Together, We Conquer

Together, We Conquer

By:  Nathan Frost  Completed
Language: English
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SINGTO PETERSON is known to be a well-mannered yet a quiet juvenile who has a lot of secrets on his life. KRIST ROBINSON is known to be a bad-mouthed and because of having serious trust issues, he usually ended up being a hot-headed juvenile. Despite the drastic changes happened within their family dynamics, both of them got close to each other even more. For some, you don’t get to feel that life works in mysterious ways until you sit and reflect on all the decisions and people you have met. Most of the time it happens when you least expect it to be and it gave us by far the best surprise experience. However, are we up for the biggest challenges and successes to let go and let it be? Will Singto and Krist be ready to face these biggest challenges on their lives to fill the feeling with emptiness and pains they feel within their hearts and soon enough be healed from those? Or will they continue to live like the same and just pretend to be nothing but normal roommates?

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Beautiful inspiring story... thank you author you are an Amazing writer ...️
2022-03-20 20:59:57
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wow that was a amazing book thank you
2021-03-05 09:04:55
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inspiring title
2020-11-27 11:21:11
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brandon janway
It was a great read
2020-11-04 11:02:59
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Mark Anthony Piga
i love it ?
2020-10-25 17:08:17
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Characters came from sotus.. I love both of them
2020-06-30 20:17:11
88 Chapters
The foliage that encircled each houses was incredibly made with natural beauty and also the sun was shining its warm, bright rays welcoming the beginning of the recent season. Today is the initial day of summer vacation. Most of the families have already packed their baggage as they are excited to go on a trip while others were strictly maximizing and enjoying their day without work.  “Hey! Look at those birds. I believed you must know that those types particularly don’t lie traveling alone.” Ken Robinson excitedly said, a
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Emmie and Ken haven’t been in good terms for years already, and they perpetually fought more than communicated even before the accident. They split a bit after the head injury. However, when it has happened, their divorced was finalized. When they were suffering the most, the timing in fact led their son to hate his mother for going away from the family. In Krist’s eyes, he strongly believes that Emmie left due to the recently developed health problem of his father.s And once that thought keeps entering his mind, he swear to never wished to see or speak to his very own mother ever once again.  
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Krist eventually got in onto his feet and immediately went to bed for the day, after what appeared like hours of lying on the hard wood floor. Looking from the outside, it absolutely was still bright. However, with everything that happened, he didn’t wish to try and does something that could lead him exert any further energy that he required to. And sleep like it’s the most effective choice among other options. He walked into his father’s sleeping room instead of getting to his room and took on his father’s scent. It smelt of peppermint and fresh pines. He quickly smiled at the easily recognized smell and examined the manner that the area was embellished. Everything was placed nicely at each corner you looked such as several photos of nature, posters of rock bands and even antiques. It had been nearly laughable how excellent this area was for him. Everything ins
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Krist has really been done packing up his belongings over an hour past, and it’s been a bit over two hours now. However, he wished to stay around a couple of additional minutes. Upon walking around on his dad’s area once more in search for one thing, there was this necklace that Kirst used to wear all the time. Within the necklace was a little image of the three of them hand in hand trying as happy as may be. It absolutely was a gold one with hints of silver accented into it making this distinctive wind-looking style.  It took h
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Right after Harvey told her about this important matter, Emmie felt so excited. “Oh, wow! It looks like nice news for me! I’d like to have a lot of company, but…” From all the excitement and enjoyment she felt, she nearly forgot regarding how Krist is like. “My son hates a lot of folks, and we don’t even possess any additional rooms apart from the one he’s about to occupy.”  “Yeah, I know. I already realized that. I completely understand your point and I should’ve thought about it
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Without wasting any more time, Harvey quickly opened the door to spot a young boy. The boy was courteous and came of as slightly timid. “Hello there, I’m Singto. Uhmm… you must be Harvey, am I right?”  “You’re right, Singto. Come on in.” Singto followed and walked in together with his baggage following right behind him. 
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Emmie felt it was going to be easier for Krist to settle in if he knew that his father was going to be nearby him. Having that said, she personally wished for the caregiver’s house to be the one nearest to her home. Her wish was granted as the caregiver’s house was only four miles far from her house. Given the gap between the two places, it solely takes roughly fifteen minutes to get there by car. Of course, Krist had no intention of using his mom’s car, primarily because he loves traveling on foot. So, for him it'll take more or less an hour or so to arrive. He loves going on walks or runs since it permits him to clear his head and get off from individuals. So, he didn’t mind it at all though.
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Singto bit his nails feeling nervous and shaky. As soon as he forced out the little notebook that he carries in his saggy pants, he opened it on the following clean page and began jotting down which foods he patterned was safe for him in order to place down the number of calories he’d be putting in his system. The fruit he pattered would be around sixty-eight calories and therefore, the chips should be around a hundred and eighty. He wasn’t ingested something since yesterday morning, and he is aware that if he doesn’t eat this, Harvey and Emmie will surely grow suspicious of him. However, there was no means he was aiming to touch the bags of chips. There were to several additional substances that he simply couldn’t bring himself to consume. The fruit however may be okay.
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Since all Singto may do was feel the stress forming in his chest and spreading itself throughout his body, he couldn’t even truly concentrate on what was happening.  “Singto?” But he didn’t respond at all. He couldn’t get his eyes off of the ample quantity of dishes encompassing him, although it’s not that he wished to deliberately ignore them. He felt
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Currently, the temperature appeared to drop considerably as the night went on. It was midnight time already. The wind from earlier should have picked up quickly and with the sun gone; there was no additional supply of heat leveling out the cool breeze. Due to this kind of weather, it made Singto to go to sleep. It appeared like his entire body was shivering, and he’s in deep feared that he’d wake Krist up from the sound of his teeth chattering. Sleeping was already a not possible task to start with for him, therefore for the house to feel this cold simply add another hurdle to the combination. Singto has an immense intolerance for the cold and even if it feels nice and breezy to most, for him it’s as if he has entered the North Pole with solely a thin piece of cloth shielding him.
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