Chapter Two

Athen was shook to his core what laid in front or him was something he could have never even thought about, he wanted to shout but his voice was not coming out, "Motherrrr!!!" Athen finally shouted at top of his voice looking at his mother Maria who was getting raped by a knight, Athen ran toward Maria but was held and slammed down on the ground by another knight, Athen didn't knew what was happening, he was shook, he thought it's a dream but sadly everything was real.

Athen looked around he saw his father Ezekiel was head was chopped off and was beneath the boots of a knight. "Please don't hurt her, let her go" cried Athen in pain.

"Kill her now" said one of the knight, the knight who was raping Athen's half dead poorly beaten mother Maria drew his sword and slit Maria's throat in front of Athen.

Athen couldn't believe what was happening, his parents were lying in front of him both murdered by the knight.

"What should we do with the kid" asked the knight who was holding Athen down, "kill him like the others and burn this village on fire" said the knight who gave order to kill Maria.

Athen was still looking at his mother and father, he wasn't moving as if he lost all his energy, he wasn't saying anything, he was just shockingly looking at his dead parents.

The knight picked up Athen, he slammed Athen against the wall and drew his sword out, "Anything you want to say before I kill you" said the knight, "Why" said Athen trembling "Why you killed them, what they did".

"They didn't do anything, our king was bored and just ordered us to kill everyone and burn the village" said the knight laughing, Athen couldn't believe what he just heard, whole village of Hisag was just killed without done anything, just because the king was bored and wanted to kill innocent people.

All of a sudden there was change in energies inside the house, everyone inside house could feel something strange, it was Athen. 

His body was as red as lava, his veins was popped out from his body, his eyes was all dark as if they meant destruction, his body was shaking in anger.

"Just because he was bored you say?" said Athen in anger, the knights was scared to look at this sudden change in the boy's nature, the knight swung his sword to end Athen's life.

Nothing happened, the knight was shocked to see Athen who just grabbed the sword with his hands and stopped the blow, every knight in room couldn't believe what they was seeing, Athen grabbed the knight's throat and squeezed it as it was nothing.

The knight fell down, Athen just killed a knight with his bare hands, he picked up his sword and looked at other knights in the room, slowly Athen moved toward them in anger "What they did to you" he shouted in anger, Athen's body was moving on it's own as if he the sword was a part of him, he chopped off the head of knight.

The other knights was scared they couldn't believe the boy who was begging for his life a while back was in front of them killing knights, they were terrorised by the sight of Athen, the knights tried to run away but Athen was determined he chopped off one's legs and stopped the way of other two.

The knights started begging for their life, they asked Athen to let them go, he chopped off head of one knight as he was begging for his life, Athen then looked at last knight was now on ground shaking crying for mercy, "Who sent you to kill us" asked Athen in anger, "King Balak" the knight said crying "He told us to kill everyone there and burn down the village".

With just one strike Athen cut the knight in half, everyone in room apart of Athen was just dead, Athen stumbled and fell on his knees, he couldn't comprehend what just happened, the sword fell of his hands on the ground, he looked at his hands they was shaking vigorously.

Athen crawled toward his mother, he touched her body, tears fell from his eyes, Athen yelled and started crying in despair, his everything was gone now, whole Hisag was killed by the knights, the men was killed in an instant and women after being raped was killed too, even the childrens were all killed.

Athen stayed in the room for hours sobbing, he got some courage to move out of his house, he went across whole village looking for any survivors but didn't found any. It was a havoc sight to witness.

There was a word that was stuck inside Athen's head "King Balak", every nerve of his body was asking him to kill Balak, Athen was furious he wanted to kill Balak who just killed his whole village for fun.

Athen never went out of Hisag he never been to the Kingdom of Shogo, after giving it a good thought Athen decided to leave village and go to Shogo he just wanted to kill Balak for his sins, Athen didn't even knew a single thing about Shogo and Balak, the boy was just determined and had only one goal that was to kill Balak.

Athen gave his village a proper funeral and then went on and grabbed his supplies and also took the sword, he was ready to go on a journey on his own, Athen took oath until he kill Balak and make things right he won't come back to his village. He decided to follow the river and move ahead on its bank.

Athen moved side by side with the river for hours, it was his first time stepping out of village, Athen was curious what he was looking around he could see large mountains and endless clouds in sky, after a while Athen saw an wigged out hut, he saw there was smoke coming out from the hut.

Athen went near the hut he could sense a presence inside the house, Athen looked at swords and armours kept outside the hut, Athen thought one of king's knight stayed there, he decided to capture the knight and ask him about Balak and  Shogo, Athen quickly opened the door and drew his sword out but there was nothing, no one inside the house.

"Behind you" a voice came from Athen's behind "You aren't sleek in moving, I can hear you moving on these fallen leaves". Athen knew he been had.

"Who are you?" asked the man pointing his sword at Athen's back "are you one of Balak's assasin?"

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