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EMILIANA                  It was supposed to be a simple wedding. Marry the old fucker then while he's busy trying to get in my pants, stick a knife in his throat. And if anyone asks... I'm pretty sure I would have come up with something believable. I mean, how hard is it for someone his age to have a heart attack or trip and fall onto a knife. Right? But then in the middle of the wedding, this hot guy shows up in a bloody Armani suit, like covered in blood from head to toe, kills the man I'm supposed to marry and takes his place. What the fuck? Seriously, What the actual fuck? TROPES; Arranged marriage, forced proximity, he falls first, crazy FL, your daily amount of steam and HEA.

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1. Emiliana
"This is insane" "Check out six o'clock" I follow Elena's hand and immediately shake my head "No, thank you. Next" "Why not? He's hot" "I'm afraid that if he twists his hand one more time, his wrist will fall off. Like we get it asshole. You're wearing an expensive watch" "Fine. How about three o'clock" I nudge her in the ribs. She gives in and laughs "I wouldn't want his hands anywhere near me either" "He should be taking care of his grandkids. Why the fuck is he here?" "Do you think he can get it up?" "Elena!" I admonish but we dissolve into a fit of laughter. I don't even want to know if he can get it up or not. As women from the mafioso, we are required to maintain our virginity until we get married. If my father catches wind of me being here, in a strip club, he'll skin me alive. But since he's on a trip, Elena, my cousin, convinced me to do something daring. She's crazy but I'm crazier. Her idea was to come to the strip club and get a lap dance.
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2. Emiliana
"... marriage" I must be deaf. I want to be deaf and dumb and probably dead so I don't have to hear what my father is saying. Damn my rotten luck. Should have known he was going to find out about us being in Vernetti territory. I know Danillo didn't tell him. He wouldn't rat me out even though he was pretty pissed when he got back. He gave me an earful about what happens to girls who don't listen then went on to explain what would have happened to us if we'd been caught by Vernetti assholes. That was three days ago. I've spent most of the time thinking about him and what we did. My fucked up brain even managed to convince me to go back to that strip club and see if I could find him. I don't know who he is or even how he looks but I'd totally be on board if he was the guy I'm marrying. Not that old fucker Romeo. God, I hate him. And of course, I didn't go back.I remember the first time I met Romeo. I was ten and the way he looked at me made me shiver. Not in
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3. Emiliana
I take one last look at myself in the mirror. My hair is straightened, part in the middle, and held at the nape of my neck loosely. My makeup is minimal. Only lipgloss and the dress I chose is conservative. A long-sleeved cream gown embellished with crystals along the waist. The skirt flows down to my feet where I exchanged my heels for flat shoes. Elena is always teasing me about how innocent I look at first glance then when someone spends a few minutes in my presence, they realize how nuts I am. Gotta thank my parents for giving me these looks because my future husband has no idea what he's getting himself into. I've never taken a soul. My father and brother are overprotective to the point where they'll cover my eyes so I don't see a corpse. Danillo is the only person who doesn't shield me. He tells me I have to be strong for the future. Right now, I regret not letting him train me. He'd offered to do it but my brother forbade him. Telling him it wasn't necess
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4. Emiliana
Wedding dress. I've tried to figure out what that means since Valerio passed me the note but I haven't been able to decipher the message. What did he mean by wedding dress? I asked for poison. Something deadly and untraceable. Something that could make Romeo's death pass off as a heart attack or kidney failure or even dick failure. There have been cases where people took too much viagra and died. Maybe I should slip that in his drink during reception. Let everyone see how fast Mia can suck him off to relieve the tension. That plan puts a smile on my face. Anything that will end up making Romeo suffer makes me happy. And I can come up with different ways to torture his perverted ass but I don't have that luxury because I'm running out of time. So where the fuck is my poison? I've convinced myself that the only way I can go through with this is if I know for sure that man will die.Only a week is left before the wedding. Money ensures that my father or soon to b
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5. Emiliana
"I don't want to go" "Get out of the car, Emiliana" "If you do this I will never forgive you. It's not too late papa" "People are waiting. Get out" he says impatiently. Tears swim at the edge of my eyes and I blink hard to stop them from falling. Not because I care about my makeup being smudged but because I can't show any weakness. Not even in front of my father. It's my wedding day and we've arrived at church. Funny how they insisted on a church wedding when everyone here is a sinner. That's the thing with sinners. They're the most pretenders. Exhibit A: my father. He goes to church every Sunday then turns around and sells drugs and weapons every other day. As if it's nothing. As if his business isn't responsible for millions of death across the world. As if he's never taken a life. I'm not saying I'm a saint. I mean, in just a few hours, I will be a murderer. Just like him and every man in that church. On this side of the world, I don't think there are any saints left except
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6. Emiliana
"I, Emiliana, take you..." I stop because I don't know what his name is. What is more ridiculous than marrying a man old enough to be your grandfather? Marrying a stranger. I don't even know his fucking name. Right after he killed Romeo, my father asked him who he was and what he wanted. Angelo even tried to take out his gun but in a flash, he had more than twenty barrels pointed at him. The morons from Barnacle Bay didn't bat an eyelash when this man killed Romeo but the second my brother takes out a gun, they react. What the fuck is going on? I feel like we're missing something here. Also, why would he want to marry me? It's not like we know each other. I've never seen him before. "Dante" "What?" I ask blinking up at him. "My name is Dante" "Right. I take you Dante to be my lawfully wedded husband" I slip the ring on his finger and look into his eyes. I expect him to be mad because I didn't finish the vows. So imagine my surprise when I see amusement dancing in his eyes. Ugh,
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7. Dante
I set her down in the middle of my bedroom and the second her feet touch the floor, she scrambles away from me. Judging from the look in her eyes, it's clear what she's thinking. For the first time, she's not faking the innocent look she's giving me. And fuck do I find it adorable. With my eyes still on her, I rub myself. Watching as she swallows and takes a step back. Soon, she'll be begging for my cock but that day is not today. "See something you like?" "I... Uh... Can we talk at least?" "About what?" How I'm obsessed with you? How marriage wasn't even in my plans but the second I saw you in that dress I knew you were going to be my wife. How I lost it and fucked up my plans all because of you? Fuck! "About this... You expecting..." "What? Sex? My right as your husband?" "I know" she stops to take a deep breath then juts her chin out. Trying to look strong "I've never had sex with anyone before. I can fight you on it or you can give me time to get ready before we do it"
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8. Emiliana
I sit on the bed and let out a sigh of relief. Sex is out of the way. At least for now. The only thing I have to worry about is if Dante will change his mind and kill me in my sleep. I need to find out what this feud with my family is about and how to act. Is it justified? People have been known to start a war for nothing. If my husband is unreasonable, then maybe I shouldn't get comfortable here. Speaking of which, is it just going to be the two of us in this humongous house? Doesn't he have family or friends? Who is Dante anyway? I've never heard of him. If he was Romeo's nephew, how come no one knows about him? Ugh, I'll think about everything later. Right now I need to get out of this dress, shower then get some sleep. I start with the veil, sliding the clip out of my hair and dropping it on the floor. I reach behind me ready to undo the buttons on the back but realize I can't reach them. There's no way I can get this dress off by myself. If I was in a romantic book, I'd go lookin
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9. Emiliana
I might have overreacted yesterday when Dante told me his mother was coming to live with us. But in my experience, living with a mother-in-law is not easy. Before nonna died, she used to live with us. The screaming match she used to have with mama could be heard all the way down the street. They'd disagree on everything and nothing. At one point, papa stopped trying to intervene. He'd hide the weapons and then leave. As if either of them had the guts to shoot anyone. Then again, maybe they could do it in the heat of the moment. Who knows? My point is, it's not advisable to live with my mother-in-law. Especially when this is not your conventional marriage. I'm sure she will be okay with Dante having a mistress but if she sees me with a man, names will start circulating. Mothers are always like that. Their children can do no wrong. I might be overreacting. Or I might be right. Either way, I called Elena over to discuss this. She's my only friend and it's always good to have a second
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10. Dante
"Have you found him?" "Have you found him?" I echo the question back to Sal. Ever since he found out I married Emiliana, he's been moody. Calling to check in on me every few hours. Something I don't appreciate. Getting married doesn't render me incapable of making decisions or kicking his ass. "So the answer is no," he says "That was sloppy which is unlike you. No one gets away from you" One of Romeo's men escaped. I had Mario and Uberto, my guys go get him and he escaped from them. Saying he was no traitor. I know for a fact Luis wasn't loyal to Romeo. That bastard hadn't done anything to inspire loyalty from his men. Luis ran away because he knows me. He knows I won't keep any of them alive. If he's smart, he'll leave and never look back. That doesn't mean I'll stop looking for him. He knows too much about my business to be walking around with his head attached to his shoulders. I would go looking for him myself but I can't leave Emiliana alone in this house.
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