Author: Hina shiekh


Hoor's pov :

It was my wedding day, but I couldn't feel any excitement. This day was like any other day of my life, filled with a distant fear , just today the fear was intensified. I was sitting at a  salon ,a beautician muttered "she's so pretty , keep her makeup light ,her beauty shouldn't be hidden by makeup ". I still didn't say anything . 

My dupatta"head drap " was being set, when my stepmother came to get me .

"Pull it on her face also" she said in a stern voice. The dresser placed it in a way that it covered my face till my chin. I was happy about that, atleast now I didn't have to bear people staring at me. I knew many of the beauticians were imagining if I am dumb or deaf, because I haven't uttered a word or told them any of my choices .They did all the work on me by their choice .

"Let's go! "my stepmother said and we headed out. I could feel her eyes boring in to me , but I said nothing. I learnt a long time ago , there's no point of speaking , when none is going to value your words .

Third person pov :

Hoor was looking stunning in her deep red lehnga. Her step mother always felt wary of her .Hoor had gotten the best features of her father and mother . Hoor's step sister was a year older than her. She was beautiful with her black hair and grey eyes , but it was nothing compared to Hoor. Her stepmother didn't want any troubles for her own daughter(Aiza) thats why, decided to marry her off .


On the other hand , Arhaan was standing in front of mirror wearing a black 3 piece, combing his hair  when his phone started ringing . He picked the call , seeing it was from his sister(Amal).

She was 25, married and out of the country with her husband . 

"How can you do this , bhai ? You are marrying and I'm getting to know this from your PA " Amal screeched , she was feeling hurt .

"Amal , relax. Its no big , this wedding is nothing more than a bussiness deal" Arhaan explained . 

"But still bhai .." Amal said in a sad voice . 

"I'm only going to marry this girl , because Mr Siddiqui wasn't ready to allow my shipment without it . He wanted a permanent alliance between our companies and he thought that marrying his daughter to me would get him that , but he is highly mistaken .and I didn't inform you , because this event is not important enough for you to come back." Arhaan said .

"How's the girl? "Amal asked .

"I don't know , but I'm ready for them . Mr. Siddiqui is a greedy man, he's  making me his son in law because I'm rich. I'm expecting nothing less from his daughter. I've met the girl's elder sister, and I can guarantee you that you wont like her one bit" Arhaan said and Amal pouted .She tried to find positive in every situation.

Arhaan ended the call soon and headed towards the venue with some of his friends. Everything was done perfectly, it was clear that if you have money 2 weeks aren't less to arrange a perfect marriage .

Nikkah was done and Hoor was taken to sit beside Arhaan. He found the face covering a bit weird because Siddiqui was nothing close to religious .Aiza was wandering around wearing sleeveless shirt with no dupatta in site.

Everyone was looking at the stunning couple. Hoor's face was hidden, but the delicacy of her hand , her figure showed that there was a beauty hidden under the dupatta.

"Why have you given this hunk to your mute sister ? "Aiza 's friend said drooling over Arhaan .

"Don't go on his handsome face, he is a beast hidden in the attire of a prince .His ruthlessness isn't confined to his bussiness only , he won't even care if its a girl infront of him before insulting" Aiza said. She was attracted towards Arhaan, but her mother had made her understand that they were marrying Hoor to him because he wasn't a nice guy, they needed Arhaan for their bussiness only. She didnt want that for Aiza , she wanted a loving rich husband for her .

"Why does it sound like you've  been insulted by him ? "Aiza's friend asked him and Aiza sputtered looking here and there "there's nothing like that! "

She remembered just 2 weeks ago, she tried to flirt with this hunk and he hadn't let her place her hands on his shoulder and gave her cold eyes .It was enough for Aiza to back away.

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