Generation Z TeenWolf

Generation Z TeenWolf

By:  The Fallen Redeemer  Ongoing
Language: English
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I chose to live a thorough but optimistic life along with my human family and friends for almost eighteen years. Unbeknownst, my thorough and optimistic life folded after I was bitten by a werewolf. I became the beast that I am afraid of. Everything started with one bite. During my eighteenth birthday, my whole life has completely changed after I have discovered everything about my true identity. Green Hills acknowledged me as Mark Mcwell but in the past, I was named, Emir, a Prince who was destined to become the Child's Prophecy who could dethrone the Beast Lord from the other realm. With the help of my true parents who were pure werewolves by blood, I was able to reach and control the beast inside me. I have undergone various trials in life from saving my reelevated family and friends from everyone who was hunting and trying to control my true potential as a werewolf. Over the years, I am cautiously keeping the mystery about me. As the saying goes to say, "No secret remains to be a secret".

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The Fallen Redeemer
Good day, everyone! This is your lovely writer, The Fallen Redeemer. Please, be informed that I will be revising this book from chapters 1 to 41 (to correct most grammatical errors and remove those unnecessary paragraphs. Subsequent chapters will be updated first. Thank you so much!
2023-09-20 16:32:12
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Bluer Than Blue
nice story.
2022-09-10 04:17:36
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Daddhie D
highly recommended
2022-08-30 12:07:36
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Precious Ayah Bonifacio
ndnd dndndndndndn
2022-06-18 19:17:11
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keep going..i'm enjoying it. i am wondering do you have any active socmed that i can reach out?
2021-08-03 21:02:58
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this is really great
2021-03-19 06:20:21
user avatar
:) Kindly read.
2021-03-06 17:31:51
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Kibz Tanz
So far so good.
2021-03-02 19:37:27
48 Chapters
The Trigger
The RNB music that I was playing and listening to completely thudded throughout the whole house in the middle of the night as I am enthusiastically nodding my head and stumping my feet harmonizing unanimously with its beat and rhythm.I intentionally raise the volume of the music to its maximum level since we don’t have any nearby neighbors who might throw me with stones for public disturbance.Every Sunday night, I always played the song several times using my aged stereo cassette. Listening while humming to the song not only took off my boredom but also helps me ease up my mind.Knock. Knock. Knock.My great enthusiasm from whining one of my preferred songs was completely intermittent by the thunderous knocking on my door.I greeted my teeth, scrunched up my face, and clenched my fist in total frustration as I sighed when I was at my peak after someone suddenly interrupted.I then lowered the volume of the music.“Mom&he
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Early in the morning, I slowly and gently drove heading to the school using my service bike.I slowly took off my helmet and parked the bike and securely locked it when suddenly, a luxurious black Lamborghini stopped and park beside me.It was Roger Jackson. Every student, especially the girls were drooling at him. Aside from being handsome and hot, he comes from a wealthy family.He has been our Lacrosse Captain for three consecutive years. He was a spoiled brat that everything he wants, he always gets.“Dude, you should watch where you are parking your cheap bicycle. I don’t want my car to get a stain from that.” He boastfully said.“Yow… Roger, let’s go!” One of his friends called.I was completely felt relieved after he abandoned me in the parking lot. I am lucky that he didn’t beat the hell out of me and slowly went inside the building.”Hey, what was it all about with Roger?
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Ina Jones
Her name is Angelina Jones and Ina is her nickname. She was a shy-type of the girl as her head was bowed all the time during our School Principal introducing her.Luckily, she sat at the vacant seat behind me. I slowly face her and offer my pen.“Thanks.” And she smiled.I grinned in secret when I turned my face back.After an hour of discussion, I went to my locker to prepare for my lacrosse practice.I am part of the school’s lacrosse team who’s enjoying sitting on the bench along with my best friend, Kevin, for the entire season for four consecutive years.“That leather jacket is absolutely a killer. Where did you get that?” Miya, Roger’s girlfriend approached.“My mom bought this from a boutique store back in Greendale.” Ina politely replied.“I like you already, and… you are probably my new best friend.” Miya laughed afterward.Amidst their con
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True Alpha Parent
“It’s alright, it’s alright. Umm, do you still remember where it happened so I could send some Animal Control to look for it?’I felt sympathy after seeing her trembling in worry.“No! I mean, yes. I know where I hit the dog but…”She stammered and shaking.“Where it is?”“It’s in my car. The dog, unfortunately, couldn’t walk after I hardly hit it.We immediately went to her car to bring the dog to the clinic. Unexpectedly, we are greeted by the dog’s loud barks.Ina was in a daze.“Are you okay? It’s okay, the dog was just frightened.” I worriedly asked.“That makes the two of us.” She replied.“Let me see if I have a stroke of better luck. Honestly, I am only an attendee in my boss’ animal clinic.”I slowly looked at the dog and gave her a very vicious glowing reddish eye.
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The First Line
“Oh, you mean steroids? Wait; are you on steroids right now?”He punched the locker again.“Do you think you’re funny, Clark? Better tell me what’s going on with you?”I can see that his eyes were even more furious right now as if he is ready and willing to punch me.“What’s going on with me? Do you really wanna know?”Roger nodded.“Well, so would I! Last night, I had my most terrifying dream. I am in some kind of another world where slaughtering one’s throat truly existed. Then, there’s this Beast Lord who wanted to come after me.These past few days, I can see, hear and smell things that I shouldn’t be able to see, hear or smell. I do things be impossible for a normal person could do.I also experienced sleepwalking, like a mile in the middle of nowhere and I am totally freaking out of my mind.”I completely furrowed and sighed dejecte
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The Party
I soothed and calmed myself afterward.“I’m sorry.”I dropped my glare towards the floor after apologizing to him and felt completely guilty. After all, he has been my best friend and he only did it for my own sake.I sincerely apologized to him and immediately went out of his room heavyheartedly.After I am already out of sight, Kevin was completely dumbfounded when he picked up the convertible chair. There were some slashed with claw marks that tore out the thread.Furthermore, I went home to have a shower first before picking up Ina.I couldn’t help myself but stare at the mirror from too much excitement with my first date.When I got out of the bathroom, I was completely embarrassed when my mom was patiently waiting for me to come out.“Happy birthday, son! Your dad will be home in an hour.”She then grinned at me for no reason.“Is this a party or a date?” she a
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Three Tailed Beast
“Ina, it’s for you!” Mrs. Jones shouted loudly.When Ina heard the irritating loud voice from her mom, she immediately descended from the stairs to look who was looking for her.Kevin felt relieved after he confirmed Ina is now out of danger.Meanwhile, I kept running from the woods like a dog following Ina’s scent. I suddenly saw her blazer hanging in the branch of a tree.I noticed that something was off. It is quite impossible that it would be hanged that high.“Where is she? I know you two are here and I know you can totally hear me.”I affirmatively asked after I heard some cracking and rustling behind me.Mr. and Mrs. Smith showed up.“She’s totally safe, from you,” Rico replied.“What did you do to her?”I extremely growled at them.In an instant, Rico swiftly grabbed my body and pinned it to the ground. He was extremely fast. I haven&
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She grinned and chuckled in disbelief and slowly picked it up and stared.“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Boys? Boys, wake up! You still have your classes. Don’t wait that I should drag you out of the bed.” She said.Mom intentionally dragged the blanket after a minute that we never made a sound for what she was saying.Kevin fell to the floor after pulling the blanket.“Umm, where is that freaking wolf, Clark?”Kevin immediately said and stood up.“Hey, you’re daydreaming with a wolf, young man. Why of all things, wolf, really?”Mom furrowed and continued cleaning the room.Kevin was back with his consciousness and frowned in confusion. He can’t remember him mumbling about the wolf.My sleepiness disappears after hearing Kevin talking about wolves. We exchanged glances.I frowned and sighed dejectedly.“Mom, today’s Sunday! Most likely it's a rest day for us, Okay? We don’t have classes.”“Oh, today’s Sunday indeed. I’m sorry
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“Are you fucking kidding me? What if something happens to him that night?”Sheriff Stewart hardly pinched our ears and dragged us back to the car.“Ouch, ouch, dad! Can we at least hear a simple sincere thank you from the Sheriff for solving and finding the body?”Sheriff Stewart released his grip from our ears.“Okay, the two of you, thank you. Please go home, do your homework, and have a good sleep, okay?” Afterward, Kevin and I started the car and drove away.“Bro this thing happened was completely incredible! We were like secret agents solving mysterious crimes.” He enthusiastically said.
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First Kiss
“We need to win this.” Miya worriedly said to Ina.She eagerly stood up, grinned fully with positivity and enthusiasm to her with the banner.“Ina, a little help her?” She added.There was a loud whooping and cheering after we came back with our designated positions in the field. All the people watching the felt extreme excitement, while we the players were all getting serious also.All of our eyes and mind were completely vigilant as the game was getting even more intense and interesting.“Down…! Set…!”(Whistle blows)This time, the ball was thrown upward. Everyone was patiently waiting for the ball to fall, while I, on the other hand, immediately jumped as higher as possible which was truly impossible for an ordinary man could do.Everyone who was eagerly watching the game immediately dropped their jaws to the ground where the entire oval was put into deep silence after witne
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