. "You were unconscious all night!
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Chapter 9
Renae's POVI scurried into the nearby bushes as l heard a faint rustling. From my hideout, I saw Jennifer. She stepped out of the cave, and right beside her was the guy whom I had treated all night. It turned out that he was Prince Logan, the Alpha's son. Seeing him reminded me of the sex I had with him.He wasn't fit enough to walk on his own. He draped his arm across Jennifer's shoulders and held her hand with his free hand.I bit my lower lips as I watched them leave hand in hand. That was supposed to be my spot! I saved him… We had something, I thought, biting down my lips harder until I tasted salt.Just like Logan heard me. He stopped in his tracks, he looked around frantically, like he was searching for something. "Yes, it is me. I am here!" I yelled in my head brokenly and held my breath. He must not find out."What is it?" Jennifer asked and sneaked a peek in the direction that Logan was scanning."It's nothing," Logan said and Jennifer nudged him forward. When they were o
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Chapter 10
Renae's POVAs Luna's words settled in, everyone in the room was stunned. The idea of Jennifer becoming Logan's fiancée seemed to catch everyone off guard.Alpha Lucas' lips moved but he couldn't utter any word. Beta Peter's eyes shone in unbelief but it was quickly replaced with a mischievous sneer.Shakily, I rose to my feet. My head remained bowed and I sneaked a peek at Jennifer."Luna Nina!!!" Jennifer suddenly giggled, putting on her best act. She acted like she was shocked like everyone."Yes, dear. You saved my son. You can't end up being his maid, you should have him and serve him properly," Luna responded cheerfully.Jeniffer blushed in embarrassment, but a radiant and mischievous smile spread across her face, betraying her shock at the unexpected proposal."Luna…." She called in a whisper as she tried to find her voice.Alpha Lucas cleared his throat, trying to maintain composure despite the surprising turn of events. "Well, I must say, Luna, that's a rather unconventional
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