When Destiny Denies A Love Story (A Gay Fantasy Romance)

When Destiny Denies A Love Story (A Gay Fantasy Romance)

By:  RonOnSticks  Completed
Language: English
8 ratings
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Ashley is back into his hometown to settle down for good only to have the misfortune of living with this obnoxiously handsome CEO of Potent Club Brewery, Trent Xavier Easton who also happened to have a secret identity of his own.Read as feelings bloom and emotions gets ahead of these young men and as secrets of their past intertwine with one another with fates controlling the flow of their lives.Will they reach a happy ever after? Or will their love story be denied by the destiny... again?

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Manisha Chahal
Story is wonderful. I love each n every chapter of this There wasn't any single chapter that bored me. Just amazing, can't describe it but just brilliant . Their love , their bond Evey thing sound so pure n beautiful. Such a beautiful story. Tron n Camilla both needed their own story plz write it
2022-07-01 18:49:17
user avatar
Julia Nora
great job. i am wondering, do you have any social media to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 10:50:14
default avatar
Annette Matovu Ndagano
Love the way the 2 characters gave 2 parallel lives
2021-06-04 11:43:35
user avatar
Michael Mckeown
great book needs to be finished
2021-03-02 14:09:15
user avatar
Mohammad Syukri
Wasn't expecting it to hook me but damn it did. So far the story is interesting and cute in a way. Storyline 4★ | Characters 5★ | Backstory 3★ | Logic 4★
2020-12-25 19:00:27
user avatar
Galan Pierre Rio Fianza
Book isagood read
2020-10-07 05:04:48
user avatar
Thranduil Pace
I like it. Came to it as a friend's post. This is good
2020-10-03 01:46:28
user avatar
Max Mann
2020-12-26 05:26:45
67 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 “Say Trent… Are you gonna miss me if I ever go somewhere far?” the boy asked his friend as they laid down the bed, a supposedly hypothetical question that he knows deep inside is happening faster than he had anticipated. “Why? Are you going away?” The innocent green eyes lit up in attention at what his bestfriend had just said. He’s confused as to why he would be asked this—and it made his heart skip a beat just thinking how he’d be apart from his bestfriend. Ashley just giggled and shook his head “No, just a question.” “Well if you’re not going away then I won’t miss you.” The boy mumbled, a bit flustered. “You’re definitely gonna miss me.” Ashley whispered with a small smile—a sad one before he shook his head and pointed at the star that they can see from the small window of the boy's room. "Look, it's our star again." Trent, still caught up in the previous
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Ashley’s POV20 years.It had been 20 years since I left this town. 20 years since I left the neighborhood, and now, I’m back. Unfortunately, for good... I’ll be moving back here for good. I’m just hoping that my old neighborhood is still here—however, that’s highly unlikely, with all the modernization that’s happening. Still, I am hopeful. But I’m sure someone had probably renovated or made something new in place of the house I used to live in. The car slowly came to a halt in front of a modern looking house where the house I once grew up in stood. If I remember correctly, there are two houses here before—one that belongs to my childhood best friend that unfortunately, moved out and the other belongs to our family. I had tried searching for that best friend of mine. Without any luck, I still haven't found any clue as to where he is at the moment. I looked around seeing the huge difference. I remember an apple tree in between the houses and an old Sycamore in the back. I re
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3“So why are you looking for a house mate then?” I asked. “Are you one of those psychopath who lures in people with your big house, nice neighborhood almost non-existent rental payment cause if you are, I might have to let you know, I have a friend the size of a fucking tank. He’s huge and could crush you and he knows I’m here.” I said in an annoyingly honest way to warm him and to let him know that I can outlive scams. I’ve done it before, just so you know. No matter how handsome a stranger is, you don’t trust them.“How I wish—if I am a psychopath, I would be smarter than that.“ He smugly smirked at me and crossed his arms. “This whole thing isn’t actually my idea. My friend, who probably knows your friend that told you this place is up for a renter said I could probably use
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4“Are you by any chance, named Ashley?” He asked with a curious expression.“Uh, who’s asking?” I asked him, backing away a bit.“You don’t remember me? It’s Mark! Mark Travis. We went to the same middle school before.” He said and I really tried my best in remembering him but I came up blank. “You don’t recall me, do you?” He asked and I reluctantly nodded.“You know Ash, we met at the hospital last year, when I was in chemo.” He shyly said and showed his bald head. “Did your condition perhaps had gotten worse?” He asked with worried face.Now that I think about it, I remember someone from the hospital when I first found out about my condition, I just can’t put the name and face at it.&ldqu
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5“You know I can feel you stare at me, right?” Ashley deadpanned while waving the wooden spatula in front of my face. I smirked and winked at him.“Your jeans are awfully snug. I am a man whore, sue me.” I said and he just gave me a sound similar to a shout and a groan. It’s a guilty pleasure but I love pissing him off—he’s like this cute little feisty bunny that you play tug of war with but instead of a rope, you’re using his carrot and its damn funny pissing it off.“Can’t you be like normal for once?” He grimaced and went back to stirring whatever he’s cooking in the pot. We are tight, baby. It’s easy to charm him within three months. I have natural charms—and enough confidence. Even if we are constantly teasing each other, I’m pretty su
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6“How’s it going Bill?” I handed my personal valet my car keys and he just bowed a bit to show respect.“Wonderful, Sir. I hope you have a great day.” He said as I made my way inside the building. I have meetings until 12 and some suppliers to meet after lunch so I really have a day ahead of me. A great day indeed—not.Ms. Mitch, from the front desk greeted me with a smile and I waved at her before riding the elevator up to my office—surprisingly, Ram, my secretary came rushing to me as soon as I stepped out. He’s avoiding my eyes so and I poked the inside of my cheeks. Something is up and I hate not knowing what it is.“Okay what’s got your panties in a bunch?” I asked with narrowed eyes. Ram just fidgeted uncomfortable before he finally
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7“You seem to be a bit distracted.” Leviathan commented as he sat down beside after the meeting had been concluded, looking straight ahead as he prepared his stuff for departure. Apparently, the idiot is also an investor of the company we are having a meeting today. “Is it about Beel dropping by?”I clicked my tongue and Lev immediately raised a brow, he already know I really hate Beelzebub’s visit as it is mostly him nagging me about my position in hell. “The bastard had given me an ultimatum.” I said, turning to him with a serious façade. “Which means you need to get your shit together and fulfill your part of the agreement already.”Leviathan’s face immediately darkened and he looked away. “You know why we can’t reach out to him already. What you&r
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8“Not that fun to make fun of now, is it?”The minx.I have to up my game.Instead of pushing him away, I pulled his waist towards mine with a smile. “Of course darling, I was just teasing.” I said with a small chuckle and Ashley looked like he’s about to lose it and murder me instead.“Now, now, I need to introduce you to everybody—everyone, this is my wife—sorry, my husband, Ashley.” I announced and we received a warm applause and maybe some side glances that totally spelled either confusion, suspicion or plain jealousy. I know, I’m one hot piece, damn.Ashley elbowed me with a glare and I led him down to the elevator so we can go back up to my office—he said lunch so I’m gonna have
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9“I will gut you if I can.” Ashley said with a blank stare and I burst out laughing before hugging him from behind as he began walking to the room.“If I wasn’t busy, I’d totally date you.” I whispered in his ear, earning a shudder. Well, Ashley is gorgeous. I’d give him that and yes, I mean what I said. I would totally date the guy if things were a bit different. If he is my Ashley—I wouldn’t hesitate. But he isn’t my Ashley and my heart still belongs to the boy that saved me twenty years ago.I wouldn’t do that to this Ashley—I wouldn’t live to hurt him if he learns that I am after a person that shares the same name as him. I may be a demon but I know what pain is.“Trent, stop.” He said in a small voice. “W
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 “Stop smiling. It’s creepy.” Lev nudged me as we get inside the jet making me frown at him.“What’s wrong with my smile? Last time I checked girls and guys alike are falling like flies for this smile.” Lev just looked at me with a drool face and I raised a brow and nodded at the flight attendant as we get inside the plane.Damn, being rich really does creep me out sometimes—people are like too kind when you got money. You can’t really trust anyone.“Man—I really don’t get why Beel is so hell bent on getting you a position as his heir. You’re just a cocky brat. And I already said stop smiling—it’s creepy!”“Hey!” I glared, offended. “I am fucking smart and awesome—t
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