Handyman Needed

Handyman Needed

By:  Kiara Colón  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vanessa’s life was falling apart. Her marriage has failed, her company made her redundant and the lease on her apartment is up and the landlord plans to sell. Fed up, miserable and alone, she buys a country manor and vows to start a new life. When she arrives, she discovers a house almost in the same condition as her life. The roof needs fixing, the plumbing is older than some countries and the draft blowing up her skirt seems to be the only thing brave enough to go near her lady parts for years. Then comes Clay. Gorgeous with smouldering green eyes and a V that can make any girl forget the rest of the alphabet, but 15 years younger than herself. Clay seems to be the handyman she needs to get everything sorted, including between the sheets. But with the town gossip ladies against them due to the age difference and Vanessa’s ex dead set on destroying her, could handyman Clay be the fresh start her heart desperately craves?

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Handyman Needed is a romantic novel written by Kiara Colón. It tells the story of Emma, a single mother who hires a handyman to help her fix up her home. As they work together, Emma and the handyman, Max, begin to develop feelings for each other. This novel is a heartwarming and charming read that will make you believe in the power of love. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars and positive reviews from readers, Handyman Needed is a book you won't want to put down.

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Maricel Francisco
your book is so amazing Author, you deserve ............... ...
2021-08-30 19:46:09
60 Chapters
VANESSASome women loved to be spoiled with luxurious items; cars, big homes, and expensive jewelry. I was one of those women that never liked to struggle, flirting my way around until I found the perfect man to provide for me. At twenty-five years old, I was already married to one of the richest men in New York. He owned a chain of hotels and spas around the world. Being the wife of Alex Donovan, I was the envy of many women who had tried to get their hands on him. I couldn’t blame them.He was tall, dark, and handsome. His black hair, neatly combed to the back, hypnotizing dimpled chin, and blue eyes. His body was a sin, but I was the one that tempted him. The lucky one that took him off the market, and I was proud of myself for it. I knew I was ten years younger than him, but anything I would ask for, he would always get me. Our marriage started as a fairytale story with honeymoons here and t
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Little Mouse
CLAYFairhope, Alabama. My home. A charming, small-town even tourists enjoy visiting. It was a quiet and peaceful place where neighbors knew and helped each other.  I parked my pickup truck in front of the hardware store, a beat-up old 1966 Ford F-100. Pride of my grandfather and father. Oh, how they loved that old machine. The music sounded on the speakers when I walked inside. A soft country ballad that made even the less romantic person dance to it. But not me. I haven’t fallen in love since my high school sweetheart left town five years ago to pursue a career and never returned. I guess the city life was just perfect for her, and she didn’t need me anymore. I never blamed her. I was just the town handyman, and she aimed for more. My life here and our daughter made me happy, and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Emily was only five, but she wa
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VANESSA(Flashback)Candice and I were on our way to the club when she called her friends to meet us there. As soon as we arrived, we showed our membership cards. The receptionist looked at us in the system and later said I could not go inside. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Donovan. It says here your membership has been canceled, and access to benefits has been frozen,” she mentioned. “There must be a mistake. I recently bought it, and I haven’t canceled it.”“I know, but Mr. Donovan did, and you may not come in. I’m sorry.”He had done it. I knew he would do it. He had threatened me to make my life a living hell in any way possible.Candice pitched in and invited me in as a guest. It was embarrassing, especially when the ladies wouldn’t stop talking about it. I just sat th
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CLAYI tightened the last pipe under the sink while Emily sat on the counter next to me, swinging her little legs as she watched my every move. She always said she wanted to be like me, but I worked hard to save money and send her to a good college to pursue a career. “When are you going to teach me to do what you do?” She asked with a smile on her cute face. I frowned, stopping my work to look at her. “You’re not going to do my job. It’s dirty and exhausting. You are too smart for this, and I want you to get a better job,” I replied. Emily hopped off the counter and looked at me as she scrunched her nose, upset at my response.“Daddy, you’re wrong. Just because your job is dirty doesn’t mean you’re not smart. I want to be a handyman or woman, whatever that’s called. I enjoy watching you work, and I want to be like you.” She folded her arms on her chest wi
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Arriving At Fairhope
VANESSAAs I was making the call, I kept looking at the pictures. That country manor sure was beautiful. The walls were a nice bright yellow, and the color instantly reminded me of the sunshine I needed in my life.It also had French-style windows with a big yard on the front. There was a gigantic oak tree on the side, and… were those horses?I only hoped.Since I was a young girl, I always wished to have a horse, but my family never wanted to get me one. Hence, me fighting my way to get what I wanted. I was not the best daughter throughout my childhood, and even now, my parents wouldn’t talk to me unless it was anything related to their company.Candice looked at the computer screen. Her smile was worth a million dollars. Sitting next to me, she kept scrolling through the pictures, and I noticed how in love she was with it. “Hello?” a younger female voice finally picked up. My heart was beatin
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CLAYI arrived at the house and grabbed the hay from the back of my truck. Emily grabbed the small bag of chicken feed and carried it towards their chicken coop.The horses haven’t had hay in days, and today they deserved to get spoiled. As I approached the pen with the small block on my shoulders, the horses trotted towards the fence, looking excited about their treat. “Easy, my friends. I’m here to get you the best of Jimmy’s. He even says hi to you all,” I said as I untied the string from the block and spread it all around the pen. I sat on the fence to watch them eat, taking a deep breath and enjoying the fresh afternoon breeze.“They love that hay, Daddy, and I love seeing them eat it,” Emily said, climbing the fence to sit on it. I ruffled her hair and kissed her little hand.Suddenly, I was lost in thoughts, and the first image on my mind was her. Not only because she was beaut
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Muddy Shower
VANESSAThe house was a complete mess on the inside, just as it was on the outside. From the boarded windows to the dusty furniture and possibly the old plumbing noise. I didn’t mean to be rude to the lady, but she and the realtor had sold me an abandoned house. How was I supposed to live in it? I didn’t have enough money to fix this whole place.“I’m sorry, Mrs. Bale...”“Please, call me Katherine,” she said. I gave her a faint smile before I continued.“Katherine. I was upset, but you have to understand that I was looking for a ready-to-move-in house and this is not exactly that,” I said, looking apologetic as I pointed at the room.“I know, dear. I should be the one to apologize for th
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CLAYSeeing her walk into the house was waking something in me. I hadn't felt this way since Kelly left me and our daughter. There was just something about her that was pulling me without even wanting to. As I was about to get in my truck to leave, I heard her scream from her bedroom."Dad, the pretty lady is in trouble," I heard Emily speak from inside the truck.Running into the house and up the stairs, I opened the door just as she was coming out of the bathroom frantically, bumping into my chest, my hand falling on her back as I subconsciously stroked it. She was full of mud and her eyes looked at me, wide open in shock, but also grateful for the sudden comfort I gave her."Let me go!" she screamed. That's what I did, raising my hands in the air and showing her I meant no harm. The only harm I could do it with my mouth….Well, with putting her in place if she ever insulted Katherine again."Please, get me something to cov
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My Home
VANESSAThe water felt icy on my body, but I needed a shower. Just thinking about all that mud on me made me feel disgusting. Despite taking mud baths with Candice in the spa, it was nothing like this. I turned the shower off and stepped out, wrapping the soft, white towel around my body and walking towards my bedroom. A pair of stretchy shorts and a black tank top waited for me on the bed.I put it on with a robe on top before I walked towards my end table to pick my phone and call Candice. I needed to let her know I made it here okay. “Hello, love. How was the trip there?” she asked, curious and way too cheerful.“It was not bad, but the house is not as they portrayed it, Candice. It’s worse than my life. Fall
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Peace Offering
CLAY“Daddy, wake up. It’s getting late to go to Miss Vanessa’s house,” I heard Emily whisper in my ear. I moved around, fluttering my eyes open and letting out a painful groan. The trailer barely had enough space for a big bed or even two small ones, and I was sleeping on the old leather couch.I already sank the old piece of furniture in the middle because of my heavy body. But I would do anything to keep Emily comfortable.“Five more minutes, little mouse,” I said, turning around and closing my eyes again.“But, Daddy. You promised you’d be there early, and it’s already nine.”Was it nine already? I looked up at the clock and it was indeed late. Getting off the couch as quickly as I could, I took a shower and got dressed, putting on my boots while I walked towards the door, falling flat on my face.Emily covered her mouth, holding back a giggle. I couldn’t help but laugh at
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