Hades |Lesbian Version|

Hades |Lesbian Version|

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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Hades was well-cast to rule over the land of the dead. But what if Hades, the fearsome monarch of the Underworld was, in fact, a goddess? Everyone called her, 'Lord of the Dead' out of mockery since she prefers the company of women. She was considered an isolated and violent immortal, who loathed change and was easily given to a slow black rage like no others. But then everything changed when the dark goddess met the daughter of Demeter, Persephone. Now the tale of Hades and Persephone will be retold with a sprinkle of twists and turns.

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It’s a good story to read. Thank you.
2023-10-27 00:09:54
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This is such a great reimagining of Hades and Persephone‘s story with them being female but sexual orientation really not being a big deal. It was well written and had a lovely ending. (A few more sex scenes would have been awesome. ...)
2022-03-14 04:01:34
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Maggie McGhee
Love it! Very well written
2021-11-20 22:27:45
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Frances Terwilliger
awesome short story. well written.
2021-07-27 11:35:59
default avatar
Well written, nice concept. Morally bankrupt. Kidnapping and sexual assault are… bizarrely rewarded. Ik that’s the nature of the original myth but I thought the wlw aspect would reveal a modern/kinder/humane twist but alas. Hades might as well have been a man.
2023-02-18 16:15:12
14 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Favorite Daughter
"O Mother, look! The fields seem so scorched and sad," a young girl groaned, her face was marred with distress. "They need more tending and growing. Please allow me, mother. I promise I will be quick."The older woman sitting behind her sighed softly. She leaned forward and whispered into a small delicate ear."My sweet child, not today," she said, her hands were still busy braiding the girl's beautiful golden lock. "You will tend to your fields after our return."The woman, whose blonde head was crowned with chaplets of corn, was Demeter - goddess of the cornfield, mistress of planting and harvesting, and lady of the fertile earth. With only a clap of her hands, the grapes sprung forth along the low lines of the arbor and the wheat ripened like a golden carpet. She was adored by the p
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Chapter 2: The Underworld
Beyond the grave and funeral pyre lay a land of shadow and eternal gloom, the Underworld. Dead souls taken by the messenger of the gods, Hermes, were brought down through gloomy caverns and long winding underground paths until they came to the five rivers.Charon, the ferryman, waited across the black shore of Styx by the Gates of Hades. The three-headed hound, Cerberus, who had an appetite for live flesh, would attack anyone but spirits. There lived the dead - heroes and cowards, shepherds, priests, and minstrels. They wandered back and forth aimlessly, waiting for their turn to be ferried across.Once they had crossed the ink-black river, the souls must wait again for the trail by the three judges -Minos, Rhadamanthys, and Aeacus, the netherworld demigods.Brave heroes might find the
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Chapter 3: The Wrath of Demeter
While Persephone's cries could not be heard above the ground, the pain in Demeter's heart quickly alerted her. The goddess knew that something was terribly wrong. Unable to stand the unease in her chest, Demeter left her dwelling and climbed onto the chariot, heading towards the field.At the edge of the garden, she found the Seirenes scurrying hither and thither like a flock of blind birds. Demeter thus called upon them. When they heard her voice, the nymphs behaved frantically and looked panic-stricken. As the goddess' chariot approached, they began to huddle together like frightened fawns."It's almost eve. What silly game are you playing?" Demeter asked, "Have you seen my daughter?"The Seirenes flinched from her questions but they remained silent. The Earth Goddess noticed the nym
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Chapter 4: The Confession
In a dark room furnished with splendid tapestries and silk curtains, Persephone lay sobbing by herself. Her mind still relived the terrible journey down into the strange unpleasant world. She remembered flying on the beaten gold chariot across the black rivers and the innumerable moving shades lingered by a massive gate. She saw a gigantic beast with three bobbing heads, barking in a fit of excitement.The frightened maiden cried and tried to wriggle herself free, but the strong grip that held her was unshakable. Her pleas and protests went unheard. All she saw from the black-robed woman, who had taken her against her will, was the same pale mask-like face. And when those sparkling black eyes turned to her, they pierced through her soul with such intensity she almost fainted. Persephone felt a gripping chill in her body, and everything else passed by in a blur.
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Chapter 5: The Temptation
Persephone could not tell how many days had passed since her abduction. It was always night in the Underworld. Everywhere was dark, dull, and lifeless. She felt suffocated from being confined to her chamber all the time.The maiden of amaranthine loveliness longed for the sunlight and the warm fresh scent of the earth. She missed her flowers and all the birds and faunas of her home. She grew lonely and terribly bored.Hades had not come to her chamber since that night. For that, she was grateful. Persephone was still terrified at the prospect of seeing her captor again. She wouldn't know what the fierce goddess would do to her.Yet she needed to escape this tormenting loneliness that plagued her mind. Quietly, she rose and crept towards the doors of her chamber. To her immense surprise
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Chapter 6: The Great Famine
Wasting her strength on the yearning for her deep-bosomed daughter, Demeter paid no heed to the earth. The lands turned bare for she ceased to tend it - fruit withered on the vine, plenteous fields grew fallow, and the pleasant winds ceased to blow. The lands grew cold and barren. The goddess accused the whole wide world as ungrateful, not deserving of her gift of grains. She knew not how to reach her girl Persephone, who had been abducted by the goddess of the dead. She put on a black cloak of mourning and sealed herself up in a cave for a long time. While Zeus was napping in his chamber, a great wind began to blow with a sound like waves crashing ferociously on a rocky shore. He found his sleep being disturbed by wailing of lamentation. He arose and peered down upon the earth. What he saw was that of a grievous sight of the world. N
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Chapter 7: The Adventures
The stone sill was cold beneath her hands as Hades stood by the window looking out, but she didn't notice the coldness nor the dampness in the air. Stretching off into the distance lay black hills, valleys, and mountains of the Underworld. Hades watched all the dark shades of the dead flicker beyond the palace's ground. She saw her servants soaring over the Erebus fields, herding the dead to their trials by Minos. Soon she would have to decree their punishment or grant their rewards. At the moment, her mind seemed to have a knack of wandering off to a certain maiden. Persephone, who locked herself in her chamber all day, had refused every gift from Hades' proffering hands. She would not eat and remained steadfast in her persistence. Her adverse demeanor caused Hades great sadness and distraught.
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Chapter 8: The Gift
Persephone's efforts to stave off Hades's advances while she was in her present condition had thus far proven fruitless. She could see that her lot was not going to be an easy one. She had no one to whom she could turn to for advice and sympathy.Then one of her handmaidens arrived with a message from the dark goddess."Hades has sent for you, my lady," the nymph said to her with a bow. "She said you have stayed in your chamber far too long. At the court, she has no government business to attend to and wishes to divert your mind to some leisure time."Persephone was mystified by the formal invitation but she could not refuse it. Ever since she had entered the Underworld, she had been living in constant confusion and surprise.Later wh
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Chapter 9: The Jealousy
After Zeus learned of Demeter from the great god Pan, he sent forth his favorite son Hermes to invite the mourning goddess back to Olympus. There where the winged-god had been informed, Hermes found Demeter in her ragged cloak and shrunken form. He immediately spoke to her. "O Demeter, Father Zeus wishes you to come and join the tribes of the eternal gods," Hermes said. "Come, therefore, and let not the message I carried from him pass unobeyed." "Did he remember what he has done to my poor child now?" Demeter's voice was cold and cynical. "Father's wisdom is everlasting; I believe he understands your desperate wish, my lady."
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Chapter 10: The Pomegranate
As time passed, the goddess of spring still longed for the view of the lush green earth and the blue of the sky, but she had also grown accustomed to the world beneath and no longer found Hades' palace oppressing nor the barren fields dreary.There were so many things to amuse her here. Persephone liked to wander around the Elysian Fields and dance with the happy souls. She was still fascinated by the lives of the deceased; how Sisyphus rolled his stone uphill endlessly; and the ever-hungry Tantalus in his own torment.Yet, she enjoyed the garden that Hades gave her the most. Her flowers grew so beautiful even in the shadowy gloom. The black grapes were all plump and ripe with their rich juices. Persephone would crush them into black deadly wine out of boredom. No mortals should ever drink it for it would poison them - except the gods.
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