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The clumsiest girl, with no specialization yet she was special...to him.. He loved her, cherished her, kept her safe from all the dangers of the world. But because of his troubled family history, he was unable to confess his love to her. But what he did not expect was this hesitation of his would cost him a lot, when in his absence someone else will enter her life.. What will happen when this fierce intruder would turn her life upside down? With time things got dirtier than one can imagine. She tried to retaliate and escape the invader's world and hate him from the core of her heart. Gradually she completely got attached to his life with a strong string. The unexpected visitant was no ordinary person. He was dark, ruthless, cold but for her, he was the only softest part in this world. He embraced her every flaw, without any perplexity. But he possesses more scars than her. Love, hate, misunderstanding, bloodshed, heated passion, hidden truths, tears everything was molding her life into something she never wanted. Friendship or the heartfelt uncertain love behind the depths of the chest, which one would she embrace? Will she be able to cross all the trouble in her life just to be with the chosen one or let the serendipity play?? ~It's an unedited book. Mistakes are common, there might be some grammatical error....so please read at your own risk..

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134 Chapters
[1] Hello !! It's me
◔ Maze ◔A crafted metal spoon was shinning under the bright sun ray infiltrated through the window, almost dazzled my eyes. I propelled the spoon more give it a chance to overwhelm me more. I know I was being childish. But won't lie, I was fancying it.I almost forgot about the work I was assigned to do, sometimes I wish I could let everything go and flow with instant. But I could tell by the sound of my commanding voice how improper my wish was. "Maze! check table no. 7 please", a loud voice echoed throughout the cafe urged me to hurry up.I flinched by this sudden interruption and as a result, the new expensive blush pink cup set rested at the side of my hand fell to the ground, and was instantly crushed and scattered around with a clang."Shit !!" I murmured in frustration, "What a bad day to start with!!""What did you do now?" Jesha, my colleagues in the cafe aka friend passed a cautious low key h
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[2] Customer of table no.8
◔ Maze ◔ I quickly prepared the coffee and went to attend to the customer of table no. 8.I slowly and very carefully opened the wisp-silver textured glass door and stepped out of the kitchen section, and pulled the door close behind me.I was cautiously measuring every step I took, because I had a pair of very expensive black insulated coffee mugs in my hand.. If one of them breaks down, I don't think I will be able to pay it back with my full month's salary. I've already broken a set of handpainted cups a while ago and I don't want to add up to my errors, not for now at least.As I stepped out, all the eyes were on me. Not because I am beautiful or my charm overpowered them. Rather it was because of my dirty and rumpled state. Coffee stains were on my dress, my hair was uncombed and cream was on my cheek. I was looking like a perfect garbage bin.Avoiding Fred's threatening glare and th
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[3] Social media sensation
◔ Maze ◔  As I paid the bills, I was forgiven by my Boss with a warning not to repeat my action again. I nodded in agreement. And this wasn't the only reason that I got spared by him. The other cause was that my action brought huge positive reviews for the cafe in a blink of an eye. Some of our customers posted the whole incident online and since then the whole social media platform was talking about me and the cafe.   Jesha showed me the photo they upload, where I was looking like a beggar. I saw the comment where some were praising me and the cafe while the maximum was scrutinizing me over my untidy state. I sighed and return her phone.  
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[4] Me and my comfort Zone
◔ Maze ◔  I was never a party crasher. I didn't even attend my graduation party. I even skipped all those frosh events organized by my institution like ziplining, rock climbing, rafting, boating, etc. You could say I am a whole package of boredom. Actually, I was away from all this cause the crowd always brought bad happening to me. And I hate messing up life over nothing. I live my life in my own conditions.And Ryan always needed to keep himself busy in mending the mess I keep on composing for myself. As before, I always wanted to hang out with a group of friends. so people from different groups tried to approach me only.
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[5] Slapping bitches
 Maze hid from Ryan about the invitation of attending Ian's birthday party. Not because she didn't want him to come with her, rather she'd love his company. But she did not like his unreasonable exaggeration so she was forced to hide it from Ryan despite her will.    ◔ Maze ◔ I got my work done by 4 o’clock and ask for leave.  Oh, God!! I never dreamed that my leave demand would be granted so easily. Fred's face was worth seeing. But glad that he let me go one hour prior cause
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[6] Unbridled Tide Of Wishes
◔ Ryan ◔   I was literally so furious with her antics. I don't know how to explain her the reason  I don't know how to explain my worries to her. The more I try to explain to her, the stronger I feel like I am incapable of explaining anything to anyone. My self-confidence began to fall with my every attempt.     Anything could have happened if Amanda hadn't informed me on time.  Even though I don't prefer Amanda personally but this habit of her always backed me to track whenever Maze is in any kind of trouble. I should treat her with dinner, though her motive wasn't innocent at all, yet it did assist me out.   I just wanted t
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[7] Naïve Tigress
Maze got up in the morning with the usual irritation and screeching sound of her alarm clock repeating *Today is Sunday*.  It was enough to give her a temporary headache every morning. but she had to bear with it, after all, it was a life-saver for a sleepyhead like her. She left her bed and freshened up quickly and got ready in her plain white jogger pant and yellow hoodie. Then she climbed down the stairs heading towards the kitchen, aiming to prepare something to end the growling of her empty stomach.   But as she stepped downstairs and entered the living room close to the kitchen, her nostrils filled with a palatable aroma that made her mouth watery.  
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[8] Little girls Ezma
  After finishing eating, Maze and Ryan commenced moving out of the shopping mall. But suddenly a weeping girl attracted Maze's attention and without informing Ryan she marched towards the girl. A man was pulling her hand and trying to take her somewhere which didn't seem right to Maze. without any second thought, she hastened her speed and grabbed the other hand of that little girl. The man that was dragging the little girl's hand seemed pissed by Maze's sudden action and out of fret, he pushed Maze to the ground. He hurriedly picked up the little girl and started to run. This movement deepened her suspicion over that man. She too started to run after that man. People were staring at them curiously instead of helping them out. ★ ......................................... ★ Ryan suddenly noticed Maze was not beside him anymore. "Shit ! I should've kept eyes on her" While murmuring cursing himself, he noticed the com
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[9] Terrified Encounter
Soon the moment came and Ryan left for his home. Maze felt lonely and monotonous of course.She tried to do some work but couldn't concentrate on anything. After all, Ryan was a very important part of her life, with his departure, it seemed like that part went vacant. She got scolded by Fred a few times for being distracted in her work. She even spilled hot coffee on some customers, broke a flower vase, unintentionally damped a box of pastries. Life couldn't be more distressful than this. At her workplace, Jesha was the only girl with whom she felt not being judged. She understood her better after Ryan. She knew the reason behind these silly acts of Maze. She tried to comfort her but all went in vain. Maze was still cleaning the mess that she created in her workplace. She dropped a bucket of sugar on the floor by mistake and as a penalty, Fred cut half of her paycheck. Jesha walked to her side and crouched down to help her in cleaning. She
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[10] Arrogant Male Nymph
Maze with hesitating step, approached the door and hold the shiny aluminum knob before giving it a light twist evoking God's name in her mind. She was quite disappointed as well as relieved since no one was there on the doorstep. She let out the breath stuck in her chest and turned to close the door. But then an unwanted scream left her mouth as something fell on her feet with a loud thud out of nowhere. She closed her eyes with her both palms fisted near her chest in fear waiting to face her possible upcoming doom. She peeked through the corner of her eyes as nothing unexpected happened. She blinked her eyes to proceed with what was happening.A man in full casual wear was laid flat on his chest at her doorstep. She carefully looked around in search of something unusual. She shoved the thought away and then crouched down beside him and hesitantly stretched her hand to turn the man and see his face. His grey suit seemed familiar to her. As she faced th
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