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GoodNovel Author's Guidebook

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Thanks for reading! If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, contact your editor who sent you the contract offer and tell him/her to improve this guidebook. Also, don't forget to take the small quiz in the last chapter and share your score with us in the comment!

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Welcome to GoodNovel world of fiction. If you like this novel, or you are an idealist hoping to explore a perfect world, and also want to become an original novel author online to increase income, you can join our family to read or create various types of books, such as romance novel, epic reading, werewolf novel, fantasy novel, history novel and so on. If you are a reader, high quality novels can be selected here. If you are an author, you can obtain more inspiration from others to create more brilliant works, what's more, your works on our platform will catch more attention and win more admiration from readers.

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wonderful it's really helpful and great
2023-09-13 07:09:24
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Wemzy 023
why does goodnovel always try to go against there signed contract?
2023-08-17 05:47:04
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Angelique Place
Great read that helps
2023-01-15 08:36:01
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Black diamond
I had a lot of questions and this book has helped me.
2023-01-07 05:34:19
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It's a great help. I do have a lot of questions and this book answered it all.
2021-12-30 20:26:13
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Bagus ceritanya..
2021-12-04 13:10:53
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I got perfect score...️ great platform
2021-10-05 16:51:15
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Someone please check out my book ...
2021-08-13 16:15:51
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I got full scores...
2021-07-30 17:00:05
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Check out the small quiz! I got a full score haha!
2021-07-29 14:29:19
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Yay!Got full score in the small quiz!!im so proud
2021-07-29 14:24:42
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Very informative
2021-07-22 19:58:15
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Umm, how do I sign up for contracts? I read everything and did the things that have in writer center but still, I am not getting click bottom or any notice. Ah, it's embarrassing 😅😅 but can anyone help me. Thank you. 😊
2021-07-05 21:02:37
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This has been very helpful.. I'm grateful for this book
2021-06-21 22:34:14
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It’s very clear about the conditions and motivates me to write a novel in English language. I’m not a native speaker, so it could be a real challenge for me, although I’m already a writer in my own country.
2021-05-17 07:14:19
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10 Chapters
Prologue: How to Use This Guidebook
This guidebook is designed to address all of your questions about being a signed author on GoodNovel. It covers topics such as the benefits of being a signed author, the different contract types offered by GoodNovel, and details on payment processes. Be sure to add it to your library for future reference!1. Please do not ask questions in the comments of this book. If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please contact your editor.2. Before proceeding with the book upload or contract application, ensure that your book is an original creation of your own. Plagiarism is a serious offense. Should we discover any unauthorized use of another author's work, you will be held legally accountable and placed permanently on our prohibited list.3. If your editor doesn't respond within 5 business days, kindly send a follow-up email. Please refrain from excessively emailing or contacting them through social media.#Is GoodNovel a Legitimate platform?Absolutely! You can visit our
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Exclusive And Non-Exclusive Contracts
Being a signed author of GoodNovel is an exciting milestone in your writing career. We offer two types of contracts:1. Exclusive 2. Non-exclusive An EXCLUSIVE contract means that your novel CAN ONLY be published on GoodNovel. If the novel has been published on other platforms, you must remove it within 30 days. The sooner, the better. It is permissable, however, to publish a few of your free chapters on other platforms to entice readers to read your story on GoodNovel.A NON-EXCLUSIVE contract means your novel CAN ALSO be published on other platforms. But please note that you can only have it pay-to-read on other platforms, NOT free to read.#How does the income differ between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive contracts?Regardless of whether you opt for an exclusive or non-exclusive contract, you will receive 50% of the net revenue that your book earns. On our platform, readers pay to unlock premium chapters, and you will take home half of what they spend on your work. What follows is t
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Step 1: Before Signing the Contract
# How do I apply for a contract?To publish a book on our platform, please follow these steps:Account Registration: Begin by registering an account on our website.Book Submission: Proceed to upload your manuscript, dividing it into appropriate chapters.Upon initiating a new book entry, both the synopsis and book cover will undergo a review process to ensure compliance with copyright regulations and to verify the absence of inappropriate content. Typically, this evaluation spans 10-14 business days, though the duration may fluctuate based on the current review queue. Once approved, your book will be ready for publication and will become eligible for contract consideration. We kindly ask that you refrain from inundating our editorial team with inquiries during this period.After contributing more than 5,000 words, navigate to your personal page (accessible by clicking on your avatar) and select the “Apply for contract” option to forward your application. Our editorial team will subse
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Step 2: On Signing the Contract
#Will I have an editor if I apply for contract?Yes. The person who sends you the offer will be your editor and your only editor in GoodNovel, and you can ask them anything regarding your book or your contract.# Can I sign different types of contracts for different books at the same time?Sure! We sign one contract for one book,so you can sign different contracts for different books with us at the same time.# How long does the contract application take?It typically takes 2 weeks to 1 month to respond to your application. If you haven’t received a reply in over a month, please contact us at How do I know if I got rejected or not?If we think your book needs improvement, you will receive a "Closed" notice on your book info page, stating the reasons for the rejection so that you can rewrite accordingly. However, it doesn't mean that you can't apply again. #I submitted my application over a month ago and haven't received any rejection. What should I do?Firstl
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Step 3: After Signing the Contract
#What steps should I take after signing a contract with GoodNovel? After finalizing a contract with GoodNovel, consider the following important actions:Update Payment Information :Access your personal page via a DESKTOP to input your payment details. (Note: This action is unavailable on mobile devices.) For security reasons, once you've provided payment information, there will be a 90-day waiting period before you can modify it. Ensure the accuracy of the details you provide.If you're using payment information from someone else, such as a family member or friend, notify your editor beforehand. They will provide an additional agreement for you to sign and assist with the payment information update process.Initiate Premium Chapters: When your book has between 10 to 15 chapters, you're eligible to apply for premium status. Discuss with your editor about designating certain chapters as premium (or paid) chapters.Typically, premium status is granted between the 5th to 15th chapter, es
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FAQ# About Payment
3.1 Payment Method & Account InformationPayment MethodWe offer payments via bank transfer and Payoneer. We highly recommend Payoneer as it allows you to receive payments shortly after dispatch. Payments made through bank transfers might experience some delay before they're credited to your account.Ensure that you input your payment information with utmost accuracy. If there are mistakes in the provided payment details, there's a risk of payment failure. In cases of payment failure, the amount will be deferred to the subsequent month. If the payment is successful but sent to an incorrect account due to inaccurate information, we will not reissue the payment.It's important to select your preferred payment method wisely. Remember, any associated transfer fees will be your responsibility. If you notice a discrepancy between the expected payment and the amount you receive, this discrepancy is likely due to the deduction of transfer fees. GoodNovel does not deduct any fees fro
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FAQ#Copyright, Contract Terms
#What is copyright and what happens to my copyright if I sign the contract?Copyright, for an author, primarily signifies your exclusive right to distribute and showcase your book on various platforms.Exclusive Contract: When you enter an exclusive contract with GoodNovel, you grant us the exclusive rights to your book. This means that the book can only be available on GoodNovel and no other platform. However, this doesn't imply that someone else can rewrite or claim your work. You remain the book's author and retain creative control over the story's direction and conclusion. The restriction lies in the book's distribution—it cannot be showcased on multiple platforms or transformed into formats like audiobooks unless it's through GoodNovel.Non-exclusive Contract: With a non-exclusive contract, you retain the freedom to publish your story on multiple platforms. While you can only have one exclusive contract for a book, there's no limit to the number of non-exclusive contracts you can
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FAQ#Edit chapters and book info
#I want to proofread my story to make sure there are no grammar mistakes. Can my editor proofread the book for me?Unfortunately, GoodNovel editors are not responsible for proofreading or refining the content of your story. If you're looking to ensure grammar accuracy, you might consider using tools like Grammarly. For more comprehensive proofreading, you can seek out professional proofreaders online who specialize in grammar and language corrections.#My editor wants me to edit my book. What should I do?Congratulations! If your editor suggests edits, it's a sign they recognize potential in your story. This is an affirmation of your talent.However, remember that you're not obligated to make every change they suggest. It remains your story. We strongly advise maintaining open communication with your editor about their suggestions. This will ensure that both of you align on the vision for the story.While it's beneficial to heed their advice, also remember they approach your story fro
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FAQ#Feature and Promotion
#How can my book receive promotion?There are three promotional opportunities for every book:Signing Promotion (30k words minimum): Upon signing, your book will automatically be promoted. No need to reach out to your editor at this stage. Just keep updating!50k Words Promotion: This requires an editor's recommendation. If your book reaches this milestone, please contact your editor for promotional possibilities.Stable Updating Promotion (Exclusive to exclusive books): If your book meets the following criteria, contact your editor for further promotion:Release a minimum of 2 chapters daily.Update on at least 25 days in a month.Publish over 2,500 words daily.#How can I confirm my book's promotion?Visit your profile page, navigate to 'Author Center,' then 'Stats Centre.' You can access this either via a laptop or by visiting on your mobile device. This section provides your promotion history and related statistics.#Understanding the Promotion ProcessAll signed b
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Hey sweetpies, let's do the quiz and share your score in the comments! (You can find the answer at the end of the chapter) Q1-Q5 MULTIPLE CHOICES   Q1: Which picture(s) CAN'T be used as my book cover: a.A picture of landscape taken by a famous photographer b.
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