Goddess And Demon Assassin

Goddess And Demon Assassin

By:  ydnic  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hera, the daughter of the most strongest deity, who will run away from Mt. Olympus just to escape from being a prisoner-like in her father's hand and she'll live as a normal college student. She will fall in love with the sinner, Liam. And both are hiding deep secrets of each identity. One must to die and one must to live.

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52 Chapters
I Adopted A Bum
LIAMLoud sirens of firetrucks roared the entire place, rushing footsteps running in panic just to get away from the raging fire coming from the building one block away from where I used to live for three years now.I was walking coolly to my apartment while drinking my favorite chocolate drink that I usually buy from the convenience store on my way home every afternoon after my normal classes, not totally giving a fuck with how they were running panicky, as if the fire would burn them if they didn't run. Humans are all stupid, I swear to Demon Gods!"Hey, where are you going?" The girl, always in a hoodie while sitting on the porch, asked. "My apartment, where else?" I deadpanned and continued my walk."Wanna grab some snacks in my room?""Nah, I'm full." I refused and showed her my drinks. "And no, I'm still going to refuse to have some beers with you." I cut her off immediately when I saw her mouth open when I was about to pass by her."Oh c'mon Liam, we have been neighbors for th
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The Bum Isn't A Bum
LIAMI've been walking and running for almost an hour now but I still couldn't find Jiroo, he told me that he's going to borrow some books from the library and wait for me in the field, but when I got bored waiting for him, I decided to follow him only to find out that he was no longer there and the librarian told me that a guy with spectacle and heart-shaped lips already stepped out, carrying five books with him but Jiroo never came to the bench, until Ayu and Nami arrived but still no Jiroo.We decided to get separate to look for Jiroo but to no avail, we couldn't find him and I'm starting to get worried. "Have you tried asking some students?" Ayu asks and I looked at her ludicrously. "Oh sorry, I forgot that you weren't talking to anyone aside from us." "I tried asking one but they ignored me so I stopped asking." Nami said with a shrug."Just where the hell–." I was cut off when I heard the two students behind me talking."Poor guy, he was the new victim.""But I heard that he's
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The Arrogant Sinner
HERA"Ok, what was that?" Nami asked and took back her hand from my grip after we got back inside our flat."What?" I asked innocently."What are you doing inside Lian's apartment and why are you in a rush?""Oh, Ayu invited me in, I was just asking if you were there." I said with a shrug and pad on the couch to sit down, ignoring her last question and shrugged off all the fear I felt earlier when I saw the frame hanging on the wall inside Liam's apartment. Of all places, why did I end up here and found a sinner? Though I don't know Liam, I only know the girl on his left is Rujin, one of the deity's daughters. So the chance of getting found is highly at risk if Rujin tries to look for her friend, but on the other hand, Lian is here, so that means he's really a sinner and got kicked out. And there's no way in heavenly God that any olympians can do what I did, which is escaping from heaven and hiding here in this land or should I say the land of the sinners, just like what my father al
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Reunited With The Squad
LIAM"Where were you?" Jiroo asks as soon as I sit down between him and Ayu inside our first class."Somewhere." I deadpanned and side glanced at Jiroo which made me frown when I saw his face. "You should've stayed home until you got better.""Liam, I've been an assassin before, remember? This is just scratch." He said smugly and I couldn't disagree more, being an assassin means we need to be unbothered about little wounds, life of an assassin isn't really that easy, especially if you were working for Demons."But seriously, Liam. Where have you been?" Ayu asks again, she surely won't stop until they know where I've been since I decided to leave early and left Jiroo alone in my apartment."I just dropped by Bambam's store to check his new items." I lied and they seemed to believe me as they nodded their heads.As I've said, it was a lie because the truth is, I followed Hera and Nami this morning, don't ask me why, because even myself couldn't understand my fucking self why I followed
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The Squad Plan
LIAM"Oh my God! Y'all are really here! What the fuck?!" I exclaimed while crying because I still couldn't believe that my squad is here in human land, the last place I'm expecting to see them. "But why are you here? How did you get here?""W-we escaped!" Jonas answered between His tears."W-what?" I asked while still sobbing hard and pulled away from the hug to look at his face."The p-place is in the chaos a-after the Deity's daughter's disappearance and w-we took that as an o-opportunity to escape." Tom said, he's also crying and using Sean's chiton to wipe his tears."But h-how'd you know where I lived?" I asked again."That doesn't matter." Rujin said and pulled me again for a hug. "Liam, I r-really missed you!""W-what happened to you, Liam? I couldn't even fathom how hard it was for you, to s-suffer from the sin that y-you didn't do.." Sean said and hugged my head. "I'm s-sorry for being a useless friend Liam.""N-no, please don't apologize, it's n-not your fault.""Why are you
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Chaotic Encounter
HERAI'm still trying to process what's happening right now. My three friends are here, sitting on the couch while staring at me and waiting for me to say a word, but all I did was stare at them and release several loud sighs."Hera–." I held up my hand to Selene to stop her and she did, she retreated back and leaned her back on the couch while pouting."How?" The only question I asked after being silent for almost an hour was that I asked Nami to give us privacy for a moment, who immediately ran to the door and moved to the next door excitedly because she had reason to see Liam."First, we did what you did, second, we're worried about you, third, the high ranking hoplites are already looking for you and we are worried that they might find you immediately." Ivana explained in a rush that I didn't have time to react to every word she's spitting out."Fourth, bitch we're tired pretending like some holy virgin mary so we decided to come out as gay but my father hates it so I have to run
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He's So Hot
HERA"W-what happened to her?!" Nami blurted out, snapping all of us from being shocked. "Oh my G-god! Ayu!" She yelled horrifically."We need help!" Liam suddenly shouted. "Move!" He pushed me to the side so he could lay down his friend on the couch and the other person inside the house was about to react but I held my hand up to stop them and signal them that it was fine. "Roo! Get the kit in the kitchen!" Jiroo immediately ran to the kitchen while we're just watching Liam trying to stop the bleeding but nothing happened. "Please Ayu don't die on me, you bitch!" He said, trying to hold back his tears. "Jiroo faster!" I looked at Rujin straight in her eyes and she nodded at me, as if she already knew what my glances meant."Liam, bring her to your room, I'll take care of her." Rujin whispered.Liam looked up to her and from my spot, I can see the tears welling up on his worried face as he nodded his head. Sean and Jonas helped Liam to carry Ayu upstairs, followed by Jiroo but he ste
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Barging Into Her Room
LIAMI know that barging into someone's house is a sin, but I never knew that this girl was an old wrestler. I'm not even aware that she's strong as fuck that she easily escaped from my grip after stomping on my foot and used her head to hit my face, sending me on the floor after getting a little dizzy from the head butt, then she jumped on me and turned my body to twist my arm on my back."F-fuck!" I grunted in pain."What do you want, you pervert!" Hera yelled at me and twisted my arm even more while pushing my head onto the floor."N-nothing! I j-just want to say s-sorry for being a dick earlier! I s-swear! It h-hurts please!""I don't believe you! Tell me! What do you want?!" She repeats and I can feel my cheekbone digging on the floor for how hard she's pushing my head against it."W-what the hell? Y-you're so s-strong." I mumbled and laughed softly. "But I promise, I meant no harm, I just want to say sorry.""After acting like the cockiest guy? You can't fool me, Liam. So if you
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Weird Jiroo
LIAM"So you want to help his daughter?" Jiroo asked while the doctor put a cast on my arm."Yeah, the shop needs more crew, right?""But you didn't asked for her full name, you fucking dumbass! How would we find them in the whole ass of the Bronx with just a name Mina and Cerestine?!" Jiroo sneered at me and smacked my head, the doctor flinched on the sudden action in front of him but continued anyway. "Way to go for being the superhero who tryna help poor people but being dumb as he is.""Stop embarrassing me, will you? I ain't no hero, I have broken arm and I hurt my knee every fucking time I will try to jump off from the high place.""Good to know you admit how stupid it was to lands on your knee." Jiroo snorted and rolled his eyes. "But seriously, what is your plan?""I don't know, we'll ditch the class tomorrow and look for Mina and Cerestine." I shrugged."How about no? We have a lot of things we need to do, we need to fix the shop, we need to teach your friend so they won't bu
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Hera, Take It Back!
HERA"Did Liam really hit your ego? Or you'd just woke up at the wrong side of the bed?" Nami asked, gawking at me since last night, to the moment I stepped out of my room after Liam invaded my room, when we met at the kitchen in the middle of the night and Nami saw me glaring at nothing specifically, just glowering at the dark, until this morning and now that we are eating inside the cafeteria, she seem still gauging my mood right now if she should ruin my already ruined mood, but thankfully she hasn't been doing or saying bad things but not until now, that she finally spout the name that I've been praying to all Gods up there not to hear.But Nami was really born to ruin someone's day. Isn't she?"Can you please stop saying Liam's name? Every time your mouth will open, Liam's name always comes out." I scoffed.To be honest, I'm beyond pissed right now because of that pervert, he invaded my room and harassed me! I should've killed him last night but there's something behind those bro
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