Chapter 19 - My Knight In Sparkling Armor

*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*


"Woah! Cool! You have a very fancy bedroom, Syd. I like the shade of blue colors. I'll just call you Syd, alright? But if you prefer to be called by other names, I'm cool with it, too. Just tell me." I let out in awe as I roamed my gaze around the room of my former greatest foe and saw that she was in her bed, under the sheets, and seemed like shaking in fear. Hmm. She could indeed notice me, and I could never be more happier in my whole damn life knowing that it's her that could save me from despair.

Moments passed, and I heard no response from her. I went near her bed while contemplating what to tell her to make this poor girl less scared of me. I mean... Do I really look so damn scary? Are there bloodstains on my dress? Well, I can't notice since it's red. How about my face? Are there big



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