I Like Your Batman Underwear

I Like Your Batman Underwear

By:  jayyro  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jace Storme is the most popular guy in school, while Maxxie Gray is the superhero-obsessed nerd....who just so happens to be obsessed with Jace. After Maxxie drops a pair of underwear, Jace says those fated words: "I like your Batman underwear." The two discover the ups and downs of young love, navigating identity, friends, and family while trying to keep their relationship alive.

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Stella Njoroge
I think the book has a lot of talent...it's very interesting and anyone looking for a cliche feel good highschool romance, the book definitely has it. Good job, author. I look forward to reading your future books
2022-06-14 16:22:20
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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-29 17:55:41
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Cheryl King
Great book but I would have liked to know about the drug use. Did he get off the coke
2021-12-01 08:49:19
user avatar
good good good
2021-08-17 15:46:27
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Giavanna Margot Grosky Gabbin with GiGi
that's true in a sense of genuine love
2021-07-10 10:25:14
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Shannon Backeberg
Loving the story. Losing Primrose was devastating. John and Brian coming out as gay and loving our boys was interesting. Marriage and a baby for our boys is amazing.
2021-06-28 11:43:21
user avatar
I just read two chapters and I am suprise to see it's written well. I'm normally don't read a pure romance book, but this is so refreshing. This is hidden gem and need more recognition!
2021-06-08 21:24:24
35 Chapters
Chapter One: Maxxie
Bruce Wayne; by day he was a normal guy, by night he was a crime fighting Batman. I wished that I was just like him. Who didn't? He was a billionaire, co-owner of a company, and always looked out for others. He was my hero, my idol.
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Chapter Two: Jace
You think that it's easy being popular. You think that it's easy having everyone either drool over you or curse your name before they sleep. You think that it's easy having everyone have huge expectations for you.
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Chapter Three: Maxxie
I stared at the gray undergarment, studying the yellow Batman symbol on it. My mind was bouncing around one thought: Jace Storme liked my underwear. Or at least he'd said. My mind was dancing happily—Jace Storme had liked my underwear!—but my heart was telling me that he was just joking. Nobody, especially not Jace Storme, could like anything I owned. I was a nobody.
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Chapter Four: Jace
  I will admit that kissing Maxxie was terrifying. You'd think that me of all people would be mighty and fearless. Usually, I was. But I'd had my eye on Maxxie since the beginning of freshman year. I'd never talked to him until this year because I was scared--yeah, the popular kid was scared--and I didn't want to mess anything up. To me he was perfect in his own geeky way.
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Chapter Five: Maxxie
As I sauntered into school on Monday, I had no idea what to expect. I wondered if Jace would talk to me or if he would give me the cold shoulder. I set my expectations low, that way I wouldn't get my heart broken. But remembering the way that Jace had looked at me after he'd kissed me, I had a strong feeling that he would at least talk to me.
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Chapter Six: Jace
"Since when the fuck are you gay?" John demanded.
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Chapter Seven: Maxxie
At the end of the day on a Friday, Jace was leaning against my locker, a smile on his gorgeous face. You'd think that since I had been dating him for about a week now I'd be used to him smiling at me. But this was a huge step for me; the most popular boy in the tenth grade was my
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Chapter Eight: Jace
Maxxie's lips still lingered on mine as I walked into the school on Monday. Friday night had been one of the best of my life. I had gotten to know Maxxie so well and I shared things with him that I had never shared with anybody before, not even my best friends. Being around him, I didn't have to be careful with what I said. I could be myself without feeling the need to be cautious with my words so they wouldn't backfire at me.
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Chapter Nine: Maxxie
I dialed Brian's number for the fifth time. I tapped my fingers against the counter as it rang once, then twice, then three times. As usual, he didn't pick up. I sighed as I heard the "You've reached the McKinley residence. We can't take your call, but please feel free to leave a message!"
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Chapter Ten: Jace
I had fallen asleep on Maxxie's lap, the sound of some Batman movie playing softly in the background. Through my sleep, however, I suddenly heard the sound of a key jiggling in a lock. My eyes fluttered open and I raised my head off of Maxxie. He patted my hair once before standing up off the couch. I rubbed my eyes groggily and waited. I could hear an overly high-pitched voice giggling and a deeper voice—one that was definitely not Maxxie's—laugh. In my dazed confusion I couldn't help but wonder, weren't Maxxie's parents split? Then I remembered his mom's date.
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